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Old School Wrestling Week 7
Posted by Jared "JHawk on Jun 4, 2006, 14:01

OSW Superstar Challenge (6/3/2006)
Mid-South Coliseum (Memphis, TN)

10pm:  Gordon Solie opens the show by informing us that while Don Muraco did suffer a neck injury last week, he is in the building and insisting on competing this week.

10:01pm:  One fall with a 10-minute time limit:  The Best Damn Tag Team Period {Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin} vs. Paul London and Billy Kidman

Solid match, with Kidman and London doing some sweet double teaming to keep their opponents reeling in the opening few minutes.  The debuting team gains control quickly though, isolating London with their own brand of double teaming.  London eventually makes the tag to Kidman, who cleans house momentarily until Haas picks Kidman up into the air, and Benjamin comes off the top rope with a spinning kick to the face to finish "the best damn finishing move period".

Winners:  The Best Damn Tag Team Period (Benjamin pins Kidman--4:05).

10:07pm:  Solie interviews Hulk Hogan, who insists that had the fight stayed in the ring, he would have beaten Andre the Giant and eventually won the tournament.  Andre makes his way to the interview area and tells Hogan that he has his utmost respect since most people wouldn't have been so willing to take the fight to him like that.  Andre extends the hand, which Hogan reluctantly shakes.

10:10pm:  World Title Tournament Quarterfinal Match scheduled for one fall with a 20-minute time limit:  "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase vs. "Magnificent" Don Muraco

Muraco walks to the ring slowly, wearing a neckbrace.  Ashe steps through the ropes, DiBiase rips off the brace and immediately begins going to work on the back of Muraco's head and neck.  As he continues the assault, he makes a fatal mistake, climbing up to the middle rope for an elbowdrop.  Muraco moves it and begins his comeback.  He fires off a series of clotheslines that back DiBiase up against the ropes, then runs off the opposite side of ropes to attack DiBiase.  DiBiase sees him coming, lifts Muraco up, and drapes him throat first on the top rope, before covering Muraco to allow him to advance in the tournament.

Winner:  DiBiase via pinfall (6:53)

10:19pm:  As EMTs check on Muraco's condition, DiBiase makes his way to the interview area, bragging about how everything has gone according to plan for DiBiase's run at the title.  "I love it when a plan comes together, Gordon."  That leads to a quick look at the brackets thus far.

10:23pm:  A video package is shown, highlighting the feud between Tajiri and Ultimo Dragon.

10:26pm:  A pretaped promo is shown of Tajiri and Freddie Blassie, in which Blassie says it doesn't matter which of Dragon's friends tries to help him, because sooner or later Tajiri's getting the win either way.

10:29pm:  Another pretaped promo, this time from Ultimo Dragon (through an interpreter).  Dragon says the lumberjacks surrounding the ring should keep the match one-on-one, so there will finally be a clear winner in this feud.

10:32pm:  The lumberjacks make their way to the ring:  Paul London, Billy Kidman, Shelton Benjamin, Charlie Haas, Jamie Noble, Jake Roberts, Rick Rude, Bushwhacker Luke, Bushwhacker Butch, Greg Valentine, Dino Bravo, Owen Hart, and Bret Hart.

10:34pm:  Lumberjack Match scheduled for one fall with TV time remaining:  Tajiri (w/Freddie Blassie, Akio, and Sakoda) vs. Ultimo Dragon

A nearly even matchup in the early going, but it becomes clear how the lumberjacks are going to react.  The babyface side is quick to send Tajiri into the ring early, but the heel side takes their time returning them to the ring.  Tajiri regains control, and eventually he sends Dragon to the heel side of the floor, where six to eight men gang up on him.  That leads to an all-out brawl, and as referee Tommy Young tries in vain to gain control, Jamie Noble interferes with a steel chair, leveling Ultimo in the back with it.  Young turns around, just in time to see Tajiri covering Ultimo.

Winner:  Tajiri via pinfall (11:16).

10:47pm:  Gordon Solie flags Noble down and chastises him for what he's just done, and Noble fires off a round of insults about the Japanese people in general about how they're taking all the jobs away from hard working Americans.  When Gordon reminds Noble that he helped a Japanese man win, he simply walks off as if he's oblivious to that.

10:50pm:  One fall with TV time remaining:  Hardcore Holly vs. Rhyno

The OSW debut for both men, and what results is a stiff, hard-hitting affair.  The two men soon take the battle out to the arena floor, where they battle until they disappear through the curtain.

Result:  Double countout (6:23)

10:58pm:  Solie once again reviews the tournament brackets as we sign off.

Jamie Noble
Hulk Hogan----------Hulk Hogan
                                                   ---Double countout
Andre the Giant-----Andre the Giant
Billy Kidman
                                                                              ---Ted DiBiase
Ted DiBiase---------Ted DiBiase
Jim Duggan
                                                   ---Ted DiBiase
Dino Bravo
Don Muraco---------Don Muraco

Greg Valentine------Greg Valentine
Paul London

Butch Reed
Randy Savage-------Randy Savage

Bam Bam Bigelow

Rick Rude
Jake Roberts---------Jake Roberts



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