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Best of October 21, 1996 - November 17, 1996 (Part 3)
By Retro Rob
Nov 12, 2002, 18:22

Best of October 21, 1996 - November 17, 1996 (Part 3)

OK, remember how I said this would be up by Monday? Well, it was...for a little while. You see, we had about six new columns go up on Monday. Mine, being the only one that wasn't time sensitive, was taken down until now.

I've been working on this tape for a while, but since Part 3 is now complete, we only have one part to go. Slow and steady wins the race.

I understand that some of you may have forgotten Parts 1 and 2, so here are the links.

Part 1
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November 3, 1996: WWF SuperStars

A kick ass Austin promo starts us off. He hypes the match with Bret Hart. "You quit the WWF because you lost to Shawn Michaels, the pretty boy, the boy toy kicked your ass back to Canada. I ain't no sexy boy. I don't dance son. I'm gonna take out seven years of frustration and being pissed off out on your ass. Think about it like this Bret, you can finally go home, look yourself in the mirror and get a little piece of mind because you will know that you were indeed beat by a real man." FUCKING AWESOME. Not to mention the fact that this was one of those trendy black and white promos with dogs barking and shit like that. 14/27

Bret Hart is "live" at WWF Studios. He claims to have taken time off not because he was a sore loser, but because he needed time off. Perfect asks Bret how he could even consider matching up with Austin. Bret says that he is fit and ready to take on the best wrestler in the WWF. Plus, when he beats Austin, he will once again be at the top of the WWF. Hart doesn't really understand how Brian Pillman feels towards him, yet he does sympathize with Brian. JR butts in on Perfect's question and asks who Bret would rather have on play-by-play, himself or Vince McMahon. Bret picks JR of course. JR asks Bret if he meant it as a slap in the face to Shawn Michaels when he called Steve Austin the best wrestler in the WWF. Bret, "Absolutely." Ouch. Bret goes on to say that he is back and better than ever. He will take on everyone and anyone in order to win the WWF Title. Definitely one of Bret's better interviews. 15/28

Rocky Maivia's history in football follows. At the time he went by his "former name" Dwayne Johnson. ::Yawn:: 15/29

November 4, 1996: WWF Monday Night Raw

Steve Austin calls into Raw during a Goldust-Stalker match. He is apparently en route to Brian Pillman's house. McMahon warns him that there is a welcoming committee waiting for him. Austin says that's fine because he brought a six-pack of whoop ass with him. Lawler brings up the rumor of Pillman having a gun. McMahon tells Lawler to shut up. Austin doesn't think Pillman has the guts to pull a gun on him. Stone Cold isn't afraid of the consequences because he knows that Vince McMahon will make amends for his big star. Nice way to start building towards the meeting at Pillman's house. Even this phone call was intense. 16/30

Dok Hendrix hypes the Survivor Series, specifically the Undertaker-Mankind match, in which Paul Bearer will be suspended in a cage above the ring. A house show interview with Mankind, Paul Bearer and the Executioner follows. The Undertaker cuts them off over the PA. A small cage falls from ceiling with a Paul Bearer dummy hung upside-down inside of it. 16/31

Kevin Kelly interviews Pillman from his house. His wife Melanie is with them. Kelly wants to talk about Brian's injury, but Brian cuts a promo on Austin. McMahon interrupts and says that Austin is circling the neighborhood. Vince asks if Pillman feels like a hostage. This sets Brian off and he pulls out a gun, calling Austin a "dead man walking". 17/32

Austin arrives in front of Pillman's house, where he meets up with two of Brian's "friends". The friends are actually trainees of Les Thatcher (HWA promoter). Austin dismantles the two guys and bangs on Pillman's front door. He disappears around the corner of the house as we go to break. 17.5/33

Kelly is still in the house giving a recap of the situation. Pillman has his gun and is ready to fire at anything that moves. Austin breaks in through the back door. Pillman pulls the gun on him, Melanie is screaming, and we lose the feed. FUCKING AWESOME! 18.5/34

Jim Ross is in the ring to conduct a face-to-face interview with Shawn Michaels and Psycho Sid. Vince doubts that any of the guys in the ring have any idea what is going on in Cincinnati. McMahon promises to interrupt this interview as soon as any news becomes available. He adds that their producers have notified the authorities. JR asks Shawn if he has forgiven Sid for powerbombing him multiple times after WrestleMania XI. Sid calls the rumors that he came from a "loony bin" pure bullshit. Shawn takes credit for bringing Sid back to the WWF. Sid calls JR "fatso", which gets a big pop. Sid apologized for the incident last week on Raw and Shawn accepted it. Shawn, "Your not in my league." Sid, "That's right, I'm not in the little league. I'm the man!" Shawn, "To be the man, you have to beat the man." They shove each other, until Jim Cornette interrupts along with Camp Cornette (Bulldog, Owen, Vader & Clarence Mason). Owen knocks Sid out with chair. Shawn gets chair and cleans house. Sid sees the chair in Shawn's hands and it assumes it was HBK who hit him. Tempers flare, but they clear the ring again. Vince hypes the Survivor Series and the Shawn/Sid-Owen/Bulldog match next week on Raw. 19.5/35

Recap of the domestic dispute. 19.5/36

WWF Director, Kerwin Silfies, calls in during a Marc Mero-Razor Ramon match. He says that all the power in Pillman's house went out. No one has left or entered the house. The odds of restoring the feed are low because they don't know what went wrong and most of the guys are scared to live the production truck. The authorities have not yet arrived. All of a sudden he yells, "HEY!" and they lose contact. 19.5/37

Miraculously the feed is restored. Kevin Kelly informs us that no one was shot. Pillman is being restrained by his friends. Austin supposedly left, but then shows up again. Pillman's buddies, who look to be the same guys that Austin beat up before go after Austin again. Pillman points his gun at Austin. He drops the F-Bomb as Raw goes off the air. Sort of under whelming blowoff there, but this was still one of the best angles in WWF history. 20/38

November 4, 1996: WCW Monday Nitro

Mike Tenay interviews Jeff Jarrett, Chris Benoit, and Mongo McMichael. Jarrett talks about leading the Horsemen, which angers Benoit and Mongo. Benoit thinks that matters pertaining to the Horsemen should be addressed by a Horseman. Mongo and Benoit walk away, leaving Tenay with Jarrett. Jarrett cuts essentially the same anti-nWo promo he has been using for weeks now. This time though he includes the line, "When I shoot a gun, I always hit a bullseye." If only he saw what was going on during Raw that night. 20.5/39

WCW Women's Title Tournament- Round One: Madusa vs. Reina Jubuki
I almost forgot that the WWF and the WCW used to actually have matches on their TV shows. Reina Jubuki is better known as Akira Hokuto. WCW never had a Women’s Title up to this point. Tenay calls Madusa the favorite in this tournament, therefore she will probably job in the finals. It seems like WCW worked out a talent exchange with GAEA for this ordeal. I don't see what the point is in having an 8-person tournament that includes 1 WCW wrestler and 7 foreign wrestlers that 98% of the WCW fans have never heard of before. Is the crowd going to give a damn when Generic Joshi Gal #1 takes on Generic Joshi Gal #2? Or maybe WCW will do the smart thing and only pretend that the matches not including Madusa took place at house shows or something. Either way, Jubuki jumps Madusa before the match with some kicks. She chokes Madusa for a while and proceeds to bite her. So this is what I have been missing all those times I have glossed over Joshi tapes. Zero (Chigusa Nagayo) walks out to ringside with Sonny Ono. Sonny calls Madusa a chemical dumping ground. I always liked Sonny. Medusa was making a comeback with those hairpull takedowns of hers, but Jubuki put an end that with some more choking. Madusa scores with a rana from the top ala Trish Stratus. She goes up top and misses a missile dropkick. Jubuki with a northern lights suplex for ONE!?!?! After all this Madusa can't even stay down for a two count? Jubuki gets 2 off a missile dropkick. Madusa wins it with a bridging German suplex. (3:31) 1/4* That was abrupt. Seriously, if WCW wanted to have a credible Women's Title, they should have gave the matches more than 3 minutes and not allow Madusa to practically no sell everything.

November 9, 1996: WWF Livewire

Dok and JR are your hosts this week. Austin calls in. "Dok, you call this the most interactive show on television? How can it be? You haven't shut up since it started." Austin believes his actions on Monday night were justified. He would have beaten the hell out of Pillman, but he needed a little bit more time. He reiterates that Vince McMahon will back up anything the he does because Vince knows that Stone Cold is worth a lot. JR, "Absolutely." Dok doesn't think Austin's actions were justified. Austin, "Dok, next time we cross paths, maybe I'll justify my actions on your ass." Funny stuff here. 21/40

Vince McMahon joins Dok and JR in the studio. Vince apologizes for the incident on Raw. He admits that they went overboard, especially since this was Raw's first time airing at the 8:00 hour. Vince promises that something like this will never happen again and that they did indeed make a big mistake. Yeah, I'm sure that apology was sincere considering they just re-aired the end of the angle. Brian Pillman calls in. Brain regrets cursing on the air. He also apologizes to the fans and USA Network for cursing. He doesn't apologize for pulling a gun though because he needed to do that in order to protect his family. Kevin Kelly joins the other guys at the studio to tell us what happened when the camera stops rolling. Kelly states that as soon as the show ended Austin left, which is more proof that it was nothing more than a publicity stunt. Brian talks about how nervous his wife Melanie is since the attack. 21.5/41

That's it for today. Keep an eye out for the final part of this saga.

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