By Struan Mackenzie
Apr 13, 2005, 16:27

Welcome once again to the statistical wonder that is the Push-Me Poll. For those new to its painstakingly structured charms, the Push-Me Poll is an attempt to compile as close to a legitimate monthly rankings system for North American Pro Wrestling as there can be, based purely on the push any given wrestler is getting at any given time.

How does one accurately gauge success in the pro wrestling industry? Match quality? No - a good worker may not, and often never will, get beyond the mid-card. Win-loss records? No - a winning mid-carder is clearly less successful in the business than a losing main eventer. By awarding points for main events wrestled, championship matches worked and supercard appearances, the Push-Me Poll raises the cream of the industry - the men the promoters have the faith in to carry their product - to the top of the chart to give an accurate reflection on who is ruling the wrestling roost at any given time.

This month’s Push-Me Poll encompasses every card from WWE Raw & Smackdown, NWA: TNA, Ring of Honor, IWA Mid-South, CZW, PWG, Jersey All-Pro, 3PW, OVW, Full Impact Pro, NWA: Wildside, NWA: CyberSpace, Chikara Pro, NWA: Florida, ECWA, IWS, Pro Wrestling Unplugged, APW and FWA UK in addition to shows from smaller feds such as IWA East-Coast, AWS, Stampede, NECW, IWF, Pro Wrestling Iron, Gateway, NYWC, Revolution X and EWF.

Following the Push-Me Poll each month is the North American Top 250 Rankings - the cumulative scores for the previous 12 months giving an overall ranking for a worker’s position in the industry over the last year. The numbers in parenthesis are the wrestler’s position in the poll the previous month.


A second consecutive month atop the wrestling world for JBL as the lead up to WrestleMania 21 continued apace, predominantly because there were five Smackdown tapings to Raw’s four. The full might of the WWE was behind the JBL-Cena and HHH-Batista showdowns, with the Eddie-Rey match pleasingly getting a lot of exposure just behind. Orlando Jordan scores his highest ever placing at (6) after winning the U.S. title from Cena thanks to interference from boss Bradshaw

Elsewhere, Jeff Jarrett retained the NWA: TNA title over Dallas Page in the main event of Destination X due to a surprise heel turn from Monty Brown, while Christopher Daniels unseated A.J. Styles for the TNA X-title. In the Indies, Homicide added the JAPW title to his FIP belt following a bizarre, apparently real-life incident involving Homicide and former JAPW champ Dan Maff. Work or shoot? Time will tell…

After careful consideration of feedback received from emails and on the TSM forums, I have modified the points scoring system for the Push-Me Poll to award more points to WWE and TNA workers. I hope this will create a more accurate reflection of the wrestling landscape without losing the thrill of seeing less well known indy workers moving up and down the overall rankings.

As always, mail any feedback or suggestions to [email protected] or PM me on the SmartMarks forums as DeputyHawk. An explanation of the new points-scoring system will be posted at the end of each column.

1—(1)—John Bradshaw Layfield, WWE Smackdown World Champion, 114 points
2—(3)—Triple-H, WWE Raw World Champion, 100 points
3—(6)—John Cena, No.1 contender: WWE Smackdown World title, 89 points
4—(2)—Batista, No.1 contender: WWE Raw World title, 84 points
5—(4)—Jeff Jarrett, NWA: TNA Champion, 63 points
6—(24)—Orlando Jordan, WWE Smackdown U.S. Champion, 63 points
7—(30)—Dallas Page, No.1 contender: NWA: TNA title, 47 points
8—(34)—A.J. Styles, NWA: TNA X-Champion, 43 points
9—(20)—The Basham Brothers, WWE Smackdown, 41 points
10—(37)—Eddie Guerrero, WWE Smackdown Co-Tag Team Champion, 41 points
11—(37)—Rey Mysterio, WWE Smackdown Co-Tag Team Champion, 41 points
12—(NEW)—Shawn Michaels, WWE Raw, 36 points
13—(11)—Kurt Angle, WWE Smackdown, 35 points
14—(31)—Randy Orton, WWE Raw, 35 points
15—(48)—Monty Brown, NWA: TNA, 33 points
16—(NEW)—Ric Flair, WWE Raw, 33 points
17—(14)—Christopher Daniels, NWA: TNA X-Champion, 32 points
18—(NEW)—Kane, WWE Raw, 32 points
19—(5)—The Big Show, WWE Smackdown, 30 points
20—(45)—The Undertaker, WWE Smackdown, 30 points
21—(25)—Kevin Nash, NWA: TNA, 29 points
22—(26)—Edge, WWE Raw, 29 points
23—(18)—Homicide, JAPW & FIP Champion, 28 points
24—(NEW)—Chris Benoit, WWE Raw, 28 points
25—(NEW)—Carlito Caribbean Cool, WWE Smackdown, 28 points
26—(NEW)—America’s Most Wanted, NWA: TNA Tag Team Champions, 28 points
27—(NEW)—Christian, WWE Raw, 26 points
28—(NEW)—Outlaw Billy Gunn, NWA: TNA, 26 points
29—(7)—Austin Aries, ROH Champion, 25 points
30—(27)—Booker T, WWE Smackdown, 25 points
31—(NEW)—Luther Reigns, WWE Smackdown, 25 points
32—(49)—Abyss, NWA: TNA, IWA Mid-South & NWA: Florida, 24 points
33—(19)—C.M. Punk, ROH & FIP, 23 points
34—(NEW)—Petey Williams, NWA: TNA, 23 points
35—(NEW)—Chase Stevens, NWA: TNA, 23 points
36—(NEW)—Chris Jericho, WWE Raw, 22 points
37—(NEW)—Tyson Tomko, WWE Raw, 22 points
38—(NEW)—Bobby Rude, NWA: TNA, 22 points
39—(NEW)—Eric Young, NWA: TNA, 22 points
40—(NEW)—Roderick Strong, ROH & FIP, 22 points
41—(44)—Raven, NWA: TNA & FWA UK, 21 points
42—(NEW)—Shelton Benjamin, WWE Raw Intercontinental Champion, 21 points
43—(NEW)—Sean Waltman, NWA: TNA, 21 points
44—(NEW)—Ron Killings, NWA: TNA, 21 points
45—(NEW)—Konnan & B.G. James, NWA: TNA, 21 points
46—(15)—Slyck Wagner Brown, 3PW & NWA: CyberSpace Champion, 20 points
47—(28)—Jack Evans, ROH & JAPW, 20 points
48—(NEW)—Chris Candido, NWA: TNA, IWA Mid-South & JAPW, 20 points
49—(NEW)—Dustin Rhodes, NWA: TNA, 19 points
50—(50)—Ian Rotten, IWA Mid-South & CZW, 18 points


WRESTLER OF THE YEAR (April 04-March 05)

Quite a bit of movement in the Overall Top 10 this month, though JBL and HHH hold station at (1) and (2). Randy Orton jumps Chris Benoit up to (3) – but with being de-pushed and injured, it seems unlikely now he’ll ever better that. Jeff Jarrett and Batista move up to (5) and (6) ahead of Eddie Guerrero. John Cena crashes into the Top 10 for the first time at (9), displacing indy stalwart C.M. Punk. Watch Big Dave and Cena keep on rising over the coming months – will either be able to sustain their push long enough to reach that coveted top spot?

The remainder of the Overall Top 25 is relatively stable, the familiar faces all jockeying for position. Rey Mysterio is back in at (24) thanks to his high-profile run against tag team partner Eddie. Frankie Kazarian drops down for the time being. Fingers crossed for his WWE run – He has his head screwed on and I have a feeling he’ll do better for himself than many people expect.

A lot of new entries and re-entries into the Overall Top 250 this month – Scotty Charisma (184), Dawn Marie (187), Rosey (196), Sean Waltman (203), Chandler McClure (206), Christy Hemme (213), Larry Sweeney (224), J.J. Perez (225), Vordell Walker (228), Rockin’ Rebel (235), Erick Stevens (236), Davey Andrews (239), Hallowicked (240) and Nick Malakai (241). We say goodbye for the time being to Gabriel, Altar Boy Luke, Torrie Wilson, Charles Mercury, Bobby Quance, Diablo Santiago, Oman Tortuga, Excalibur, Nosawa, The Rock, Garrison Cade, Rikishi, Aaron ‘Jesus’ Aguilera and Aaron ‘The Idol’ Stevens.

1—(1)—JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD, 640 points
WWE Smackdown
No.1 contender: WWE Smackdown World title (Apr-May)
WWE Smackdown World Champion (Jun-Mar)

2—(2)—TRIPLE-H, 587 points
No.1 contender: WWE Raw World title (Apr, Jul)
WWE Raw World Champion (Sep-Nov)
No.1 contender: WWE Raw World title (Dec)
WWE Raw World Champion (Jan-Mar)

3—(4)—RANDY ORTON, 447 points
WWE Raw Intercontinental Champion (Apr-Jul)
WWE Raw World Champion (Aug-Sep)
No.1 contender: WWE Raw World title (Oct-Jan)

4—(3)—CHRIS BENOIT, 418 points
WWE Raw World Champion (Apr-Aug)
WWE Raw Co-Tag Team Champion (w/ Edge, Apr-May)
WWE Raw Co-Tag Team Champion (w/ Edge, Oct-Nov)
No.1 contender: WWE Raw World title (Dec-Jan)

5—(6)—JEFF JARRETT, 411.5 points
NWA: TNA Champion (Apr)
NWA: TNA Champion (Jun-Mar)

6—(7)—BATISTA, 395 points
WWE Raw Co-Tag Team Champion (w/ Ric Flair, Mar-Apr)
No.1 contender: WWE Raw World title (Jan-Mar)

7—(5)—EDDIE GUERRERO, 372 points
WWE Smackdown
WWE Smackdown World Champion (Apr-Jun)
No.1 contender: WWE Smackdown World title (Jul, Dec)
WWE Smackdown Co-Tag Team Champion (w/ Rey Mysterio, Feb-Mar)

8—(8)—A.J. STYLES, 347.5 points
NWA: TNA & Indies
NWA: TNA Champion (Apr-May)
NWA: TNA X-Champion (Jun-Jul)
IWA Mid-South Champion (Oct)
NWA: TNA X-Champion (Jan-Mar)

9—(15)—JOHN CENA, 283 points
WWE Smackdown
WWE Smackdown U.S. Champion (Apr-Jul)
WWE Smackdown U.S. Champion (Aug-Oct)
WWE Smackdown U.S. Champion (Nov-Mar)
No.1 contender: WWE Smackdown World title (Mar)

10—(9)—SAMOA JOE, 278 points
ROH & Indies
ROH Champion (Apr-Dec)
No.1 contender: ROH title (Feb)

11—(10)—C.M. PUNK, 275 points
ROH & Indies
ROH Co-Tag Team Champion (w/ Colt Cabana, Apr-May)
ROH Co-Tag Team Champion (w/Colt Cabana, May-Aug)
No.1 contender: ROH title (Oct-Dec)
IWA Mid-South Champion (Oct-Feb)

12—(11)—THE UNDERTAKER, 257 points
WWE Smackdown
No.1 contender: WWE Smackdown World title (Aug-Oct, Dec)

13—(14)—EDGE, 242 points
WWE Raw Co-Tag Team Champion (w/ Chris Benoit, Apr-May)
WWE Raw Intercontinental Champion (Jul-Sep)
WWE Raw Co-Tag Team Champion (w/ Chris Benoit, Oct-Nov)
No.1 contender: WWE Raw World title (Dec-Jan)

14—(12)—BOOKER T, 237 points
WWE Smackdown
WWE Smackdown U.S. Champion (Jul-Aug)
No.1 contender: WWE Smackdown World title (Oct-Dec)

15—(17)—HOMICIDE, 227 points
ROH & Indies
No.1 contender: ROH title (Apr-Aug)
Full Impact Pro Champion (Sep-Mar)
JAPW Champion (Mar)

16—(13)—KURT ANGLE, 223 points
WWE Smackdown
No.1 contender: WWE Smackdown World title (Mar, Jan)

17—(18)—CHRISTOPHER DANIELS, 216 points
NWA: TNA & Indies
ECWA Champion (Apr-May)
NWA: TNA Co-Tag Team Champion (w/ James Storm, Sep-Oct)
3PW Champion (Aug-Feb)
NWA: TNA X-Champion (Mar)

18—(16)—RIC FLAIR, 214 points
WWE Raw Co-Tag Team Champion (w/ Batista, Apr)

19—(21)—THE BIG SHOW, 196 points
WWE Smackdown
No.1 contender: WWE Smackdown World title (Jan-Feb)

20—(20)—PETEY WILLIAMS, 195.5 points
NWA: TNA & Indies
IWA Mid-South Champion (May-Sep)
NWA: TNA X-Champion (Aug-Jan)

21—(23)—KANE, 192 points
No.1 contender: WWE Raw World title (May-Jun)

22—(22)—CHRIS JERICHO, 192 points
WWE Raw Intercontinental Champion (Sep-Oct)
No.1 contender: WWE World title (Jan)

23—(24)—AUSTIN ARIES, 190 points
ROH & Indies
ROH Champion (Dec-Mar)

24—(26)—REY MYSTERIO, 169 points
WWE Smackdown
WWE Smackdown Cruiserweight Champion (Jun-Jul)
WWE Smackdown Co-Tag Team Champion (w/ Rob Van Dam, Dec-Jan)
WWE Smackdown Co-Tag Team Champion (w/ Eddie Guerrero, Feb-Mar)

25—(19)—SHAWN MICHAELS, 169 points
No.1 contender: WWE Raw World title (Apr, Oct)

26—(49)—Orlando Jordan, 164
27—(25)—Frankie Kazarian, 156.5
28—(28)—Ron Killings, 151
29—(29)—Chris Harris, 150.5
30—(26)—Super Dragon, 149
31—(30)—Chris Hero, 147
32—(37)—Monty Brown, 146
33—(32)—Jeff Hardy, 141
34—(41)—James Storm, 140
35—(40)—Luther Reigns, 138
36—(36)—Chris Sabin, 131.5
37—(31)—B-Boy, 131
38—(38)—American Dragon, 128
39—(44)—Raven, 122.5
40—(45)—Roderick Strong, 120.5
41—(34)—B.J. Whitmer, 119
42—(39)—Jimmy Jacobs, 116
43—(48)—Jack Evans, 116
44—(42)—Alex Shelley, 114
45—(56)—Danny Basham, 112
46—(33)—Nick ‘Eugene’ Dinsmore, 112
47—(43)—Shelton Benjamin, 108
48—(35)—Rob Van Dam, 107
49—(46)—Danny Daniels, 106
50—(52)—Ian Rotten, 105

51—(70)—Kevin Nash, 103
52—(50)—Kid Kash, 101.5
53—(53)—Elix Skipper, 101
54—(60)—Doug Basham, 99
55—(62)—Abyss, 96.5
56—(65)—B.G. James, 96.5
57—(51)—Michael Shane, 96
58—(47)—Dan Maff, 96
59—(54)—Colt Cabana, 96
60—(55)—Rob Conway, 93
61—(78)—Bobby Rude, 91
62—(57)—John Walters, 90
63—(61)—Rene Dupree, 89
64—(140)—Dallas Page, 87.5
65—(77)—Christian, 87
66—(68)—Arik Cannon. 87
67—(80)—Konnan, 84.5
68—(59)—Sonjay Dutt, 84.5
69—(72)—Sylvan Grenier, 84
70—(73)—John Heidenreich, 84
71—(95)—Eric Young, 80
72—(85)—Slyck Wagner Brown, 79
73—(64)—Shirley Doe, 79
74—(76)—Brandon Thomaselli, 77
75—(58)—Nate Webb, 76.5

76—(99)—Gene Snitsky, 74
77—(83)—Trish Stratus, 73
78—(66)—Ryan Boz, 72
79—(74)—Jay Lethal, 72
80—(63)—D-Von Dudley, 70
81—(119)—Chase Stevens, 69.5
82—(87)—Rocky Romero, 69
83—(71)—Chris Bosh, 68
84—(69)—The Messiah, 68
85—(84)—Matt Sydal, 67.5
86—(67)—Bubba-Ray Dudley, 67
87—(118)—Andy Douglas, 67
88—(88)—Ricky Reyes, 67
89—(75)—Charlie Haas, 67
90—(144)—Carlito Caribbean Cool, 66
91—(81)—Matt Morgan, 66
92—(79)—Nigel McGuiness, 64
93—(86)—Mark Jindrak, 64
94—(82)—Rainman, 63
95—(91)—Joey Matthews, 62
96—(109)—Maven, 61
97—(96)—Trent Acid, 61
98—(103)—Lance Hoyt / Dallas, 60.5
99—(90)—Onyx, 60
100—(110)—Ruckus, 60

101—(92)—Low Ki, 60
102—(151)—Tyson Tomko, 59
103—(97)—Spike Dudley, 59
104—(172)—Outlaw Billy Gunn, 58
105—(89)—Azrieal / Angel Dust, 56
106—(94)—Lita, 56
107—(142)—Chris Candido, 54.5
108—(104)—Eric Xtasy, 54
109—(105)—Kenzo Suzuki, 54
110—(108)—Jimmy Rave, 53.5
111—(102)—Corporal Robinson, 53
112—(143)—Claudio Castagnoli, 52
113—(93)—The Amazing Red, 51.5
114—(112)—Chavo Guerrero, 51
115—(113)—Delirious, 51
116—(170)—Mike Quackenbush, 50
117—(121)—Tajiri, 50
118—(115)—Chad Collyer, 49.5
119—(129)—J.C. Bailey, 49
120—(179)—Lex Lovett, 48.5
121—(117)—Wifebeater, 48
122—(146)—Sabian, 48
123—(150)—Paul London, 48
124—(163)—William Regal, 47
125—(106)—Victoria, 47

126—(124)—Human Tornado, 46
127—(114)—Scott Lost, 46
128—(101)—Scorpio Sky, 45
129—(107)—Quicksilver, 45
130—(159)—Simon Dean / Nova, 45
131—(125)—Scott Hall, 44.5
132—(122)—Adam Flash, 44.5
133—(120)—Doug Williams, 44
134—(134)—Eddie Kingston, 44
135—(138)—Billy Kidman, 44
136—(137)—Hardcore Holly, 44
137—(111)—Steve Stone, 44
138—(132)—Trik Davis, 43
139—(130)—Jason Cross, 42.5
140—(149)—Madman Pondo, 41
141—(123)—Al Snow, 41
142—(133)—Teddy Hart, 41
143—(128)—Tony DeVito, 41
144—(250)—Dustin Rhodes, 40.5
145—(209)—Alex Shane, 40
146—(126)—Dunn, 40
147—(116)—Babi Slymm, 40
148—(187)—Mickie Knuckles, 40
149—(135)—Molly Holly, 40
150—(244)—Jigsaw, 39

151—(131)—Marcos, 39
152—(139)—Hector Garza, 38.5
153—(100)—Jerry Lynn, 38
154—(173)—Necrobutcher, 38
155—(145)—Mark Briscoe, 38
156—(156)—Justice Pain, 38
157—(160)—Mike Kruel, 38
158—(167)—Matt Striker / Matt Martel, 38
159—(157)—Nick Gage, 37
160—(158)—Daizee Haze, 37
161—(154)—James Gibson / Jamie Noble, 36
162—(189)—Mohammed Hassan, 36
163—(155)—Ace Steel, 36
164—(228)—Kevin Steen, 36
165—(153)—Puma, 36
166—(98)—Mick Foley, 35
167—(164)—Tank, 35
168—(127)—Azrael, 35
169—(147)—H.C. Loc, 35
170—(152)—Simon Diamond / Pat Kenney, 35
171—(198)—Scotty 2 Hotty, 34
172—(148)—Jay Briscoe, 34
173—(161)—Brad Bradley, 34
174—(180)—Vito Thomaselli, 33
175—(165)—Chris Cage, 33

176—(203)—Toby Klein, 32
177—(136)—Adam Pearce, 32
178—(141)—Rhyno, 32
179—(175)—Funaki, 31
180—(162)—Joey Ryan, 31
181—(181)—Kaos, 31
182—(182)—The Coach, 31
183—(195)—Sal Thomaselli, 30
184—(NEW)—Scotty Charisma, 30
185—(217)—Josh Abercrombie, 30
186—(171)—Sabu, 30
187—(NEW)—Dawn Marie, 30
188—(197)—Tracy Smothers, 30
189—(184)—Gail Kim, 30
190—(176)—The Hurricane, 30
191—(226)—David Young, 29.5
192—(178)—Sonny Siaki, 29.5
193—(190)—Jonny Storm, 29
194—(174)—D’Lo Brown, 29
195—(192)—Sebastian Dark, 29
196—(NEW)—Rosey, 29
197—(211)—El Generico, 29
198—(185)—Jerrelle Clark, 29
199—(213)—Shark Boy, 29
200—(169)—Topgun Talwar, 29

201—(186)—Chris Masters, 29
202—(188)—Todd Sexton, 28.5
203—(NEW)—Sean Waltman, 28
204—(207)—Phoenix Star, 28
205—(196)—Steve Madison, 28
206—(NEW)—Chandler McClure, 28
207—(223)—Ray Gordy, 28
208—(227)—Bonecrusher Fred Sampson, 28
209—(177)—Fast Eddie, 28
210—(216)—Tank Toland, 28
211—(168)--Disco Machine, 28
212—(202)--Randy Savage, 27.5
213—(NEW)--Christy Hemme, 27
214—(204)--Wonderman Glenn Spectre, 27
215—(208)--Joel Maximo, 26
216—(210)--Psychosis / Nicho, 26
217—(230)--Izzy / Insane Dragon, 26
218—(166)--Glen Gilberti, 25.5
219—(245)--Bruce Steele, 25
220—(218)--Balls Mahoney, 25
221—(219)--Jose Maximo, 25
222—(239)--Danny Inferno, 25
223—(222)--Black Jack Marciano, 25
224—(NEW)--Larry Sweeney, 25
225—(NEW)--J.J. Perez, 25

226—(194)--Salvatore Rinauro, 24.5
227—(206)--Johnny Swinger, 24.5
228—(NEW)--Vordell Walker, 24
229—(193)--Slim J, 24
230—(220)--Vengeance / Seven / Mordecai, 24
231—(236)--Chris Hamrick, 24
232—(238)--James Tighe, 24
233—(200)--Deranged, 24
234—(212)--Matt Hardy, 24
235—(NEW)--Rockin’ Rebel, 24
236—(NEW)--Erick Stevens, 23.5
237—(242)--Nunzio, 23
238—(201)--Dixie, 23
239—(NEW)--Davey Andrews, 23
240—(NEW)--Hallowicked, 23
241—(NEW)--Nick Malakai, 22
242—(235)--Rico, 22
243—(199)--Stacy Keibler, 22
244—(240)--Matt Stryker, 22
245—(241)--Nidia, 22
246—(243)--Sterling James Keenan, 22
247—(247)--Steve Corino, 22
248—(205)--Masada, 22
249—(229)--Brent Albright, 22
250—(232)--Chri$ Ca$h, 22


40 points = put over strong to close a WWE or TNA PPV
20 points = main event or title match on a WWE or TNA PPV, put over strong to close a 2-hour Raw or Smackdown
10 points = appearance on a WWE or TNA PPV, main event or title match on a 2-hour Raw or Smackdown, put over strong to close a 1-hour TNA Impact or major Indy show (ROH, CZW, PWG, etc)
5 points = appearance on a 2-hour Raw or Smackdown, main event or title match on a 1-hour TNA Impact or major Indy show (ROH, CZW, PWG, etc)
1 point = main event or title match on a WWE house show, appearance on a 1-hour TNA Impact or major Indy show (ROH, CZW, PWG, etc), main event or title match on a smaller Indy show

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