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Old School Wrestling (Week 10)
Posted by Jared "JHawk" Hawkins on Jun 30, 2006, 13:31

Hi everyone.

My apologies for not doing this article last weekend, but my mom went into the hospital and ended up having open-heart surgery, so my week has been spent either at work or at the hospital.

Normally I'd do a 2-for-1 to catch up, but since Week 11 features the finals of the World Title tournament, I'm shooting for doing that episode separately by the middle of the week and getting back on schedule by next weekend.

With that, let's get moving.

OSW Superstar Challenge (June 24, 2006)
live from the Coliseum in Richmond, VA

10:00pm:  Gordon Solie tries to begin to run down the lineup for this evening's event when he's interrupted by Jeff Jarrett.  Jarrett claims that he has been trying unsuccessfully to meet with Paul Heyman and work out contractual details, so he issues an open challenge to any OSW wrestler for a match next week.

10:03pm:  One fall with a 10-minute time limit:  The Hart Brothers {Bret Hart/Owen Hart} vs. The Dream Team {Dino Bravo/Greg Valentine} (w/Jimmy Hart)

Despite a successful early onslaught from The Hart Brothers, Bravo and Valentine eventually slow both men down and work over Owen in their half of the ring.  Valentine in particular focuses on Owen's left knee, and Owen is unable to get anywhere near his own corner for several minutes.  Owen is finally able to break free and tag in Bret, who works over both men before Valentine clips his knee.  Valentine sets up Bret for a figure-four leglock, but Owen kicks Valentine in the back of the head, and Bret small packages Valentine into a cover.

Winners:  The Hart Brothers when Bret pinned Valentine (8:38).

10:14pm:  The Hart Brothers head over to the interview area, where Bret goes off on an anti-Jarrett tirade before accepting his challenge for next week.

10:17pm:  A video recap is shown of the altercation at the end of last week's show, as Jake Roberts attacked Rick Rude after Rude began coming onto Roberts' wife.

10:20pm:  World Title Tournament Semifinal Match (one fall with a 30-minute time limit):  Randy "Macho Man" Savage vs. Jake "The Snake" Roberts

The match is fairly even (and fairly scientific) for the most part until Savage misses a clothesline, and Roberts comes right in with one of his own before Savage can recover.  Roberts sets up for a DDT, but Rick Rude comes in and tackles...Savage?

Winner:  Savage via DQ (4:32).

10:27pm:  As a bewildered Roberts looks on in confusion, Rude and Bobby Heenan hit the interview area, bragging about how Roberts tried to screw with them, "so we'll simply take that ham-and-egger as far out of the title picture as we possibly can".

10:30pm:  Two out of Three Falls with TV time remaining:  Rick Rude and Andre the Giant (w/Bobby Heenan) vs. "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan and Henry Godwinn (w/Hillbilly Jim)

Almost as soon as the bell rings, Duggan attacks Andre with his 2x4, causing an immediate disqualification (:13).  Duggan and Andre start the second fall, which is controlled by Andre with a series of chokeholds.  Andre and Rude tag in and out, continuously focusing on the neck of Duggan.  Duggan avoids a Rude elbowdrop and tags out to Godwinn, who immediately gains control with brawling.  Sensing victory, Godwinn runs into the ropes...right into a rabbit punch from the Giant, who is standing on the ring apron.  Godwinn staggers into a Rude Awakening that ends the match in short order.

Winners:  Rude and Andre 2 falls to 0 (8:54).

10:44pm:  As Rude and Andre make their way to the dressing room, Hulk Hogan stops Andre short, asking how he can possibly join forces with a man like Heenan.  Andre says it's simply business and has nothing to do with Hogan, before storming off as far away from him as possible.

10:47pm:  One fall with TV time remaining:  Hulk Hogan vs. Akio (w/"Classy" Freddie Blassie)

Hogan is still distracted by Andre's allegiance to Heenan, and it shows as Akio actually controls the opening four minutes by using his martial arts and high-flying abilities to keep Hogan off-guard.  Akio then hits his corkscrew moonsault finisher, only for Hogan to kick out, hulk up, and put Akio away with the Leg Drop moments later.

Winner:  Hogan via pinfall (5:07).

Postmatch, Hogan begins posing for the capacity crowd, but he is soon attacked from behind by Dino Bravo.  With Jimmy Hart encouraging Bravo, the Canadian Strongman works over the ribs repeatedly, then cinches in a bearhug, refusing to let Hogan go.  Security finally rushes in to pry Bravo off of Hogan, and the show goes off the air with EMTs putting Hogan on a stretcher.

Feedback to the hotmail address as usual, and I'll see you in the middle of the week with the next episode.


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