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TSM Movie Review: Bad Boys 2
By Byron Vester
Jul 23, 2003, 15:44

Guess who's back... back again...

Bah, enough of that played out song. Wassup, guys? Bet all you missed the B-man while I was handling some business(and a few other things like my fucking TV shorting out and a family reunion that I wasn't informed of until the day before...), but I'm back and hopefully for good.

Now, I've been recovering the entire week from said family reunion(hey, let's see YOU eat nothing but barbeque for 4 days without getting fucked up) and I had a lil money on hand, so I decided to check out the recently released Bad Boys 2 fa all y'all. On a sidenote, this is my first time trying one of these, so when you all start throwing shit my way, please be gentle.

Before I get started, let me say this: If you have bad ears, DO NOT sit near the speakers if/when you go see this unless going deaf turns you on or some shit.

TSM Movie Review: Bad Boys 2

Starring: Will Smith, Martin Lawrence, Jordi Molla, Gabrielle Union, Peter Stormare, Theresa Randle, and Joe Pantoliano

Producer: Jerry Bruckheimer

Director: Micheal Bay

Rated R

Production: As should be expected, BB2 is very well done and some scenes are just breathtaking(i.e., the chase scene with the 18-wheeler and at the end of the movie), but thereís WAY too much reliance on goofy camera angles and tricks like when Burnett gets a call from the X dealer and the camera swirls around him a good 2 or 3 times. Plus, using the ďfollow a single bullet as it leaves the muzzleĒ bit gets used IN THE VERY FIRST ACTION SCENE! Now thatís just being lazy, people.

Special Effects: Lots and lots of explosions, obviously. Even explosions where there shouldnít be any(see: the final chase scene). Everything looked crisp, so really there isnít much to complain about(aside from the aforementioned ďsingle bulletĒ trick).

Plot: Pretty cookie cutter action movie plot, much like the first one, but hey, if it ainít broke, donít fix it. Some things get outright annoying like Sydís total dicketry(tm South Park) towards the partners when they find out why sheís in Miami(plus, Gabrielle Union isnít really that good of an actress to begin with), and the utter blandness of the big bad guy(a Hispanic drug baron, yippee!). As with the first one, all the plots and subplots revolve around Smith and Lawrence as they bicker back and forth numerous times(my personal favorite was when they were chasing the hearse, funny shit, I tell ya). Like I said before, itís pretty much the usual action plot, but hey, if you want depth and all that other crap, then go rent Heat, I guess.

Characters: The writing of the conflict between Marcus and Mike gets pretty overblown at times as instead of trying put them on the same level, itís like Bay and Bruckheimer decided to rip off the Lethal Weapon series with Burnett as Glover and Lowery as Gibson. The main villain is quite a blasť copy of Fouchet from the original, but without the psychotic determination that made Fouchet cool. Syd, like stated before, isnít really that well-written, and letís face it, sheís just there to be the Tea Leoni of this flick(at least, a well-fed Leoni). And really, much like the last one, only Lowery and Burnett get enough face time to connect with the masses, so itís all meaningless sin the end.

Final Call: Hey, itís frigginí BAD BOYS, therefore, itís an entertaining way to waste a few hours with some boom and laughs. Anybody going into this expecting more is just fooling themselves, but those just looking for an entertaining action movie with some comedy on top, bon appetite. Thumbs up.

Later, botches!

Byron Vester
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