Founders, Contributors, and Important People

This site could not be possible if it was not for the thousands of dollars and hours which all came from the people below and the thousands of forum members. I would like to thank everyone for their hard work and money which has made this site what it is today.

Life Long to be known forever

Mike (AKA Admin or Admin Mike) - Current Site Owner

Dames – Site Owner (2002 - August 14th, 2005)

Stephen Popick - Purchased the software used to run the main site.

AreaCode212 – Original Site designer

Admin - Server Maintainer, Assisted with site creation, and overall maintence. (A Mysterious person whom not many know him by name, since his start in 1999)

$300+ Donation Level


Stephen Popick

$20-299 Donation Level

John "Griddinmills"

Jay Spree "DVD Spree"

Ethan "carnvializcoming"

$5-19 Donation Level

 Christine "AndrewTS"


Christopher "chirs3"




Brian "Brian"

$5 & Under Donation Level

Michael W.



Jared "Jhawk"


Leo Touza "Vitamin X"

If you have made a contribution, which can be proven, seen, or verified, please PM "admin" on the forums to have this page corrected.
I do apologize if your name is not on here, and will have it corrected as soon as possible.