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Just Press Play: Super Mario Sunshine
Posted by Tony Jaymz on Dec 2, 2002, 18:56

JUST PRESS PLAY: Super Mario Sunshine

Super Mario Sunshine
Max Players:1
Memory Card Needed? Yes
Internet? No

Okay, so I'm in the store, looking at next-gen systems. First we have Xbox, which came with two games(Jet Set Radio: Future and some racing game.) Then we come to the one I thought I was going to get, Playstation2. Which, by the way, comes with nothing and the memory card adds on almost $25 plus a game equals way too much dinero for my budget. Then, on the corner of the aisle, was this little gem: The Gamecube system, a memory card, and Super Mario: Sunshine for less than $200? F'n right! ('Course, I then wasted $50 on Wrestlemania X8, but that's another story)

If you don't even have the slightest clue how a Super Mario game is played, go back to your rock. The be-all end-all of platform games hasn't been around since Super Mario 64. Back then, its 3D design and huge, huge game world made it a must own on the Nintendo 64, helping that system launch. The Gamecube was different though, as Mario didn't come out with the system, as blasphemous as that sounds. Nope, Lugui came first, in his first ever stand alone game. Surprised? So was I, until I realized that they were just making this game better.

The story line of the game is this: Mario and the princess are on a trip to Isle Delfino, a kooky island full of big guys with trees on their heads. When they get there, they realize their island paradise is covered in sludge, goop, and other sorts of nasty. Naturally, the islanders blame Mario. As Mario, you have to clean up the island and uncover the truth about the pollution and who's causing it. Along the way you'll have to rescue the princess (as always) and finally, finally ride Yoshi in 3D! Nothing says groovizzle fo' shizzle like riding on Yoshi and gobbling up birds. The controls resemble Super Mario 64, with the A button being jump, the C Stick (instead of the C Buttons) being look around, etc. The B Button no longer throws off a flurry of punches, but instead is used for grabbing enemies and conversing with the Islanders. And yes, the mega butt stomp of doom is still intact. The greatest addition to the game has to be FLUDD. The latest invention from Gadd Science, FLUDD is your main weapon throughout the game. You can hover with it, fly upwards with it, shoot across great lengths of distance with it, and naturally, spray baddies with it. Its Super Soaker 2K2, baby!

The graphics are by far the most beautiful ever in a Nintendo game. Bar None. The island really seems like an island, with the sun shining(well, not at first) and the water reflecting like real water. Even better, the sludge comes in the wildest colors, always bursting off the screen, whether it be neon orange of black. Major props to the crew for making a platformer with graphics like this.

A good game would not be complete without sound. Sound sometimes ruins games, but in SMS, the sounds accent everything. Looking for Shadow Mario? Listen up and try to hear him. The background music is all about island paradise, hitting the beats like it was Jamaica. No reggae, sadly, though.

The best part of the game has to be the secret levels. They take you back to the day when all you had were yours wits and the ability to jump from platform to platform, without plunging to your death. Oh and the secret level's music? Best ever!

If you haven't noticed, Super Mario Sunshine gets my highest approval. The only thing I can even think of it missing is multiplayer, but that's what Super Smash Bros: Melee is for. If you like platformers, but want a good story, good graphics, and good control, than step up to the plate and try to clean off Isle Delfino!

Super Mario Sunshine gets a 10/10. And if I had any to spare, a Sun Sprite!

Tony Jaymz
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