Searching for Answers: Hypocrisy-a-Mania Runnin' Wild~!
By Matt Ditaliano
Jun 20, 2003, 18:58


Okay, enough of that nonsense. Iím back, once again, to grace you with my presence. No, I wasnít the one that got canned, so you got your hopes up all for nothing. SO THERE!

I havenít gotten a chance to check out the matches that I wanted to see from Bad Blood. Dames managed to scare me away from that show. I thought Backlash was a stinker, but damn, if everything Iíve heard about this show is true, including Nikís ďWorst PPV Ever.Ē Column, this scares me too much to watch. Actually, Iíll probably watch it just to see how bad it can be. Itís like a car crash. So expect some kind of response to that next week.

For anyone who has been wondering, it looks like Will has been setting up my archives. Nothingís in it yet, but I expect to have a link (or at least an attempt at a link) to them next week. Pretty damn cool, sez I.

This weekís mailbag features a letter from a Goldberg fan. (Boo!)

stuff I think you were correct on.. Flair vs HBK yes, you were very correct. Christian vs Booker T you had your moments but I think it would have been better if Christian caused Booker T a few lostes or near loses in his match. Also Jericho and Goldberg I think your correct but I'm for one behind Goldberg on his changes.

Now you may not agree with me and thats fine but in WCW Goldberg didn't sell a lot of things, chair shots and whatnot and I think it was great that hey he's suppose to be a monster and this got him very very over in WCW. Now he enters the WWE and he's just about made weak by getting knocked out over and over again. Espically when he was going up against the Rock. To me this is just WWE fucking up another good idea from WCW for example nWo and Big Poppa Pump. So I just think he just wants his gimmick to stay the same it was in WCW that got him over. I think he realizes this and is gonna put his input in. Well i need to go hope I made some sense, later.

Weíve been corresponding all week. Pretty cool guy, even for a Goldberg fan.  Basically, the main difference in opinion is one that splits a lot of Smart Marks: Can stuff that worked years ago work now? I say no, he says yes. Iíll report it. You can decide.

Iím like Fox News! Whether or not thatís a good thing is strictly up to you.

So, anyway, as I was reading over the Bad Blood reports and the Raw report (I had much better things to do on Monday. And DAMN YOU SPOON for making me go to other sites to find results.) and this topic did cross my mind. I will admit that I didnít actually decide to write it until I saw a topic similar to this on the TSM boards. But hey, inspiration can come from anyone or anything.

Anyway, the basic gist was ďWhy is Austin allowed to beat up Mae Young but Test isnít?Ē Now, normally, I would leap into a barrage of ďTestís not overĒ jokes. But this time it got me to thinking: Does the WWF know how ungodly stupid this ďsupport the face and boo the heel at all costs!Ē routine truly makes them look? In the last three years alone, I can think of about five examples of this idiocy.

Obviously, the first thing that comes to many peopleís minds is the whole situation with Kurt Angleís gold medals. When is it okay to steal them? When is it bad? If we have established that the medals are Angleís property, why on earth is it a GOOD thing that they are stolen? Isnít that a crime? Why arenít charges pressed? Obviously that can happen in wrestling, so itís not like the rules of wrestling render the law null and void.

And even if they did, why are Eddie and Chavo or Benoit allowed to steal them, but not Austin? Can someone clarify this for me? Am I the only one totally left in the dark here?

Or what about the Dudley Boyz? Their case is worse than many others are. From January to March-ish of 2000, they were heels putting defenseless women like Terri, Barbara Bush, Mae Young and Lita through tables. This incensed Good Olí JR, who coined the ďDose Damn DudleyzĒ nickname and implied that this was Bubbaís substitute for sex.

But suddenly, the Duds turn face, put Trish and Tori through tables and these ladies DESERVED IT? HUH? Are they somehow less defenseless than Terri or Lita? Iíll give them Mae Young, because she was 80 something, but the other two were roughly comparable to Trish and Tori. But for some reason, Trish and Tori deserved it. It just doesnít seem to make sense to me.

Speaking of Lita, why is she the only person who is allowed to interfere in matches for no apparent reason and without provocation? Lita, by herself, has earned the Hardyz at least two tag title victories, and countless successful defenses. Yet JR has no problem whatsoever with this. Yes, she may be the face, but damnit, sheís still cheating. How the hell hard is it to call it like it is?

This stupidity does not openly occur in real sports with such openness. Yes, we all know about Madduxís strikezone or certain favors Michael Jordan may or may not have gotten from the refs. But thatís not as ridiculous nor does it reach the extent that it does in the WWF.

Letís look at the Sammy Sosa issue. If thereís anyone is Major League Baseball who could be classified as a ďface,Ē itís Sammy. I still havenít found anyone who dislikes him, and anyone who even tries has a hard time finding a legitimate reason. But he cheated. He corked his bat. He did something immoral, was a bad role model to all the kids who look up to him, and broke an established rule in baseball. There is no other way to look at that. There is no explaining or justifying it. End of story.

And MLB handled it correctly. He was punished, and he was punished fairly. He wasnít given a shortened sentence because he is so well liked. He didnít get preferential treatment over a ďheelĒ (say, Albert Belle) that did the same thing. He broke the rules and was handed the standard punishment.
Is it so hard to ask the same thing of the WWF?

If the WWF were to hold the heels and the faces to the same rules, it would certainly make the WWF look like more of a professional organization. What would you consider to be more professional? An establishment that holds a single code of rules, or one that treats specific people specially? And please, no corporate America jokes. I donít fucking care. Not at all.

Also, this could get heels more over as heels. If they had a strict set of rules, it would be more deliberate and obvious when a heel goes out of his way to break it. Hell, a face who makes a point of nobly following the rules might get a little more over as it is.

Take the Test scenario. Now, Iím not saying that rules would get Test over, because honestly, after five years of nothing, I donít think anything or anyone could get him over. But letís look at this as if it was a normal case. All the guy did was beat up the same woman that Austin did the night before. There were no repercussions, and JR seemed to almost encourage it. But when Test does it, itís dastardly. What he did differently than Austin is not obvious. But apparently it was something.

Now, if Austin were severely fined or even suspended for such an act, it would make sense for JR to have a coronary when Test did it. As it is, JR just looks like a hypocrite. And thatís not the character heís playing.

Which brings us to the problem of talent being unable to pull off their character. But that, of course, is a story for another day.

Well, Iím done here folks. Donít be surprised to see another DVD review this week, but if I donít get around to it, I guess Iíll see yíall on Friday.

Until then,


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