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JHawk presents: Old School Wrestling (Week 1)
Posted by Jared "JHawk" Hawkins on Apr 22, 2006, 13:24


OK, here's the deal.  A year or so back, I tried this on the TSM Forums and it went over pretty well, but I got sidetracked with some other things and thus was unable to keep working on it.  So I figured I'd give it another go and do it through the main site, as it would force me to do something every week and keep myself sharp.

With that in mind, here's how my attempt at fantasy booking, entitled "Old School Wrestling", works.

Essentially, it's professional wrestling in a timeless vacuum.  Any wrestler competing in any era can wrestle in any arena from any era.  The possibilites are limitless.  Chris Benoit vs. Lou Thesz from Madison Square Garden?  Ric Flair vs. Bruno Sammartino from Kiel Auditorium?  Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard vs. Samoa Joe and Bryan Danielson from the Philadelphia Arena?  All possible here.

With that in mind, I present to you episode one of Old School Wrestling.  Please send your feedback to my hotmail addy or in the site feedback folder of the forums, as this will be a bigger success with your help.

OSW Superstar Challenge
Airdate April 22, 2006
from the Cow Palace in San Francisco, CA

10:00pm:  Play-by-play announcer Gordon Solie welcomes us to the show and introduces us to the commissioner of OSW, Paul Heyman.  Heyman also welcomes us to the show and promises to bring us the greatest wrestling in the world.  He announces a 16-man tournament for the first OSW World Heavyweight Title, which begins next week.  The brackets will be shown in full next week ("We're still negotiating with one or two more big names").  In the meantime, this show will be used to showcase some of the talent involved with OSW.

10:03pm:  One fall with a 10:00 time limit:  Greg "The Hammer" Valentine (sub. for Butch Reed) vs. "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan

No word as to why Reed failed to show.  With Valentine being a notorious slow starter, it's all Duggan in the early going, as he drops a knee across Valentine's chest for a very near fall.  The clothesline quickly becomes Duggan's weapon of choice, as he uses it at pretty much every opportunity.  Duggan makes a blind charge into the corner, but Valentine moves, causing Duggan to drive his own knee into the turnbuckle.  Valentine immediately goes to work on the knee, keeping Hacksaw grounded.  Valentine eventually sets Duggan up for his finisher, the Figure-Four Leglock, but Duggan kicks Valentine chest first into the corner and quickly rolls Valentine up for the pin and the win.

Winner:  Duggan via pinfall to a roll up in 6:21.

10:11pm:  Gordon Solie interviews Jamie Noble, accompanied by his girlfriend Nidia.  Noble talks about wanting to be in the World Title tournament, as titles bring money, and as champion, it'll be only the best for Nidia:  "the biggest trailer in the entire park, the biggest fridge for all the beer ... running water!  We can finally get running water, Nidia!"  The couple begins to make out as Solie tosses it to the ring.

10:14pm:  One fall with a 10:00 time limit:  "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase vs. Jake "The Snake" Roberts

Despite being the crowd favorite, it's Jake who uses the rulebreaking tactics early, getting the advantage with a thumb to the eye and choking DiBiase down.  Jake goes for a kneelift, but DiBiase side steps, causing Jake to land on the back of his head.  DiBiase focuses his attack on the head and neck of Roberts, including a vicious piledriver that would have put "The Snake" away if not for the foot draped across the bottom rope.  Roberts regains control when DiBiase climbs to the middle rope and goes for an axhandle, with Roberts catching Ted coming down with a punch to the midsection.  A short clothesline, and Roberts sets up for the DDT, only for DiBiase to counter into an inverted atomic drop.  DiBiase quickly takes Roberts down with a swinging neckbreaker, but the bell rings before he can cover.

Result:  Time Limit Draw

10:26pm:  Gordon Solie interviews Bam Bam Bigelow, who discusses what it would mean to him to win the World Heavyweight Championship.  He guarantees that should Paul Heyman put him into the tournament that he will be the first OSW World Champion.

10:29pm:  One fall with a 10:00 time limit:  "Canadian Strongman" Dino Bravo (w/Jimmy Hart) vs. "Macho Man" Randy Savage

The consumate battle of strength vs. agility.  The crowd is firmly behind Savage, giving him a tremendous ovation as he continuously keeps Bravo off-guard with a series of speedy and aerial tactics.  However, Bravo's strength comes into play when he catches the Macho Man in mid-air during a high cross body attempt and drives him down with a backbreaker.  Bravo slows the pace down, using his strength to weaken Savage with bearhugs and headlocks.  Savage fights his way out of holds several times, only for Bravo to regain the advantage with his power.  Bravo brings Savage onto his shoulders and begins to spin around into an airplane spin, but before he can even complete the third revolution, the bell rings.

Result:  Time Limit Draw.

10:41pm:  Gordon Solie then interviews "Classy" Freddie Blassie, who brings out his men, the Yakuza.  Introduced individually, there's Tajiri, the technician.  Akio, the high flyer.  And Sakoda, the enforcer.  However, despite the name "Yakuza", Blassie claims it's not Japanese for "mafia", but rather Japanese for "honorable businessmen".  Solie rolls his eyes then wishes the threesome luck as they go to the ring for the main event.

10:44pm:  One fall with TV time remaining:  The Yazuka {Akio/Sakoda/Tajiri} (w/"Classy" Freddie Blassie) vs. Paul London/Billy Kidman/Ultimo Dragon

A fast-paced contest from start to finish, London's team have the advantage in the early going with a series of lightning fast moves, constantly tagging in and out to keep their Japanese opponents off-guard.  A mistake by London is costly, as his attempt at a flying headscissors is too close to the corner, enabling Akio to drop London throat-first onto the top rope.  The Yakuza takes advantage for the next several minutes, keeping London trapped in the corner.  London eventually breaks free and tags in Ultimo, who comes in and cleans house.  Soon all six men are in the ring, and as the referee tries to get Kidman out of the ring, Ultimo locks Sakoda in a dragon sleeper, only for Tajiri to come in illegally and level the Dragon with a Buzzsaw Kick to his exposed head.  Sakoda falls on top of Dragon, and all the referee sees is Sakoda on top of Ultimo for the pin.

Winners:  The Yakuza via Sakoda pinning Dragon in 5:43.

10:52PM:  Gordon Solie brings out his last interview of the night, probably the most recognizable face in OSW, Hulk Hogan.  After doing some random spiel about how training, saying your prayers, and eating your "vitamins" can make you big and strong, he goes on a tangent about how the power lies in the palm of his hand when it comes to the upcoming World Title tournament.

10:57pm:  As Hogan leaves the interview set, Solie begins going over the results of the matches that took place.  Paul Heyman comes to the interview area and tells Gordon Solie that because of what we've just seen, Tajiri will face Ultimo Dragon one-on-one next week in a non-tournament match.  Also, the first two matches in the World Title tournament will take place.

11:00pm:  Sign off.

I hope that for a first effort that came off pretty well.  I do basically have the entire tournament planned out already, and yes, there's a reason for the Butch Reed no-show.

Feedback goes either in the forums or at mailto:[email protected].



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