The Dames' Diatribe on NWA:TNA - July 2nd, 2003
By The Dames
Jul 9, 2003, 00:37

The Dames’ Diatribe on NWA:TNA – July 2nd, 2003

Alright, alright…so it’s six days late! If you were in my shoes, what would you do? Go on vacation for a week…or cut it in half and ruin most of your plans to review TNA on time?

That’s a rhetorical question, bastards. I know you’re just thinking that to spite me.

Anyway, for the two people out there who care, the vacation was great as I got to see Evanescence, Hoobastank, Eve 6, Trapt, Third Eye Blind and Staind live, as well as many others at Radio 104 Fest in Hartford, CT. That was a fun time, although I was next to the epitome of drunken white trash all night. I played a lot of pool and showed off my new found SKILLZ~! to a couple of tournament players who I wrecked ass on. Watched T3, which ruled all despite what Edward Robins says and FINALLY got to watch Weekend at Bernie’s after who knows how many years that’s been out. To top it all off, I ate just enough greasy cook out food to fulfill my appetite and not kill my new diet.

There was one low point, however, as I was reminded just how much I HATE arguing with marks. Get this…a mark told ME that not only did Hogan quit the WWE, but he’s heading to TNA now. If that happens, I swear to you, I’ll post pictures of me eating my Yankees hat with some ketchup. Anyone who knows me well knows that I can’t stand the taste of ketchup, so that’s really saying something.

Now Hogan’s going to show up just to spite me, watch.

Ah, one LAST thing before we hit the recap, I SWEAR. I did a preview/review on the highly anticipated EWR 4.0 about a week ago and now people are buzzed for the game more than ever. If you’ve yet to check it out, click HERE and check out some other articles by writers.

Oh, I debuted at number 43 in the IWC 100! Yay me! Alright….alright…to the recap!

We start with the usual FBI WARNING OF DEATH~! They’re coming for you…

A video package starts with a recap of last week’s events, like always.

The show starts off on a good foot as Shane Douglas is in the ring with THE STICK~! and for some reason, Raven’s Clockwork Orange House of Fun is set up. After talking about how “controversial” he can be on the mic, he states that Raven is in the hospital recovering from the fireball he received at the hands of Father James Mitchell, but he’ll be fine by next week. He then VOWS to send Raven back to ICU if he dares to show up in the Asylum. He switches his focus to the fact that the ring is set up for the COHOF match, which was supposed to be between himself and Raven…but now wants the referee to declare him the winner by forfeit. Then, someone’s music starts to play as Shane Douglas turns around baffled. It’s CM Punk and he’s coming to the ring!

CM Punk vs. Shane Douglas in a Clockwork Orange House of Fun Match

Match Background:
CM Punk has been trying to gain the respect of Raven in recent weeks, emulating him and interjecting himself in matches in the same fashion that Raven does. Last week, he came to Raven’s defense when Shane Douglas and Glenn Gilberti beat him down, but only ended up getting attacked himself. It looks like CM Punk is trying to get a tiny bit of revenge on behalf of Raven tonight.

The Match: Punk runs into the ring and nails a few rights on the Franchise before connecting with a calf kick and posing for the crowd, ala Raven. Punk grabs a chair from the COHOF set up and Northern Light Suplexes Douglas onto it to the crowds approval. He goes for the Raven Effect but Douglas backs him into the corner quickly and dishes out a couple of loud chops. Doesn’t exactly help The Franchise much as an irish whip is reversed and he’s back body dropped by the Pepsi lover. CM Punk grazes Douglas with a superkick, which Douglas oversells by going to the floor and then dives through the ropes onto him! Punk sets up a garbage can and slams Douglas into it and goes to get some room to run. He charges at Douglas, but he’s sidestepped and The Franchise ends up slamming him on the floor. Douglas tosses him into the safety rail and then takes him towards the announce table, where he tells Tenay and West at the top of his lungs that this is a message for Raven. Punk is able to toss Douglas into the ring and come off the top, but Douglas is waiting and ready for him and nails him with a trashcan on the way down. A second trash can shot by Douglas puts Punk down again and then he reaches for the Jim Cornette special (a tennis racket) and connects with that. Douglas goes to work on Punk in the corner, but Punk is able to get out of it and leaps off the top rope with a bad chair shot to the former ECW World Champion. Punk goes to work on Douglas with multiple chops and goes for the first pinfall attempt of the match after a back elbow for two. Running high knee in the corner by Punk sets him up a Jericho-like double underhook into a backbreaker for another two count. Douglas takes advantage again with a low blow and goes into his boot for a foreign object…and surprisingly enough, it’s NOT a chain. He heads towards Punk, but CM is ready for him and just waffles him with a chair shot, knocking The Franchise down. Punk makes the cover…ONE..TWO…NO! Douglas pops up and nails him with the foreign object and nails the Belly to Belly for the win.

Winner: Shane Douglas

Father James Mitchell comes to the ring and Douglas holds Punk for him. Punk spits in Mitchell’s face, so Douglas beats him down and holds him down as Mitchell throws a fireball in his face, just as he did to Raven. Douglas and Mitchell scurry out of the ring as the Gathering come running in to check on Punk. TNA really sells this as security and a few other officials come to check on Punk.

My Opinion: Pretty pedestrian hardcore match here, which will probably be better than the Hard 10 finals, but was able to put over both men slightly. CM Punk put up a good fight as he got a majority of the offense early on, but Douglas needed his first singles win in TNA and this is where he got it. The Gathering coming to CM Punk’s aid pretty much insures that he’ll be a part of the group, although I don’t understand why Douglas and Mitchell would run away from Julio and Alexis. What can Alexis do against Father Mitchell, you know? And what happened to the New Church? Taking lessons from Malice, I assume. *

Don West and Mike Tenay run down the card until Jeff Jarrett’s music interrupts and the former NWA Champion makes his way to the ring. He has a microphone with him, but doesn’t get to use it before Vince Russo comes out and sits down on a lawn chair at the top of the ramp. Russo gets the first word in as he says a few non important things and then guesses that Jarrett is out there to call him out and ask for a rematch against AJ Styles. Russo says that there will be no rematch at all…because he’s not up to the caliber of AJ Styles…and Jarrett “sucks”.

Jarrett gets on the mic and simply states that the name of the program is Total Nonstop Action…and charges at Russo! All of a sudden, he’s attacked from behind by someone who LOOKS like Al Snow, but it is NOT the same guy. He beats Jarrett down the ramp and into the crowd as Mike Tenay tells us that it’s Joe Legend, aka Joe E. Legend in the WWA. As he continues to beat on Jarrett, Tenay sells the fact that he’s held victories over Edge, Christian and Rhyno, although not while he was in the WWE. Jarrett is able to get some separation and nails Legend with two chairshots and suplexes him! Legend gets up and Yakuza kicks Jarrett down! He tosses Jarrett over the guard rail near the announce table as the brawl continues and Legend drops him onto the steel steps. He then dropkicks the steps INTO Jarrett before tossing him into the ring. He comes off the top with a legdrop, but Jarrett gets out of the way! Legend gets up and goes for an atomic drop, but Jarrett turns it into the figure four! AJ Styles comes running in and begins pummeling Jarrett, allowing he and Legend to double team him with trash can lid shots.

An “AJ Sucks” chant starts, surprisingly, as Legend hits Jarrett with a cool looking move. It starts out as a Stunner, but ends up like a Roll of the Dice. AJ gets duct tape from under the ring and gives him the STYLES CLASH~! They then duct tape Jarrett to the ring ropes as Russo comes into the ring with the baseball bat…and Tenay is in oversell mode. He whacks Jarrett in the midsection with the bat and gets on the microphone to reiterate that there will be no rematch. Legend then takes a whack at Jarrett before security come into the ring and the heels scatter…to the applause of the Heel Section.

We now go to a video package for last week’s amazing AWM vs. XXX Cage match for the NWA Tag Team titles. It’s good to see TNA acknowledge just how good the match was and try to use it to put over everyone involved, even the guys that didn’t come out on top. The next time that TNA promotes a Cage match, there will definitely be some high expectations…and probably higher buyrates.

This naturally segues into tonight’s tag title match as it starts…right now.

Americas Most Wanted vs. Sonny Siaki & David Young for the NWA Tag Team Titles

Match Background:
This is the first title defense for Harris & Storm since winning the tag titles last week and they’re doing so against a team that haven’t teamed up in almost two months! David Young has the most experience against AMW as he’s faced and defeated James Storm twice and lost to Chris Harris in a singles match. He also faced AMW in the finals of the Asylum Alliance tournament with Tracy, but was unsuccessful there.

The Match: Not much of a pop for AMW during their entrance, surprisingly. Tenay and West talk about the “letdown factor” for AMW coming into this match…but they don’t explain what the hell that means! Siaki and Harris lock up and exchange hammerlocks until a rope break. Harris gets the advantage again with a side headlock as Siaki tries to counter out of it. Siaki gets a cross body for a one count on Harris, but Harris gives Siaki a cross body of his own for two. Harris sets Siaki up for a sloppy Storm dropkick off the top for two. They then catapult Siaki into the corner and proceed to use that DAMN SPOT THEY NEVER HIT. That frustrates me more that it should, really. They almost kill Siaki as they come close to botching their double hiptoss into a double backbreaker for two. Siaki is able to make the tag and armdrags Young as he comes charging in. Storm clotheslines Young down and slams him out of the corner for another two count. Harris comes in for a nice combo move as he atomic drops Young into a Storm Russian Leg Sweep for another two count. Double dropkick on Young, but Siaki distracts the ref and clotheslines Storm to take over and change the momentum of the match. Siaki gets a snap suplex before tagging out to Young again, but Storm gets a powerslam on him to get some separation as the crowd chants “Let’s Go Cowboy”. Harris comes in and he’s moving WAY too slow to be considered a HOUSE…EN…FUEGO. No tildebang for YOU, Mr. Harris. Flying left arm lariat on Siaki and the CATATONIC~! on Young for a broken up two. Siaki hits Storm with a sloppy ass version of SIAKALYPSE NOW~! and that is broken up as well. Siaki and Harris square off in the ring, but Siaki sidesteps Harris…and Young is able to land the SNAP SPINEBUSTER~! He makes the cover…for a broken up two count, of course. Siaki picks up Storm and goes for the Siakalypse, but Storm gets out of it and hits the EIGHT SECOND RIDE~! for another broken up two count. Siaki is thrown out of the ring as Storm superkicks Young and AMW nails the DEATH SENTENCE~! for the win.

Winners: Americas Most Wanted

My Opinion:
Let’s face it, NO ONE believed that Young and Siaki were going to win this match at all. It’s way too early in AMW’s tag title reign for anyone to be considered a real threat and the crowd was dead because of it. Even the finisher-iffic end to the match was met by apathy by the fans as they knew that AMW were going to go over. It also didn’t help that the match was nothing special and seemed to be pretty boring at times. *1/4

We now go to a video package highlighting “Prime Time” Elix Skipper. It’s good to see Skipper getting some publicity as he was really put into the spotlight with Triple X and now that Daniels is in Japan and Low-Ki is injured, they shouldn’t neglect him a spot.

Kid Kash is now in the back, near the cage where the “Big Scary Dude” usually resides from and calls out for him. He says that he’s got a name for him. Since he likes to hang out in dark, scary places, he’s going to call him The Abyss. Well, I could have told you that…he’s been going under that name for quite a while now in the indy’s. All of a sudden, Erik Watts attacks Kash from behind and cuffs him to the cage! Abyss comes out of the cage and Watts attacks him as they make their way to the ring!

Erik Watts vs. Abyss

Match Background:
A few weeks ago, the man now known as Abyss attacked Erik Watts and took him out of commission before a handicap match against Kid Kash. He then interfered in that same match to insure that Kid Kash was able to secure the victory. Last week, the same thing occurred again as he made sure that Kash was able to pin Watts in a one on one encounter and it looks as if tonight, they’re facing each other one on one.

The Match: Watts tosses Abyss into the guard rail a couple of times, but makes the mistake of charging at him and ends up falling throat first onto the rail himself. Abyss throws him into the ring and avalanches him in the corner. Watts slips out of a Snake Eyes attempt, but Abyss puts him in a Torture Rack…and SITS DOWN! That just LOOKED painful! That only gets a two count though and Abyss goes back to work on Mr. 6’6 and Dreamy. Watts gets up and loses a slugfest to Abyss and ends up on the wrong side of a backbreaker. Abyss whips Watts into the corner and charges at him, but Watts moves out of the way and Abyss crotches himself. I HATE spots that make no sense. Was Abyss trying to penetrate Watt’s midsection with that move? Other than a Bronco Buster, no one ever lands in that position. The crowd chants for Watts as they brawl in the ring and he nails a scissors kick on the Big Scary Dude. He goes for a chokeslam but Abyss is able to elbow his way out of it…only to fall victim to a Watts powerslam. Another attempt at the chokeslam WORKS as Watts is able to put the man down for a ONE…TWO…NO! Of course, there’s a ref bump as Abyss charges at Watts in the corner and the ref gets squished instead. CUT THE INTERFERENCE! Kid Kash comes in and holds onto Abyss’ leg as Watts goes for the E-Bomb. Abyss tosses Watts up and over onto the apron, where Kash pulls him down and Watts his face first onto the apron. Kash throws Watts in and Abyss GOES TO THE TOP! He doesn’t get a chance to do anything though as Watts gets up and powerbombs him down! He goes for the cover and another ref slides in…ONE…TWO…NO! Kash comes off the top, but Watts powerbombs him down and throws him over the top! Watts turns around into the waiting arms of Abyss who hits him with the Super Bossman Slam for the victory.

Winner: Abyss

Abyss picks up Kash after the match and takes him to the back…

My Opinion: The match was pretty bad up until Kid Kash made his way to ringside. This would have fulfilled Jim Ross’s Hoss fantasy as both big men were just using power move after power move to the end. Abyss doesn’t seem like a bad worker, but he wasn’t exactly given the right guy to work with either. *

We now go to the selling point of tonight’s show, the first installment of a shoot interview conducted by Mike Tenay with former WCW Champion, Sting.

He asks Sting if there was any intrigue as a child to become a wrestler, but as a child growing up, there was no wrestling on TV for him to watch. He says that working out in a gym in Cali, he saw Hulk Hogan, but he only recognized him from Rocky 3. He had NO aspirations to become a pro wrestler.

Tenay asks him how he broke into the biz to which Sting responds that he went to a wrestling camp and quickly found himself broke so he needed money NOW. Along with Jim Hellwig (The Ultimate Warrior), he began sending out flyers and promo pictures to everyone, but only Jerry Jarrett ever called them back. There were four people in the photo, but Mr. Jarrett only wanted Sting and Hellwig, who eventually became the Blade Runners.

He says that things have come full circle as he originally worked the Nashville Fairgrounds, aka The TNA Asylum, when he first started and now he’s back due to Jerry Jarrett’s son, Jeff. He says that this is his chance to “give back”.

“Next Week” is then shown on the screen as the interview will continue next week with word association.

My Two Cents: That’s it!? They sold the hell out of this and all we got is 5 minutes of fluff? Hopefully, future installments will be better, but with 30 minutes of footage shot, they REALLY should have given us a hell of a lot more. Interesting choice of words used by Sting in the last portion of the brief clips that we were shown as he wants to “give back” in some fashion. Hopefully, “give back” means putting over younger talent.

Tenay and West then come back on the screen and have a very serious demeanor on their face as they oversell the “injuries” to Jeff Jarrett. I doubt anyone believes he’s really hurt anyway, but they sold it like death.

Jerry Lynn vs. Justin Credible in a Russian Chain Match

Match Background:
Justin Credible and Jerry Lynn were tag team partners in the Asylum Alliance tournament and had a long pullapart brawl after they lost to Chris Harris and Chris Sabin. Jerry Lynn had Sabin set up for the Cradle Piledriver, but Credible was the legal man and let him know, so Lynn stepped aside, only for Sabin to reverse That’s Incredible into a roll up for the pin. In last week’s Interrogation segment, Jerry Lynn claimed that the only reason why Justin Credible was so successful in ECW, was because of his relationship with Paul Heyman. That lead to another brawl and a match during the One Year Anniversary Show. The match was VERY disappointing as it seemed to end just as it was getting ready to start with Justin Credible using the ropes to pin Jerry Lynn in about two minutes. They brawled after the match, letting the fans know that it wasn’t over by a long shot. They then had a “Lights Out” match last week, which Lynn won, but Credible attacked Lynn after the bell and nailed him in the face with a steel chair, busting him open. Lynn then made a challenge for tonight, pitting these two in a Russian Chain Match. Their most memorable match was in ECW, where Jerry Lynn won the ECW World Title off of Credible with a Cradle Tombstone Piledriver.

The Match: Jerry Lynn attacks Justin Credible from behind at the bell as the ref attempts to put the chain onto J.C. and Lynn clotheslines him for it. He starts beating Credible with it and puts the chain on Credible himself. Lynn lands a few chains shots, but Credible is able to recover and charge at Lynn. Lynn drop toe holds Credible into the corner, but J.C. tosses Lynn out of the corner and falls to the floor. On the floor now, Lynn yanks onto the chain and Credible runs into the ring post and gets busted open. Lynn starts biting Credible and tosses him back in, but Credible yanks on the chain himself and Lynn goes crashing chest first into the apron. The crowd is behind Jerry Lynn as he comes back into the ring and wraps the chain around Credible’s face. A few more chain shots by Lynn earn him a near fall and he goes for a move, but Credible floats over and hits a reverse DDT on the former X Division champ. Credible elevates Lynn into the air and then yanks down on the chain, causing Lynn to slam down onto the canvas VERY hard and he gets a two count! He tosses Lynn over the top and hangs him with the chain before suplexing him into the ring. Lynn floats over and uses the chain to hit a neckbreaker on Credible! Lynn comes back with some clotheslines and then yanks on Credible before planting him with a swinging DDT for two. Lynn punches Credible in the corner, but almost ends up bumping the ref off an irish whip reversal. Lynn turns around and WHAM, eats a superkick for ONE…TWO…NO! Credible goes for That’s Incredible, but Lynn floats over and uses the chain to low blow him! He then wraps the chain around Credible’s legs and rolls him up for the pin and the victory.

Winner: Jerry Lynn

After the match, Credible attacks Lynn and hits That’s Incredible on the chain! Lollipop comes into the ring to check on Jerry Lynn afterwards….

My Opinion: It looks like this feud just WON’T END. They’re going to run the gamut of gimmick matches by the time this thing is going to be over. Personally, I’m sick of these two going at it…since the matches aren’t getting that much better anyway. *3/4

Frankie Kazarian is in the back with Bill Behrens as he asks him for a X Division Title shot. Behrens tells him that he doesn’t have the authority to do so…when AJ Styles comes up to him and says “Hey, X Title…been there, done that.” He then OFFERS Kazarian a shot at the NWA Title for some reason and walks away. That was odd…

Mike Sanders vs. Shark Boy

Match Background: Last week, Glenn Gilberti demanded the mask of Shark Boy. Mike Sanders attacked Shark Boy in the “Shark Tank”, but was unsuccessful in removing the mask. Tonight…they fight!

The Match: Sanders goes after SB at the start of the match and tries to remove the mask immediately. Shark Boy hits the one spot I ADORE, the bump off the clothesline in the corner as Sanders charges and connects. He goes after the mask again, but SB escapes and hits a Russian Leg sweep! SB follows up with a dropkick and a deep armdrag and starts biting him! Sanders gets up and connects with a leg lariat for a two count. STIFF kick to the chest by Sanders and he goes right back to the mask of SB, but he won’t give. Sanders with the DOUBLE SHOT~! on SB and he motions to the crowd that he’s going to go for the mask again. SB gets a unique jawbreaker and a neckbreaker as the crowd gets behind him. He hits the 10 punches and bites him in the corner. SB comes off the top with a cross body, but Sanders rolls through for a two count. Sanders charges at SB in the corner, but he EATS BOOT and SB goes for the DSD, but Sanders flips him onto his ass. Sanders goes to pick SB up, but SB gets an inside cradle for the three count!

Winner: Shark Boy

After the match, The Harris Brothers comes into the ring and go for the H-Bomb on SB, but he flips out and escapes! Sanders is PISSED and gets in the Harris’ face…so they give HIM the H-bomb instead!

My Opinion: I don’t understand why TNA is just shitting all over Mike Sanders. He came in so heavily promoted and now, he’s losing to guys like Shark Boy and getting turned on by his own faction members. So sad. ¾*

In the back, B.G. James, The Truth and Konnan welcome us to the “Asylum of Style”. They’re sitting in front of a screen, MST3K style, and insult Jeremy Borash on the projection screen. The same with Vince Russo. Funny moment as Truth and Konnan turn around and say “look at the ASS!” and B.G. agrees…but he thinks that they’re talking about James Storm. These skits are interesting…but where are they GOING!?

In the ring, Tracy and Nurse Veronica are in the ring and Tracy gets on THE STICK~! and says that the NWA board won’t let them compete against men anymore. She makes an open challenge, asking men to remove them from the ring. Lollipop gets on the ramp and asks the other TNA dancer, April (YES, the same April involved in the silly Brian Lawler angle about a year ago) and they charge the ramp! They get into a cat fight with Tracy and Nurse Veronica, but security breaks them up…and Don West openly boos!

We get pre-recorded comments from Sandman and New Jack on the Hardcore style of wrestling and why they’ll win tonight.

The Sandman vs. New Jack in the finals of the Hard 10 Tournament

Match Background:
This is the finals of the Hard 10 Tournament. Sandman defeated Devon Storm and Sonny Siaki to get into the finals and New Jack defeated Mike Sanders and Slash to get into the finals. They have been allies all this time in TNA, due to their ECW roots and tonight, they have to face each other one on one to decide who wins the Hard 10.

The Match: Sandman comes charging in, only to run into Jack’s fist, which he bumps off of. New Jack has a fork in his hand and nails Sandman with it twice. He then grabs the staple gun and uses it on Sandman’s forehead! He throws him to the outside and Sandman nails him with a trash can. Sandman is credited with a point…1-0 Sandman. What the hell? It should be New Jack 3-1. Sandman is busted open from the previous weapon shots…as is New Jack. Sandman charges at New Jack, but Jack nails him with a chair instead. 2-1. Sandman canes New Jack twice to make it 3-2. New Jack ties it up with a trash can lid. God this is boring. They end up trying it up 4-4. Sandman tosses New Jack into the crowd and they end up brawling there. It’s now 7-5 Sandman somehow and then end up at the top of the balcony. New Jack ends up trying it up at 7…and then charges at him. Sandman back body drops him OVER the top of the balcony, through a table at the bottom and The Sandman wins 12-7. New Jack looks HURT as he went through the tables legs first!

Winner: The Sandman

My Opinion:
Thank GOD this god awful tournament is OVER. The fact that these two were the last two men standing should say something about the quality of the tournament. Basically, this entire damn thing was to see who could hit each other with more weapons, when it SHOULD have been about who is the best wrestler in a hardcore environment. Either way, the match was an abortion and Sandman didn’t even get a damn trophy. Worst tourney EVER. DUD.

A promo then airs…stating that Shocker and Negro Casas will be coming to TNA next week! I don’t know much about Lucha Libre but I have heard of these two…

Frankie Kazarian vs. AJ Styles

Match Background:
Kazarian faced Chris Sabin in a non title match last week and defeated the X Champion with his flashy offense. He was asking for an X title shot in the back when AJ Styles literally OFFERED him a shot for some reason.

The Match: Boxing Style intros by Jeremy Borash. An “AJ Sucks” chant starts up as the competitors lock up and get a break. Some chain wrestling to start and Styles gets a couple of CRISP armdrags on Kazarian. He gets up, taunts the crowd and then slaps Kazarian who responds with a slap of his own. Kazarian dropkicks Styles, blocks a kick from the champ and nails a HARD clothesline! Springboard legdrop gets a two count on the champ and Kazarian then slingshots himself from the outside in with a DDT for two! Styles bails to the outside, but Kazarian head scissors AJ back into the ring from the apron. Styles asks for time and shoves the ref into the Kazarian, allowing him to get the cheap advantage. He comes off the ropes with a SNAP neckbreaker and follows it up with a vertical suplex into a hangsmans neckbreaker! Styles comes off the ropes with a knee drop to the FACE and chokes “The Future” during a pinfall attempt. Styles kicks Kazarian onto the apron…and then head scissors Kazarian down across the top rope throat first! Styles then looks to fly, but decides not to and the champ goes to the outside to throw the challenger back in. NASTY BRAINBUSTER~! gets AJ a two count with a nonchalant cover! BEAUTIFUL front dropkick by Styles also gets a two count and Styles sets up for the Styles Clash, but Kazarian back body drops him. Kazarian gets to his feet, but AJ comes FLYING with a calf kick for another two count. Kazarian goes to the outside and AJ follows to simply KICK THE SHIT OUT OF HIM. AJ throws him back in and almost gets rolled up as he taunts the crowd! Styles once again nails Kazarian with a nice kick and gets a pair of two counts. Both men collide with cross body blocks and the ref goes to check on AJ Styles. Chris Sabin comes running in and hits his Swinging Rock Bottom over the KNEE onto Kazarian and AJ makes the cover for ONE…TWO…NO! Styles then whips Kazarian into the corner and charges, but Kazarian gets out of the way and AJ lands on his head! Kazarian then charges and EATS a superkick! AJ goes up top, but Kazarian crotches him! Kazarian heads to the top, looking for the Flux Capacitor, but Chris Sabin distracts the ref and TRINITY holds onto Kazarian, allowing Styles to knock him off the top! AJ comes off the top, but Kazarian nails a dropkick to the midsection and both men are down!

Trinity goes to the top and leaps down…but Kazarian ducks and AJ is the recipient of a hurancanrana instead! Kazarian picks up AJ and goes for the Wave of the Future, but AJ reverses it into a Styles Clash attempt! Kazarian escapes and nails the Wave of the Future! ONE…TWO…NO! Kazarian gets up and tries for it again, but Sabin gets on the apron, only to receive a right hand from the challenger! Kazarian notices Trinity and Sabin down on the ramp…looks to Styles…and FLIES over the top rope onto them with a nice suicide dive!

Kazarian then springboards into the ring, but AJ catches him and powerbombs him! He holds onto Kazarian and puts him into Styles Clash position….

AJ hooks the move AND KILLS FRANKIE KAZARIAN BY DROPPING HIM ON HIS HEAD! Don’t believe me? LOOK AT THIS: (Let it's worth it)

Kazarian could have fellated himself, he was THAT bent in half! Oh, you better BELIEVE that got the pinfall!

Winner: AJ Styles

My Opinion:
Frankie Kazarian is a BEAST for taking that bump! I can’t get over it! The match wasn’t nearly as good as Kazarian/Sabin, but then again, this one had a lot of interference…and DAMN, that BUMP! I just…can’t think of anything else. ***

Sabin, Trinity and Styles then start laying the boots into him, which thankfully means that he’s fine…

Russo then comes to the ring with his baseball bat and WHACKS Kazarian right in the midsection! D’Lo Brown then comes in and takes care of Trinity and Sabin! He looks right at Styles from across the ring…and D’Lo NAILS the Sky High! Russo runs out of the ring as security stops D’Lo from getting to Russo and AJ.

D’Lo gets on THE STICK~! and makes a challenge to Styles. D’Lo vs. Styles NEXT WEEK…

Russo accepts on behalf, but it’ll be 2 on 1! D’Lo then says that he’s going to have an “equalizer” for next week!

End of PPV…

Overall: I’m sorry…I still can’t get over that bump. Give me a moment.

Ok, I’m better now.

This weeks PALED in comparison to last week’s awesome show, but then again, that was a given seeing as how last week’s was probably the best TNA Ever, save for the main event. There really isn’t anything that’s holding my attention in terms of storylines right now, with the exception of Sabin/Kazarian and Raven/Douglas…and only one of those will be good in terms of the in ring work. TNA desperately needs more tag teams as AMW doesn’t have anyone to face right now. AJ is currently in a feud with D’Lo, which I like, but Russo is getting too much face time in it. I don’t care about Jeff Jarrett vs. Russo AT ALL. The Sting interview was disappointing. This show just didn’t do it for me. Eh…hopefully next week’s show will get me excited again. As far as I’m concerned, last week was their blow away show…and they need to build up to another.

See you in 2 days…

The Dames, Damian Gonzalez

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