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The Dames' Diatribe on WWE King of the Ring 2002
Posted by Damian Gonzalez on Jun 24, 2002, 01:50

WWE King of the Ring 2002

At my place, its a full house with my friends Kevin and Jose Suazo and Suazís cousins. Add that to the fact that its at least 90 degrees in my house and weíre set for a memorable evening. With the recent departure of Stone Cold Steve Austin, the return of The Rock and all of the talk about elevating younger talent, WWE really needs to have a great show to start rebuilding their product and put their focus back on what is truly important.

Iím not covering Heatís match tonight because Josh Lowman should have that up for you, so it makes no sense to recap it twice. The only thing newsworthy on it was a Rey Mysterio hype package. Also, the top 5 news events is postponed for this week due to the PPV. Not much to cover as the Vince Russo story ends up the same place it started so not much was truly affected by it.

The show begins with a video package, of course, this time recapping previous winners, year by year, of KOTR to put over how prestigious it is. Conspicuous by their absence in the video are the winners of the í95, í98, and í99 tournaments. Now, Iím sure that Mabel and Shamrock donít care, seeing as how they arenít around anymore, but how does Billy Gunn feel? Does anyone care? A show of hands? This years set is quite similar to last years with the large throne chair, but missing the all-important no-selling glass panels.

And we start off with the first match!

Rob Van Dam vs. Chris Jericho in the Semifinals of the King of the Ring.

Man, how many times is RVD going to open up a PPV? Hey! Heís wearing the same tights that he did at InVasion!

Match Background: RVD beat Eddie Guerrero & X-Pac to get here, while Jericho received a bye due to Edgeís injury & defeated Val Venis last week. I refuse to call him that other name. This definitely isnít the first time that these guys have met. The first time they met on a PPV, it was in September of 2001, Unforgiven, with a face Jericho facing RVD with Stephanie in his corner. RVD pulled out the victory that night. Also, RVD briefly feuded with Jericho at the end of the year for the Undisputed title, coming close to winning the title on a few occasions before the angle was dropped on a certain day in January. It really was a beautiful day though, thatís all I can remember.

The Match: The match starts out with a long irish whip sequence, followed by the now obligatory pause pop in all of RVDís matches. After a mini slugfest, RVD takes over with some loose offense in the corner and monkey flips Y2J. RVD gets on the apron and Jericho goes for his springboard dropkick, but RVD ducks as he has the move scouted. RVD with a tope to the outside. Both competitors back in and RVD sets up Jericho for the ***** Frogsplash, but ends up crotched after Jericho shoves the ref into the ropes. Y2J exposes the turnbuckle and goes back to offense, but ends up on his back for the would be pin as the ref is trying to get the pad back on. Jericho kicks out after the ref sees the cover and doesnít get to put the pad back on. RVD with a spin kick and a rolling moonsault for a near fall. Y2J with an enziguiri and he follows it up with a release German suplex. Damn, RVDís neck must be made of elastic! RVD comes back with a stungun and a ďBrand ExtensionĒ-legged moonsault for 2. Jericho tries to apply the Walls but its reversed for a two count. Jericho sends RVD into the exposed turnbuckle and goes for the pin with his feet practially vacationing on the ropes for a Very close nearfall. RVD comes back with a spin kick and ends up missing the *****. Jericho hits the Lionsault for another near fall and Iím positive that Johnny Ace laid down this match. Y2J shows signs of frustration. RVD goes for a hurancanrana but it gets reversed into the Walls of Jericho. He makes the ropes, of course, because the move has almost zero credibility these days. They both go to the top, and I can see the finishing sequence already. RVD shoves Jericho off and hits the ***** for the win and advances to the finals.

Jerry Lawler immediately goes into the ring to interview RVD and ask him if he has a preference on whom heíd like to face in the finals. RVD doesnít care, of course, and this would be a waste of a segment if it wasnít for the fact that Jericho then attacks him from behind.

My opinion: The match was much slower than I anticipated. Iím not sure why, but it seems like they didnít gel as well as they had in the past. I saw the finish coming from a mile away, but kudos to them for giving some doubts to the result with the false exposed turnbuckle finish. The fans werenít really into it and it did affect the match somewhat. The attack by Jericho seems to give the impression that theyíll be feuding after tonight, so Iím pretty sure that RVD isnít going to win the crown tonight, regardless of how much Iíd like him to. At least RVD is going to be feuding with upper midcarders like Jericho (sorry, but thats what you are) & Edge....All in all, Iíd say that the match was watchable and entertaining, if not predictable.

Meanwhile, in the back, Paul Heyman drills into Brock that heíll move past Test and then face RVD in the finals.

Test vs Brock Lesnar w/Paul Heyman in the Semifinals of the King of the Ring.

Brock wins. No, the match hasnít started yet.

Match Background: This is a heel vs heel match up, which I figured WWE would avoid like the plague. I donít understand why they didnít put Hardcore Holly in there at least to avoid this heatless situation. This is Brockís first ever encounter with a Smackdown wrestler and thatís the only thing worth noting about this match.

The Match: As Brock comes down the aisle, one of Suazoís cousin said ďBrock scares meĒ. The match begins with both guys trying to get a power advantage, with Brock using brute strength and Test attempting to use his height for leverage. They end up in the corner and Brock uses up 25% of his arsenal by doing shoulder thrusts to Test in the corner. The crowd is chanting ďGoldbergĒ once again to remind everyone how over Brock is not. Test gets a few solid punches that Brock sells, yet misses the Big Boot and ends up taking a big spinebuster by Brock. Oooh, he added a move to his moveset! If it wasnít one that every main eventer has now, maybe it would be special. Shoulder thrusts in the corner again by Brock. The crowd really couldnít care less at this point. Brock picks up Test and does a standing powerslam. That was pretty cool, Iíll give him that. They blow an irish whip and Test gets a clothesline. Test gets the Full-Nelson Slam. He sets Lesnar up for the pumphandle slam, Brock floats over, yet succumbs to the move on the second attempt for two. Remember when that was Testís finish? Test actually hits the Big Boot in the middle of the ring but thereís NO WAY Brock is going to lose so he kicks out. Test heads over to the corner to get some momentum for the second attempt at it, but Heyman gets a shot in distracting Test long enough for Brock to recover and get the F5 for the pin.

My opinion: Well, it was relatively short and exactly what I was expecting. I didnít think theyíd squash Test and they didnít, but it was obvious to everyone watching that Brock was going to advance, so they might as well have put in someone else in the match to give it some more drama. The crowd is just too apathetic towards Test to care whether he advances or not. They blew a few sequences, including Heymanís interference at the end as Test was already running past the corner and had to turn around for Heyman to even reach him. Unless youíre a Brock mark, this match was definitely Piss Break worthy.

In the back, Coach goes into the locker room where he intends to interview some guys on who they think will win the crown tonight between RVD and Brock. Bubba tells Coach that heís been in the ring with the both of them, and heís picking Lesnar. He also states that he intends to make some sort of impact tonight.

On the Smackdown Side, Mark Loyd interviews Storm and Christian who are angry that the finals aren't all Canadian with Jericho & Test and blame it on the American bias towards Canadians.

The Hurricane vs Jamie (K)Noble w/ Nidia for the WWE Cruiserweight Title.

Why remove the K from Knobleís name? I can understand adding a Z to Taz, but damn, thatís the guys real name!

Match Background: Tough Enoughís original female champion, Nidia, was revealed to be the Hurricaneís stalker a few weeks ago, appearing heartbroken over a romantic relationship between her and Hurricane Helms that was never mentioned before. She then told Helms that her boyfriend would be coming for him and his title when Jamie Noble debuted and attacked Helms from behind. Nidia and Noble had a few more run ins with Hurricane, including stealing his cape and his mask before Hurricane was able to get his mask back. Noble would then go on to beat Billy Kidman on Smackdown to be the number 1 contender for the title and face Hurricane at the King of the Ring. Thatís something that always bugs me, by the way. If a guy is feuding with the champion, you can just tell theyíll win a shot to get to him, so why donít they just issue a challenge and have the champion accept? Anyway, these two also have a separate history stemming from their days in WCW. While Shane Helms was a member of 3 Count, they feuded with the Jung Dragons and one of their members was Jamie-san.... Jamie Knoble. They met several times in one on one matches with Helms winning most of them. I also remember a hilarious promo where Helms kept calling him Jamie Kah-noble, but I digress.

The Match: Noble and Nidia come down to the ring as Nidia still has Hurricaneís cape on. Some nice chain wrestling to start. Helms goes for the Hurri-Chokeslam but Noble elbows out, yet gets hit with a superkick for two. The crowd starts chanting ďSheís a crack whoreĒ at Nidia and Iím SHOCKED. Thatís the first time Iíve been able to hear that clearly on a WWE show. Itís ďBotched InterferenceĒ night as Nidia clearly misses pulling Hurricaneís leg, but gets his attention anyway. It leads to a Noble clothesline on the outside. Noble gets an abdominal stretch in the ring as well as an Electric Chair Drop. Helms recovers and teases my soul by crossing Nobleís arms. I was hoping for his X-plex, but instead he gives us an X-O-Matic..(Edge-O-Matic with the opponents arms crossed). Hurri-neckbreaker by Helms for two. The Overcast (Buff Blockbuster) by Helms also gets a 2. Helms goes for the kill with the Eye of the Hurricane but Noble counters with a German Suplex for two. Hurricane gets the Eye of the Hurricane but Noble kicks out!! Helms suplexes Noble from inside the ring out and hits him with a cross body to the outside! After he sends Noble back in, Nidia kisses Helms to distract him long enough to get hit with a baseball slide. Noble goes to suplex Helms from the top rope to the outside (!!) but instead gets a swinging neckbreaker from the TOP ROPE!! Nidia distracts the ref as Hurricane has this match won! Hurricane gets up and gives Noble the Hurri-Chokeslam for a two count!! Right now, Iím loving this match. Noble just kicked out of both of Hurricaneís finishes so Iím pretty sure heís winning. Noble powerbombs Hurricane near the ropes and thatís it!?!? Helms had his foot on the rope, but Nidia pushed it off.

My opinion: The match started slow, but heated up quickly. The crowd seemed to warm up to them at the end, but the finish was very weak and it took away from the match as a whole. If they had played up the fact that Hurricaneís foot was on the rope more, then it probably wouldnít look so bad. I was expecting more from these two however because of their previous matches, so Iíll have to say this match was RUN OF THE MILL. Due to the circumstances of the finish, Iím pretty sure these two will hook it up again though.

In the back, Terri interviews Eddie Guerrero who gives an extended shout out to every family member he can remember before running down Flair before their match.

Ric Flair vs Eddie Guerrero.

Iím expecting some good things here....

Match Background: As everyone knows by now, Steve Austin has left WWE while he was feuding with Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit and Raw owner (at the time), Ric Flair who Eddie & Benoit were in cahoots with. After Austin left the company and Flair lost ownership of Raw to Vince McMahon, Eddie blamed Flair for not being able to wrestle Stone Cold and Benoit blamed Flair for not being able to get revenge on the man that was responsible for his neck injury. Eddie challenged Flair, the match was accepted and both men attacked Flair, with Guerrero putting Flairís figure-four on him. This wouldnít be the first time that Guerrero and Flair faced each other as they wrestled in 1998 over the US title at the yearly Stergis event, Hog Wild. Flair ended up winning with his great heel tactics, of course.

The Match: Sorry, I missed the first few minutes of the match ordering pizza for everyone. The moment I came in, I saw Flair chop Eddie so hard, he fell over the top rope! Eddie back in, and they go to war with each others chests. Iím wincing with every chop! Flair goes to town on Guerrero with his short punches until Eddie bails again. Back in, Flair gives Eddie a stalling vertical suplex. Man, Flair can still go...Damn, I hate Hogan so much. Flair being as good as he is at his age reminds me of how bad Hogan really is. Eddie attacks the knee and starts working the leg. Heís obviously setting up Flair for the figure four leglock. Eddie gets the figure four, but Flair reaches the ropes. Eddie gives Flair a Curt Hennig-like rolling neckbreaker. Both men exchange chops again and once again, Eddie bails. With Guerrero on the outside, Flair does the Flop and it finally looks credible because he didnít walk around for a minute or two first and he has the time to lay down and recover. Guerrero back and he sets up Flair for the Frogsplash but he rolls out of the way and starts to work on Eddieís leg. Benoit comes down the aisle, with no shirt on, looking ready to scrap. Flair gets the Figure Four but Eddie reaches the ropes. They go through a nice near fall exchange and Eddie gets a Tornado DDT. Flair goes to the outside to recover and Benoit puts on the CROSSFACE~! while the ref is distracted. It is SO good to see that move again. The ref sees Benoit on the outside and ejects him while Eddie is in the ring waiting for Flair to get back in. Bubba Ray Dudley comes in from the crowd and Bubba Bombís Eddie before leaving in the same fashion he came from. Flair recovers, crawls into the ring and covers Eddie for the win.

My opinion: The match was very good, as Flair can still go and everyone knows what Eddie can do. These guys chopped the hell out of each other and Eddie looked like he belonged in the ring with Flair. The only gripe that I had with the match was Bubba Rayís interference. With as much time as Flair took to recover and get the pinfall after the Bubba Bomb had been applied, Eddie should have kicked out. Flair could have put the Figure Four on and won that way, if you wanted to put Flair over, but at least this way, it doesnít make Eddie seem as weak. It looks like Bubba Ray is going to feud with Eddie and thats ok with me. So far, it was the match of the night to me.

At the World, William Regal and Chris Nowinski make fun of their waiter, who attended Nassau Community College. Now THAT was Piss Break worthy.

Trish Stratus vs Molly Holly for the WWE Womenís Championship.

There is NOTHING wrong with Molly Hollyís ass. I like Ďem big and thick.

Match Background: When Molly Holly turned heel, she broke a paddle over Trish Stratusí head and claimed that the title should be around someone virtuous and pure. She associated herself with William Regal and had a few mixed tags against Trish and a partner of her choice with Trish coming out on top most of the time. A few weeks ago on Raw, Trish claimed that Mollyís gripes with her stemmed from jealousy because Trish has a great body, but Molly has a big ass....or as I like to remember it ďa lot of junk in her trunkĒ. Molly challenged Trish to a non-title match and if she won, sheíd get a shot at the title, if not, sheíd have to appear in her bra and panties. Naturally, Molly won the match cleanly with the Molly Go Round, although the emphasis on the move is now the fact that she lands on you with her backside and since its ďbigĒ, its more effective. After the match, the prudish Molly began choking Trish with a pair of panties that Trish had taunted her with the week before, setting up the match tonight.

The Match: Trish comes into the match absolutely livid, and has to be restrained by the referee and before you know it, Molly has taken control of the match. She gets a Fujiwara armbar and works on Trishís arm some more. Trish recovers and gets a victory roll for two, a neckbreaker and a roll up for two. That all looked fluid and Iím just in awe of how much Trish has improved when she could have just been complacent with being eye candy. She really deserves a lot of credit for that. Molly fights back and sets up for the Molly Go Round, but ends up crotched first and Trish gives her the handstand Hurancanrana takeover. Trish with some chops on Molly against the ropes and sets up for the Stratusfaction, but its blocked by Molly who gets a nice German suplex for a two count. Molly goes for the Molly Go Round but ends up hitting the canvas instead and Trish goes for a roll up. The roll up is reversed by Molly and with a handful of tights, Molly is your NEW WWE Womenís Champion!

My opinion: Molly has always been a decent worker and with the strides that Trish has been making in the ring, these two girls definitely delivered tonight. Other than Trish, there isnít much babyface competition for Molly in the womenís division but Iím glad that her hard work has been appreciated by the company enough to give her the title. Trish came out smelling like roses in this match too and in all honesty, I havenít seen Trish have a better match in quite some time. Definitely gets a big Thumbs Up from me.

In the back, Kurt Angle is interviewed and he claims that tonight, heíll embarrass Hulk Hogan and show the world why he is truly the American Hero. Please do that, Kurt...please.

Kurt Angle vs. Hollywood Hulk Hogan

If there is a God...

Match Background: Trying to stay on Mr. McMahonís good side, Angle ambushed Hogan from behind with a pipe during an interview. That night, Hogan interfered in Angleís cage match with Edge and cost Angle the victory. Since then, the feud has become more about baldness than revenge! After Edge shaved Angle bald at the last pay per view, Hogan has been dead set on exposing Angleís bald head from the redonkulous wig heís been wearing lately, claiming that being bald isnít something he should be ashamed of. In a tag match against HHH & Hogan, Angleís wig was finally removed and his bald head was exposed to the world. This infuriated Angle who demanded a match with Hogan at King of the Ring. Hogan wants to make sure that the world can see Angle for the ďbaldyĒ he really is...

The Match: I donít have high hopes for this match because Hogan has been jobbing too much lately and Angle isnít the kind to play politics. Also, its a Hogan match, so I know it wonít be Shakespeare or even Stephen King. Lots of Hogan brawling with a few Angle belly to back suplexes in there. Iím almost positive that you wonít see any of Angleís overhead belly to bellyís tonight. Pretty much a lot of the same for a while until Angle hit the Angle Slam for two! Uh oh, I think heís starting to hulk up....Dammit! He is! 1 punch, 2 punch, 3 whip, Big Boot. You know whatís next. Wait a minute....Hogan removed Angleís wig instead and Angleís shiny head is exposed again! Instead of being humiliated, Angle refuses to continue wrestling and leaves the ring. The referee begins his count and Kurt is fine with being counted out until Hogan puts Angleís wig on. Kurt is PISSED~! and grabs a chair and runs back into the ring. He tries to hit Hogan, but he ducks and the chair bounces off the ropes and hits himself in the face with it. This allows Hogan to hit the Big Boot, but he MISSES THE LEGDROP! Angle puts the Anklelock on and if there is a God, Hogan will tap, but I know thatís just a lost cause. After about 30 seconds, the bastard gets to the ropes, but Angle pulls him back!!! Doesnít matter, Hoganís never tapped. *Sigh * Hoganís left leg is hulking up if you can believe that! Iím throwing tantrums in my living room right now and I think my retarded pooch may be the victim or an Anklelock any second now. Hogan rolls over and tries to kick Angle off, but he holds on!!! Hogan does it again, but Angle is STILL HOLDING ON! Hoganís in the middle of the ring.....NO WAY......NO WAY!!!! HE TAPPED!!!!! A BABYFACE HULK HOGAN TAPPED OUT AND LOST A MATCH CLEAN! I CAN DIE TONIGHT AND BE A HAPPY MAN!!! .....

My opinion: As if you couldnít tell....I LOVED IT. The match was crap for the most part and Angle did his best to hold it together but DAMMIT, Hogan tapped out and lost a match clean and that is ALL I CARE ABOUT. Angle really needed a high profile name to tap out to the Anklelock and give the move back some credibility but I never thought in a million years that Hogan would do it.

Ah, Iím in a good mood.

In the back, Booker T is confronted by GoldRock before he is interrupted by the real Rock. Seems that Rock is all for Bookerís fight against the NWO although they donít see eye to eye. Oh, and Rock makes fun of Goldust a few times. Rock is simply here to watch the title match tonight....which tells me heíll be in the title picture at the next PPV.

Brock Lesnar vs. Rob Van Dam in the Finals for the King of the Ring.

Wasnít this tournament predictable? How about the winner?

Match Background: These two have never met one on one, but have met in a tag match on Raw a few weeks back. Brock hit RVD with the F5, the Firemans Carry into a TKO, and RVD was pinned because of it. Brock hasnít been pinned yet and heíll be the King this year unless RVD can prove otherwise.

The Match: The match starts off with RVD giving Brock some kicks to the knee, trying to tear down the monster. He gives Brock a Superkick but Brock isnít fazed by much. He tries to set up his monkey flip in the corner, but Lesnar turns that into a hard powerbomb. Brock holds Rob and drives him into the turnbuckles a few times before unleashing the shoulder thrusts again. Brock with a standing powerslam and a double backbreaker before settling on a bearhug. RVD is just screaming with every move and I donít think Iíve ever heard Rob sell this way before. RVD fights his way out and sidesteps a charge and Brockís shoulder is introduced to the ring post. RVD sees this is his chance to capitalize and gives Brock all sorts of kicks. Lesnar wonít go down! RVD off the top with a kick and finally, heís knocked down Brock and the fans are popping for Rob. Rolling Thunder but Brock kicks out VERY forcefully. With Brock still down, RVD gets the 360 legdrop and goes to the top for the *****. He GETS IT!!! Heyman distracts RVD and drapes his neck over the top rope! RVD falls on top of Lesnar....!!! 1.....2.......NO! Paul E is having a heart attack on the outside and so is everyone in my house! RVD recovers, and baseball slides Paul E. RVD goes for a cross body on Brock, but he turns it into the F5 and Brock is the King of the Ring for 2002 and gets the title shot at SummerSlam.

My opinion: Well, everyone said it was going to come down to these two, with Brock going over, but I was hoping that RVD would pull it out. Judging from the crowds reactions, they wanted RVD to be the King and they gave everyone false hope with the ***** and stunned pin sequence. I personally wanted to see RVD vs. Taker at SummerSlam. Well, now that Brock is getting the main event push, I hope he doesnít drop the ball, because WWE really needs it. Thereís something about Brock that doesnít feel right to me, Iím not sure exactly what it is. Heís definitely not ready to the champion and if they put it on him, its going to be a big mistake. The match itself wasnít anything special and Iíd consider it RUN OF THE MILL.

Backstage....HHH is walking and he runs into the New World Order...most notably HBK & Nash who promptly give Triple H a hug. He seems happy to see them and they encourage him to win the title tonight. They also throw in a little suggestion....if he needs them, throw up the Wolfpac signal and theyíll be there for him.

Triple H vs The Undertaker for the WWE Undisputed Title.

Canít we just call it the WWE title now?

Match Background: This was supposed to be the main event for Backlash, but it was so poorly received that it was scrapped for the five-star classic that was Hogan vs HHH and resulted in a Hogan title reign. Now, I should be bitter about a matter of fact, I am, nevermind. Anyway, in that horrendous match between the HHHís, The Undertaker helped Hogan win the title so he could have the easier opponent at the next PPV, Judgment Day. At Judgment Day, Undertakerís plan worked to perfection as he was able to defeat Hogan and become the champ. You know...Iím torn on UT. He makes sure Hogan wins the title. Thatís pretty bad. Then he goes and beats Hogan like a bitch for it. Thatís pretty good. Oh, my aching heart. So, now Triple H wins a title shot and he wants revenge on the man who cost him the Undisputed title. Makes sense.

The Match: Triple Hís theme is stopped during the ring introductions for some reason. Heyman is at the announce table, scouting the title match now that Lesnar has earned a shot in two months. UT and HHH have a staredown to start and then a slugfest ensues. Five minutes have passed and nothing but punches have been thrown. Heyman is going on about how The Rock hightailed it out of the arena after Brockís win. Wow, the crowd is deader than Hoganís wrestling talent and I canít say I blame them. HHH suplexes UT on the outside. Heyman is doing nothing but talking about how much Rock is scared of Lesnar and I can smell a feud brewing already. Undertaker exposes a turnbuckle but HHH blocks going into it face first. Undertaker gets whipped into that corner and heís feeling the pain! Undertaker recovers by giving HHH a Snake Eyes on the exposed turnbuckle, but it looks like INTENSITY~! has taken over HHH as he no sells it and gives UT a high knee. Heyman is just talking over JR & The King about the whole Rock/Brock situation. Undertaker goes for the Chokeslam, but HHH reverses that into a Pedigree attempt and THAT is reversed into a catapult in the corner where the ref eats it. With the referee down, The Rock makes his way down to ringside and goes ring after Paul Heyman, who runs into the crowd for the first pop of the match. Rock takes his spot at the announce booth. Undertaker and HHH are now on the outside and Undertaker gives Rock a Yakusa kick as heís announcing. Heís goes to use a chair on HHH but Rock stops him. He swings at ĎTaker and gets HHH in the head, busting Triple H open. Heíll pay for that later. Undertaker disposes of Rock and sends a bleeding HHH back in. Undertaker gets the Last Ride but Hebner is STILL down. Nick Patrick runs down, but HHH has recovered by now and is able to kick out. UT is NOT pleased and knocks down Patrick. Rock comes back into the ring and attacks the Undertaker with a flurry of punches and gets the Rock Bottom! Both men are down and there is still no ref! HHH finally covers him but Hebner takes TOO DAMN LONG to count. Rock is by the entrance ramp at this point, just watching. A small Triple H chant breaks out, but dies quickly. HHH recovers and gets the Pedigree! Heís too weak to make the the time he is ready, Hebner is STILL DOWN! Jesus man, thatís a little overdoing it, no? HHH tries to wake up Hebner...and you know what happens when you try to wake the ref up. Undertaker with a low blow and a roll up and gets the SLOWEST PIN EVER for the win. This match just took the sails out of the crowd as they couldnít care less about anything that wasnít The Rock.

Undertaker is back up, holding his title and he motions at The Rock. Rock comes flying down the aisle and he gets the Peopleís Elbow on UT. Rock then gets the Pedigree by a vengeful HHH. As HHH is bad mouthing Rock for his interference, UT recovers and Chokeslams HHH. Undertaker still walks out the champ.

My opinion: Iím not sure what match was more boring, this one or Austin-UT from Backlash. I honestly thought that they would give HHH the title, but after seeing the direction that they went in, I can see why didnít. It looks to me that the next PPV will feature Rock in the title picture, most likely in a triple threat match with the other two and heíll win the title. With a Brock feud brewing, heíll be the one that Lesnar faces at SummerSlam and since Rock is the ultimate professional, he may just put him over. A win over Rock would do more than a win over HHH or UT ever would.

My opinion on the show as a whole: It could have been much worse. I was pleased with Hurricane-Noble, Flair-Guerrero, RVD-Jericho, Molly-Trish & Angle-Hogan. Granted, there was no match that stole the show, but I was at least hoping that everyone would have a good showing and in these matches, they sure did. I liked the way they teased HHHís relationship with the NWO as it could set up a MUCH needed heel turn for HHH. Although the last two matches on the show really took the wind out of my sails, I can see that they are trying to build something and hopefully it works.

Til next time, I am and will forever be...

ďThe DamesĒ, Damian Gonzalez

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