DVD Releases: Week of November 29th
by R. Flagg
Nov 29, 2005, 17:59

Notable Releases
Mr. & Mrs. Smith
Best Price: $13.99 @ Circuit City
The Features:
• Commentary by Director Doug Liman
• Commentary by Producer Lucas Foster and Producer Akiva Goldsman
• Deleted Scenes
• Inside Look
• Theatrical Trailers

March of the Penguins
Best Price: $16.99 @ Circuit City
The Features:
• Crittercam: Emperor Penguins - Penguin diving and feeding
• Of Men and Penguins: The incredible filmmaking process of the movie
• 8 Ball Bunny: A classic WB animated short with Bugs Bunny and a penguin

Sky High
Best Price: $16.99 @ Circuit City
The Features:
• Alternate Opening
• Bloopers
• Welcome To Sky High: A Behind the Scenes look at the Making of the Movie with the Cast & Crew
• Breaking Down the Wall: The Stunts of Sky High
• Music Videos: Bowling for Soup "I Melt With You"

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - The Complete Fifth Season
Best Price: $59.99 @ Best Buy
The Features:
• 25 episodes on seven discs, including the series' 100th episode and the two-part finale directed by Quentin Tarantino
• Commentary by Danny Cannon and Carol Mendelsohn on Viva Las Vegas
• Commentary by Ken Fink and Naren Shankar on Down the Drain
• Commentary by Dustin Lee Abraham and Naren Shankar on Formalities
• Commentary by Rich Catalani, Ken Fink and David Rambo on Who Shot Sherlock?
• Commentary by Richard J. Lewis, Dustin Lee Abraham, and George Eads on Snakes
• Commentary by Ken Fink and Allen MacDonald on Spark of Life
• Commentary by Terrence O'Hara, David Rambo, Dustin Lee Abraham, and Naren Shankar on 4x4
• Commentary by Richard J. Lewis and Jorja Fox on Committed
• Commentary by Marg Helgenberger and Ken Fink on Weeping Willows
• Season 5: A Post-Mortem
• The Research of CSI: Maintaining the Accuracy
• CSI: Tarantino Style
• CIS: Forensic Procedures on the Scene vs. on the Screen (eight-part featurette)
• $20 mail-in rebate when you buy CSI: The Fifth Season, CSI NY: The First Season, and CSI Miami: The Third Season

Family Guy: Volume 3
Best Price: $24.99 @ Best Buy
The Features:
• Behind the Scenes with Stewie
• Resurrection of Family Guy
• Deleted scene animatics
• Petarded Song in 5.1
• Ah Ha Music Video (compared with Making off)
• Multi-Angle Table Read
• Storyboard/animatic comparison
• Trailers

Project Runway: The Complete First Season
Best Price: $27.99 @ Amazon.com
The Features:
• Wear Are They Now?: a follow-up of favorite contestants
• Deleted Seams: never-before seen deleted scenes from the series
• A designer gallery showcasing the fabulous creations from the show's featured designers

Mission Hill: The Complete Series
Best Price: $23.39 @ DeepDiscountDVD.com
The Features:
• All 13 episodes on two discs
• Commentary by creators, producers, writers and voice talent on four episodes
• Interactive map of Mission Hill

At St. Michael's Prep, an unspeakable act has been committed. When High School junior Luther Scott confesses to Father Michael Kelly, Kelly is bound silent to the particulars of a grisly murder. Now framed guilty by the desperate teen, and under investigation from detective William Fletcher, Kelly must decide to stay silent or give up everything his priesthood holds sacred.
Best Price: $9.99 @ Best Buy
The Features:
• Commentary with Chris Pine and Director Jonathan Meyers
• Deleted Scenes
• Outtakes
• Behind the Scenes Featurette
• Trailers

Kimba: The White Lion - Ultra Box Set (Limited Edition)
Now Kimba's enchanting adventures of friendship, jungle survival and harmony return once again in this beautifully restored complete DVD collection ready to be introduced to a whole new generation of fans. Join Kimba along with his pals Pauly the Parrot, Daniel Baboon, and a charming assortment of other loveable characters, as he follows in the footsteps of his late father, the great lion king, making the jungle a safer, better place for everyone to live.

From Osamu Tezuka, the creator of Astro Boy, comes Kimba, one of the "first-generation anime classics" to reach American TV, the very first Japanese animation to be broadcast in color, in 1965. Fans have long remembered its catchy theme song, spectacular designs, pioneering animation techniques and gentle stories. This DVD Box Set collects all 52 color episodes masterfully restored on 10 DVDs plus an additional bonus DVD packed with tons of extras. Each episode is presented in order according to Osamu Tezuka's original storyline. Also includes a special "How Kimba Came to Be" booklet written by Fred Patten and Robin Leyden.
Best Price: $62.36 @ DVDBoxOffice.com
The Features:
• Special "How Kimba Came to Be" booklet written by Fred Patten and Robin Leyden
• Original Japanese Episode 1 (with English subtitles)
• Interview with Fred Ladd
• Deleted Scenes
• Textless English Opening
• Original English Closing
• Original Character Art Gallery
• Merchandise Gallery

Featuring fierce rivalry, stopwatch suspense, and larger-than-life personalities, the critically acclaimed Murderball, Winner of the Documentary Audience Award and a Special Jury Prize for Editing at the 2005 Sundance Film Festival, is a film about tough, highly competitive rugby players; Quadriplegic rugby players. Whether by a car wreck, fistfight, gunshot, or rogue bacteria, these men were forced to live life sitting down. In their own version of the full-contact sport, they smash the hell out of each other in custom-made gladiator-like wheelchairs. And no, they don't wear helmets. From the gyms of Middle America to the Olympic arena in Athens, Greece, Murderball tells the story of a group of world-class athletes unlike any ever shown onscreen. In addition to smashing chairs, it will smash every stereotype you ever had about the disabled. It is a film about family, revenge, honor, sex and the triumph of love over loss. But most of all, it isia film about standing up, even after your spirit, and your spine, has been crushed.
Best Price: $13.99 @ Circuit City
The Features:
• Filmmaker Commentary with Dana Adam Shapiro, Henry-Alex Rubin and Jeff Mandel
• Player Commentary with Mark Zupan, Scott Hoggsett and Andy Cohn
• Deleted Scenes
• Murderball: Behind The Game
• Update On Players
• Murderball Special featuring Johnny Knoxville and Steve-O from MTV's Jackass and Mark Zupan
• Greatest Hits
• Kids Question Period
• Keith Getting His Chair
• Life According to Zupan
• CNN Interview on Larry King Live
• Sundance Footage
• Charlie Rose: Special

Slam Nation
Beginning in New York City at the Nuyorican Poets Café's Grand Slam tournament, the film follows slam champion Saul Williams and three other top poets, Beau Sia, Mums the Schemer, and Jessica Care Moore, as they journey to the annual National Poetry Slam, the Super Bowl of spoken-word poetry. Tensions run high as they join dozens of spoken-word artists from across the nation to compete for the championship-and the cash prize. Judges, chosen randomly from the audience, score poets on a scale from 0 to 10. The drama unfolds as rivalries are revealed and controversies arise, underscoring larger questions of art versus ego and self-expression versus self-advancement.

Produced and directed by Emmy award-winner Paul Devlin, this two-disc set includes the television spin-off Slammin' plus hours of uncensored bonus performances. Slam Nation will expose you to the raw energy and sheer talent of some of the greatest performance poets in the world
Best Price: $17.97 @ DeepDiscountDVD.com
The Features:
• Original Slammin' TV Pilot
• Special Play Mode with Complete, Uncut Versions of all Poems
• Commentary with Slam Co-founder Marc Smith and slam champ Taylor Mali
• Bonus Poems
• Deleted Scenes
• Theatrical Trailer

Unknown Chaplin: The Master At Work
With bowler hat, mustache and cane, Charlie Chaplin became one of the twentieth century's most recognized and beloved icons. But for decades, the secrets to his timeless film magic were presumed lost forever to the cutting-room floors of a bygone era. Now, available on DVD for the first time, Unknown Chaplin captures the cinematic genius as he was never meant to be seen. Using countless reels of footage and outtakes Chaplin had wanted destroyed, film archivists Kevin Brownlow and David Gill have meticulously crafted an essential and fascinating documentary homage to the Little Tramp who will no doubt keep us laughing until the last flickering frame.
Best Price: $14.97 @ DeepDiscountDVD.com
The Features:
• The Story behind Unknown Chaplin
• Two Bonus Shorts: The Making Of The Count and Chaplin Meets Marry Lauder

Other Releases
Alain Delon (Amazon Exclusive Collection)
As Luck Would Have It
Aviya's Summer
Black Oak Arkansas: Live At Royal Albert Hall
Brave Detective Schwartz
Caterina In The Big City
Criss Angel: Mindfreak - The Complete Season 1 (A&E Exclusive)
Death to the Supermodels
Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo (Special Edition)
Drift (w/ Art Book)
Essential Silent Film & Early Talkies Collection (Amazon Exclusive)
Execution of Wanda Jean
Film Noir Collection (Amazon Exclusive)
Formula 17
The Great Muppet Caper (Kermit's 50th Anniversary Edition)
Havoc (Unrated Version)
Jurassic Park Adventure Pack (Jurassic Park/ The Lost World: Jurassic Park/ Jurassic Park III)
King Kong Vs Godzilla/King Kong Escapes
Kylie Minogue: Showgirl
The Land Before Time: 2 Mysteries Beyond The Great Valley
Landscape in the Mist
The Last of England
Legends Of The Fall (Deluxe Edition)
Lila Says
Lotsa Luck: Complete Series
Loving Couples
The Muppet Christmas Carol (Kermit's 50th Anniversay Edition)
The Muppet Movie (Kermit's 50th Anniversay Edition)
Muppet Treasure Island (Kermit's 50th Anniversay Edition)
Music In Review: Abba - 1973-1982 (2-DVD Book Set)
Music in Review: Ac/Dc - Bon Scott Years
My Lovely Sam-Soon
National Geographic: Antarctic Wildlife Adventure Richard Villa: Performing This Way Comedy Special
A River Runs Through It (Deluxe Edition)
The Secret Life Of Geisha
Sexual Life
Shaye & Kiki: The Triggers Compilation
A Sudden Loss of Gravity
Their Eyes Were Watching God
Todd Rundgren: Liars Live
Total Romance: Ultimate Games
Womb Raider (Unrated Edition)
World Series 2005: Chicago White Sox
WWE: Taboo Tuesday 2005
Zatoichi: TV Series - Vol. 1

Notable Horror & Sci-Fi Releases
The Frighteners (Unrated Director's Cut)
Best Price: $19.49 @ DeepDiscountDVD.com
The Features:
• Commentary with Director Peter Jackson
• Making of The Frighteners
• Storyboards
• Theatrical Trailer

Timeslip: The Complete Series
Have you ever had the feeling you've been here before? Or you know what will happen next? Perhaps you're experiencing a Timeslip, where past and future are just a blink of an eye away. A Timeslip is exactly what fifteen-year-olds Simon Randall and Liz Skinner stumble through while on vacation. In search of a missing girl, the intrepid teens pass through an invisible time barrier that takes them back to World War II. Soon, though it could be later, the two find themselves traveling to 1990s Antarctica, a tropical jungle that turns out to be England, and a secret research institute in the mid sixties. Guiding the Skinners is the enigmatic Traynor, who appears in different forms throughout their fantastic adventures.

Ahead of its time when it premiered in 1970, Timeslip tackled topics like anti-aging drugs, global warming and cloning that are part of today's headlines. Ambitious, superbly acted and thought provoking, this first-time DVD edition features all 26 original episodes.
Best Price: $47.97 @ DeepDiscountDVD.com
The Features:
• Behind the Barrier: Behind the Scenes Documentary
• Timeslip Intro

The Tomorrow People: Set 2
More than just gifted teens, John, Elizabeth, and Stephen continue their galactic adventures in The Tomorrow People: Set Two-four discs filled with all 26 episodes from the third and fourth seasons of the sci-fi cult classic. The Tomorrow People represent the next step in human evolution, homo superiors able to move objects, travel through space and communicate using only their minds! But with these extraordinary powers comes great responsibility-namely protecting the galaxy from diabolical forces of evil and helping new Tomorrow People breakout. Assisted by the supercomputer Tim, The Tomorrow People once again save the planet, the galaxy, and the universe from certain disaster.

Introduced to British audiences in the 1970s, The Tomorrow People distinguished itself for its diverse cast, unforgettable sets, smart plots, and taut action sequences. Available on DVD for the first time, this edition contains all 26 episodes from the third, fourth, and fifth seasons of the Sci-Fi cult classic.
Best Price: $35.97 @ DeepDiscountDVD.com
The Features:
• Commentary with Nicholas Young, Peter Vaughan-Clarke, and Ann Curthoys on "Secret Weapon"
• The Origins of The Tomorrow People Part 2

Bizarre Lust of a Sexual Deviant
A throwback to 70’s exploitation and early 80’s revenge flicks like Death Wish and Ms. 45. A prowler is on the loose in the city. He stalks women, chloroforms them, and then molests their unconscious naked bodies. Only Angie knows the secrets behind the masked intruder. But she has some secrets of her own that could end this terror. Can Angie stop this deviant from attacking more women? Or will Angie herself become this madman's next slumbering victim?
Best Price: $14.99 @ Best Buy
The Features:
• Commentary with Jason Christ
• Stills Gallery
• Behind the Scenes Footage

Intercessor: Another Rock and Roll Nightmare
Intercessor is a combination of thrilling action and campy humor unlike any film you've ever seen!

Almost twenty years have passed since John Triton expelled the forces of evil from the earth. Now, he wanders the countryside in search of his forgotten past. Meanwhile, a feud between Zompira, the lord of the undead, and Mephisto, a dark sorcerer from the depths of hell, has brought chaos onto the world of the living once again. A spell has allowed them to come to earth with the intent to corrupt and devour the souls of the innocent. Mephisto decides young Laura, the picture of innocence, is a prize target and sends his minions The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and the four Elemental Demonesses to corrupt her in her dream world. Zompira, sensing a sweeter victim, sends the undead after the beautiful and kind Julie, whose friendship has won over the heart of Harry, a physically challenged young man. Now, Harry must leave his recluse life of comics to wield his crutch as a weapon against his flesh-eating guardians and the zombie captors of his beloved Julie.

Battle rages as Harry, the Intercessor, and a mysterious Space goddess, combine their strength to overthrow the undead lords. It's non-stop excitement and laughter in the spirit of the original Rock 'N' Roll Nightmare, as the final showdown between good and evil determines the fate of our planet's existence!
Best Price: $14.99 @ Best Buy
The Features:
• Commentary
• Outtakes
• Deleted Scenes
• Music Videos: Thor "Anger III", Them's Fightin' Words "Land Of Me" and How Dare You "Days"

Other Horror & Sci-Fi Releases
The Award Winners of Hollywood Scarefest
Don't Go in the House
Gorgo (Destruction Edition)
The Man Behind the Scissors
The Mangler Reborn
New Guy
Savage Harvest
Tales of Voodoo Vol 4 (Temple of Hell/Cannibal Curse)
Tremors Attack Pack (Tremors/Tremors 2: Aftershocks/Tremors 3: Back To Perfection/Tremors 4: The Legend Begins)

Anime Releases
Ah! My Goddess: Love Plus One - Volume 2
Baki the Grappler: Tough Love - Round 4
Godannar: Til Death Do Us Part - Volume 2
The Gokusen: Class 1 - The Unteachables (Premium Box With Jacket)
Hakugei: The Legend Of Moby Dick - Volume 1
Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi: Let's Go!
Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi: Rock Forever!
Inu-Yasha: The Band Of Seven - V. 35
Inu-Yasha: A Half-Demon's Tears - V. 36
Lupin The 3rd: The Columbus Files
Seven Of Seven: Perfect Collection
Princess Tutu: Traum - Volume 2
Sakura Diaries: Love & Kisses - Volume 2
Shingu: Secret Of The Stellar Wars - Volume 5
Zoids Chaotic Century: Tomorrow - Vol. 11

Best Buy Weekly Deals
2 for $20:
National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (Special Edition)
Adam Sandler's Eight Crazy Nights (2-Disc Special Edition)
How The Grinch Stole Christmas (Collector's Edition)
The Nightmare Before Christmas (Special Edition)
The Santa Clause (Special Edition)
National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation 2: Cousin Eddie's Island Adventure
How The Grinch Stole Christmas (Animated)
Jingle All The Way
Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas
Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas
Miracle on 34th Street
The Santa Clause 2
What's New Scooby-Doo Volume 4: Merry Scary Holiday
It's A Wonderful Life

Circuit City Weekly Deals
3 for $30:
Bad Santa (Unrated)
The Bourne Identity (Extended Edition)
Clueless (Whatever! Edition)
The Mask of Zorro (Deluxe Edition)
Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2-Disc Special Edition)
Pretty Woman (Special Edition)
Pulp Fiction (Collector's Edition)
Scarface (Anniversary Edition)
Tommy Boy (Holy Schnike Edition)
The Transporter (Special Delivery Edition)
The Usual Suspects (Special Edition)
The Warriors (Director's Cut)
Are We There Yet?
The Bourne Supremacy
The Exorcist (Expanded Version)
Fight Club
Flight of the Phoenix
The Godfather Part II
Good Will Hunting
House of Flying Daggers
Kill Bill Vol. 1
Kill Bill Vol. 2
Old School (Unrated)
Sling Blade
True Romance
A Walk to Remember
12 Monkeys (Special Edition)
American Pie (Unrated Collector's Edition)
The Bodyguard (Special Edition)
Forrest Gump (Collector's Edition)
The Italian Job (Collector's Edition)
Platoon (Special Edition)
School of Rock (Collector's Edition)
The 13th Warrior
Bringing Down the House
Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo
Euro-Trip (Unrated)
Girl, Interrupted
He Got Game
The Insider
Moulin Rouge
My Boss's Daughter (R-Rated)
Mystic River
The NeverEnding Story
Pale Rider
Pitch Black (Unrated Director's Cut)
Raging Bull
Starsky & Hutch
Taking Lives (Unrated Director's Cut)
The Time Machine
Wall Street
Aviator (2-Disc)
Million Dollar Baby (2-Disc)
Troy (2-Disc)
Ocean's 12
Phantom of the Opera