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DVD Releases: Week of June 6th
Posted by R. Flagg on Jun 6, 2006, 10:46

Notable Releases

Running Scared

Best Price: $16.99 @ Circuit City

The Features:

� Commentary by writer/director Wayne Kramer

� Running Scared: Through the Looking Glass

� Storyboard comparisons


Best Price: $13.99 @ Circuit City

The Features:

� Firewall Decoded: A Conversation with Harrison Ford and Richard Loncraine

� Firewall: Writing a Thriller

� Theatrical Trailer

Glory Road

Best Price: $16.99 @ Circuit City

The Features:

� Commentary by Director James Gartner & producer Jerry Bruckheimer

� Commentary by Screenwriters Christopher Cleveland & Bettina Gilois

� Deleted scenes

� Legacy of the Bear: Highlights of Coach Haskins' illustrious career

� Surviving Practice: An inside look into Coach Haskins' training regimen

� In Their Own Words: Remembering 1966

� Music video: Alicia Keys "Sweet Music"

Dazed And Confused (Criterion Collection)

Best Price: $27.99 @ Best Buy

The Features:

� All new high-definition digital transfer, supervised by director Richard Linklater and cinematographer Lee Daniel

� Commentary by Director Richard Linklater

� Making Dazed: 50-minute documentary by filmmaker Kahane Corn

� A 72-page book featuring new essays by Kent Jones, Jim DeRogatis, and Chuck Klosterman, plus character profiles, and memories of the film from cast and crew.

� Rare on-set interviews and behind-the-scenes footage

� Footage from the 10-year anniversary celebration

� Audition footage

� Deleted Scenes

� Original trailer

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (2-Disc Collector's Edition)

Best Price: $18.95 @

The Features:

� Commentary By Director George Roy Hill, Lyricist Hal David, Documentary Director Robert Crawford Jr. And Cinematographer Conrad Hall

� Commentary By Screenwriter William Goldman

� 2005 Documentary: All Of What Follows Is True

� 1994 Documentary: The Making Of Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid

� The Wild Bunch: The True Tale Of Butch & Sundance

� History Through The Lens: Outlaws Out Of Time Documentary

� Interviews With Paul Newman, Robert Redford, Katharine Ross, Screenwriter William Goldman And Composer Burt Bacharach

� Deleted Scene

� Theatrical Trailers

� And More!

Fried Green Tomatoes (Extended Anniversary Edition)

Best Price: $14.11 @

The Features:

� Commentary with Director Jon Avnet

� Deleted Scenes

� Outtakes

� Moments of Discovery: The Making of Fried Green Tomatoes

� Sipsey's Recipes

� Jon Avnet's Director's Notes

� Production Photographs

� Poster Campaign

� Original Theatrical Trailer

Mommie Dearest (Hollywood Royalty Edition)

Best Price: $9.36 @

The Features:

� Commentary by Filmmaker John Waters

� The Revival of Joan: How the sensational biography was brought to the screen.

� Life With Joan: The making of the film with exclusive behind-the-scenes stories.

� Joan Lives On: The film's cult following with John Waters and Joan Crawford Impersonator Lipsynka.

� Photo Gallery

� Original Theatrical Trailer

Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2-Disc Unrated Collector's Edition)

Best Price: $16.99 @ Circuit City

The Features:

� Deleted Scenes Including An Alternate Ending

� Commentary By Director Doug Liman

� Doug's Film School Sequence Breakdowns With The Director, Including Animatics, Storyboards And A Major Action Sequence Not Included In The Film

� Shooting School Combat Training

� Confidential Files Featuring Secret Footage

� Behind-The-Scenes Documentary

� Photo Gallery And More!

NCIS: The Complete First Season

Best Price: $34.96 @

The Features:

� Commentary on "Yankee White" by Co-Creator/Executive Producer/Writer/Director Donald P. Bellisario

� Creating Season 1

� Building The Team

� Defining The Look

The Wild Wild West: The Complete First Season

Best Price: $34.86 @

The Features:

� 28 episodes on 7 discs

� Robert Conrad audio intros

� Lost original opening

� Ross Martin sketch

� Network promos

� Theme scoring sessions

� Photo gallery

� Audio interviews with John Kneubuhl, Ethel Winant, Fred Freiberger (Producer), Tim Smyth (Special Effects) and Richard Markowitz (Music)

� Original Pilot Opening and Bumpers

� Pilot promo

� Intro blooper

� Commentary by Robert Conrad and Ross Martin on "Every Day"

� Everyready Commercial

A Nos Amours (Criterion Collection)


With his raw style of filmmaking, Maurice Pialat has been called the John Cassavetes of French cinema, and the scorching � nos amours is one of his greatest achievements. In a revelatory film debut, the dynamic, fresh-faced Sandrine Bonnaire plays Suzanne, a sixteen-year-old Parisian who embarks on a sexual rampage in an effort to separate herself from her overbearing, beloved father (played with astonishing magnetism by Pialat himself), ineffectual mother, and brutish brother. A tender character study that can erupt in startling violence, � nos amours is one of the high-water marks of eighties French cinema.

Best Price: $27.99 @

The Features:

� New, restored high-definition digital transfer

� New and improved English subtitle translation

� New video interviews with Catherine Breillat and Jean-Pierre Gorin

� A 2003 interview with actor Sandrine Bonnaire

� The Human Eye: a 1999 documentary on the film

� Archival interview with Pialat on the set

� Actor auditions

� Original theatrical trailer

� A booklet featuring essays by critics Molly Haskell and Kent Jones and interviews with Pialat and cinematographer Jacques Loiseleux

The Boys Of Baraka


Don't miss the true coming-of-age story that follows a group of extraordinary 12-year-old boys from the most violent ghettos of Baltimore to an experimental boarding school 10,000 miles away in rural Kenya. An emotionally explosive journey shot over three years, the film zeroes in on a group of brave kids who are willing to cross the ocean to chase an opportunity - boys with a fierce determination to fight the label of "throw-away."

Best Price: $14.52 @

The Features:

� Commentary by directors Rachel Grady and Heidi Ewing

� Deleted scenes

� The Boys: An Update

� A Conversation with Bill Cosby

� Trailer

The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things


Seven-year-old Jeremiah lived a calm, comfortable life in the care of a loving foster home until the day his young mother Sarah (Asia Argento) came to take him back. Jeremiah is thrust against his will into his mother's reckless life of turmoil and depravity, bouncing between desolate truck-stops, flea bag motels, strip joints and drug dens. Deadbeat surrogate dads swoop in and out of Jeremiah's life until he finds himself in the custody of his ultra-religious grandparents. Soon after Jeremiah adapts to his new life as a Christian fundamentalist, Sarah returns to claim him. Back on the road and bound by a love only a mother and son could have for each other, Sarah pulls Jeremiah further and further into her dementia. When Sarah is finally and wholly consumed by drugs, prostitution and violence, Jeremiah is forced into a desperate struggle to survive the madness of his surroundings.

Best Price: $14.65 @

The Features:

� Commentary by director Asia Argento and producer Chris Hanley

� Bonus footage

� Behind-the-Scenes

� Limited Edition 24-page Collectible Book featuring J.T. LeRoy, Asia Argento and many others photographed by Mick Rock

Plunder of the Sun (Collector's Edition)


American insurance investigator Al Colby is hired to smuggle a package out of Havana and into Oaxaca, Mexico. When the man who hired him is murdered aboard ship, Colby decides to find out what he is carrying and why it is worth killing for. Unscrupulous antiquities dealers, disgraced archaeologists, and desperate women all clash in a search for buried Zapotecan treasure.

Best Price: $9.36 @

The Features:

� Commentary by Peter Ford and Frank Thompson

� The John Wayne Stock Company: Sean McClory

� On Location with Glenn Ford

� Plundering History

� Photo Gallery

� Original Theatrical Trailer

The Searchers (2-Disc 50th Anniversary Special Edition)


Working together for the 12th time, John Wayne and director John Ford forged The Searchers into a landmark Western offering an indelible image of the frontier and the men and women who challenged it. Wayne plays an ex-Confederate soldier seeking his niece, captured by Comanches who massacred his family. He won't surrender to hunger, thirst, the elements or loneliness. And in his five-year search, he encounters something unexpected: his own humanity.

Best Price: $17.99 @ Circuit City

The Features:

� Newly remastered and restored from original VistaVision film elements

� Introduction by John Wayne's Son and The Searchers Co-Star Patrick Wayne

� Commentary by Director/John Ford Biographer Peter Bogdanovich

� Behind the Cameras (4-parts): Meet Jeffrey Hunter, Monument Valley, Meet Natalie Wood, Setting Up Production

� The Searchers: An Appreciation

� A Turning of the Earth: 1998 Documentary Narrated by John Milius

� Theatrical Trailer

� The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford

The Searchers (Ultimate Collector's Edition)

Best Price: $26.81 @

The Features:

� Newly remastered and restored from original VistaVision film elements

� Introduction by John Wayne's Son and The Searchers Co-Star Patrick Wayne

� Commentary by Director/John Ford Biographer Peter Bogdanovich

� Behind the Cameras (4-parts): Meet Jeffrey Hunter, Monument Valley, Meet Natalie Wood, Setting Up Production

� The Searchers: An Appreciation

� A Turning of the Earth: 1998 Documentary Narrated by John Milius

� Theatrical Trailer

� The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford

Ultimate Collector's Edition includes:

� Reproduction of 1956 Dell comic book

� Reproduction of original 1956 Warner Bros. press book

� Reproductions of filmmaker memos and correspondence

� 10 postcards with behind-the-scenes photos

� Movie poster offer

Stagecoach (2-Disc Special Edition)


Nine disparate travelers are thrust together on a Stagecoach destined for Apache territory...and movie immortality. As the Ringo Kid, director John Ford cast a lanky veteran of 70 B-movies, serials and shorts named John Wayne. Each rifle shot and closeup rang out the news: a new star is born. Claire Trevor, Thomas Mitchell and others made memorable impressions. Stunt legend Yakima Canutt provided hair-raising thrills. And 17 American folk songs formed the basis of an Oscar-winning score. This adventure ushered in a 30-year era of great Westerns, many featuring its top practitioners - Ford and Wayne.

Best Price: $19.64 @

The Features:

� Newly remastered

� Commentary by Scott Eyman

� John Ford/John Wayne: The Filmmaker and the Legend

� Stagecoach: A Story of Redemption

� Audio-only bonus: radio adaptation with Claire Trevor and Randolph Scott

� May 4, 1946 Academy Award Theater Broadcast

� Theatrical Trailer

Track of the Cat (Collector's Edition)


A snowbound ranching family is threatened by both internal conflicts and a deadly, cunning predator in this offbeat Western from John Wayne�s Batjac production company. Robert Mitchum stars as Curt Bridges, one of three sons born to stern matriarch Ma Bridges (Beulah Bondi) and her weak, alcoholic husband (Philip Tonge). With the ranch's cattle falling prey to the elusive killer cat, Bridges and his two brothers, Arthur (William Hopper) and Harold (Tab Hunter), are forced to confront the beast to save the family's herd. Teresa Wright (Shadow of a Doubt) is their bitter, unmarried sister, and Diana Lynn (My Friend Irma) is the young neighbor who sets tensions - and passions - aflame amidst the family's mounting crisis.

Best Price: $9.36 @

The Features:

� Commentary by William Wellman, Jr. Tab Hunter and Frank Thompson

� Remembering William Wellman

� A New Kind of Western: The Writing of Walter Van Tilburg Clark

� Black Diamond

� Tracking the Cat

� Original Theatrical Trailer

� Photo Gallery

Other Releases

2 Sides of Life

3 Godfathers

Adventures In America's Western Parks: Collector's Edition

Adventures In America's Western Parks: Canadian Rockies, Vancouver And Beyond

Adventures In America's Western Parks: Fire And Ice: Hawaii And Alaska

Adventures In America's Western Parks: Glacier And Zion And Bryce

Adventures In America's Western Parks: Great Train Rides, Lodges And Inns

Adventures In America's Western Parks: The Great Southwest

Adventures In America's Western Parks: Yellowstone And The Best Of The National Parks

Air America: The Complete Series

The American Dream: The Dusty Rhodes Story

Antone's Home Of The Blues

Bastards Of Young

Bill's Gun Shop

Black Hawk Down (Extended Cut)

Cheyenne: The Complete First Season

Classic Rhythm And Blues, Vol. 5

Classic Rhythm And Blues, Vol. 6

The Clean Stand-Up Comedy Tour

Combat: Best Of New Replacements 4

Combat: Best Of The Squad 3

Come See the Paradise

The Cure: Lost In The Labyrinth

Dat's Tite TV

Desert Gold


Drift Fence

Dumbo (Big Top Edition)

Eminem: Music Box Biographical Collection

Emperor Of The North

Entourage: The Complete 2nd Season

Erotikon: A Daring Fable of Modern Love

Farewell to the King

Fast & The Furious Franchise Collection

Firewall [HD DVD]

Fort Apache

For the Children

F-Troop: The Complete First Season

Geronimo: American Legend/All the Pretty Horses

Home Improvement: The Complete Fourth Season

House of Strangers

In Your Eyes

I Wake Up Screaming

The John Ford Film Collection (Cheyenne Autumn/The Informer/The Lost Patrol/Mary of Scotland/Sergeant Rutledge)

John Wayne: John Ford Film Collection (The Searchers/Stagecoach/Fort Apache/The Long Voyage Home/The Wings of Eagles/She Wore a Yellow Ribbon/They Were Expendable/3 Godfathers)

John Wayne's Suspense Collection (Ring Of Fear/Track Of The Cat/Plunder Of The Sun/Man In The Vault)

Just For Kicks

Knocked The F Out

Kung Faux, Vol. 4

Kung Faux, Vol. 5

Kung Fu Theater (New York Chinatown/Master Of Disaster)

Lesbians of Buenos Aires

Like Mike 2: Streetball

Like Mike/Like Mike 2: Streetball

The Long Voyage Home

The Lost Boys

Luni Coleone & I Rocc: How The West Was Won

Old Skool Killaz: Ma Su Chen

The Magician

Man in the Vault

Masters 2006: Tournament Highlights

A Matter of Life and Death: Magic Moments And Dark Hours In The History Of Medicine

Metalmania 2005

The Missing (Extended Cut)

My Name Is Bill W.

The National Geographic: The Gospel Of Judas

Navy Seals/Red Dawn

NBa: Lights Out

Nektar: Pure - Live In Germany

NFL Super Bowl Collections: Super Bowl XXXI-XL

Old Skool Killaz: One Man's Vengeance

One More Kiss

Orde Wingate

Ozzy Osbourne: Music Box Biographical Collection

Perfect Fit

The Perfect Storm [HD DVD]

Pure Decadence

Pushed To The Limit

The Quick And The Dead/Bite The Bullet

Ring of Fear

The Ron White Show

The Saga of Gosta Berling

Sarah Silverman: Jesus Is Magic

Saturday Night Live: The Best Of Giftset

The Scarlet Letter

The Secret of Dr Kildare

Shadow Man

Shakatak: Live At The Playhouse

She Wore A Yellow Ribbon

Sir Arne's Treasure


South Pacific: In Concert From Carnegie Hall

Straight Into Darkness

Sunset Pass

Old Skool Killaz: Survival Of The Dragon

Old Skool Killaz: Sword of the Master

The Syrian Bride

They Were Expendable

The Three Burials Of Melquiades Estrada

Thunder Birds

TNA Wrestling: Best Of Samoa Joe

The Ultimate Ninja Collection: Ninja Squad

The Ultimate Ninja Collection: Ninja the Protector

The Ultimate Ninja Collection: Ninja Dragon

The Ultimate Ninja Collection: Ninja Terminator

Uncle Sam Magoo

W.E.W.: Volume 3

The Who: Quadrophenia Live

The Who: Tommy Live

Who The Hell Is Pete Doherty

Wild Horse Mesa

The Wings Of Eagles

WWe: The Worlds Greatest Wrestling Managers

You Are Not Alone

Notable Horror & Sci-Fi Releases

Underworld: Evolution (Special Edition)

Best Price: $13.99 @ Circuit City

The Features:

� Commentary by director Len Wiseman, production designer Patrick Tatopoulos, second-unit director and stunt coordinator Brad Martin, and editor Nick De Toth

� Bloodlines: From Script to Screen

� The Hybrid Theory: visual effects

� The War Rages On: stunts

� Making Monsters Roar: creature

� Building a Saga: production design

� Music and Mayhem: music and sound design

� Music video: "Her Portrait in Black" by Atreyu

He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe: Season 2, Volume 1

Best Price: $27.21 @

The Features:

� The Stories of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe: featuring interviews with producers, writers, directors and experts

� The Magic of Filmation

� Full length animated storyboard with interactive episode comparison for "Trouble's Middle Name"

� Two new original art cards (part of a 16 card series of cards available in each volume) by acclaimed artists Frank Cho and Emiliano Santalucia

� Three Episode Commentary Tracks by Lou Scheimer, Erika Scheimer, Larry DiTillio, Tom Sito, Tom Tataranowicz and Dave Teague

� Detailed Character Profiles

� Trivia and fun facts

� Commercial spots

� DVD-ROM feature: five complete episode scripts

Time Tunnel: Volume 2


Determined to prove that Project Tic Toc was capable of sending humans through time, Dr. Tony Newman and Dr. Doug Phillips entered the project's time tunnel before final tests were completed. Now, caught in time and unable to return home, the two scientists battle to stay alive as the Vortex of Time thrusts them into the middle of some of the most significant events in world history. But even more important, as the time travelers encounter famous and influential people of the past, they must make sure their actions don't inadvertently change history and alter the future.

Best Price: $27.99 @

The Features:

� 15 episodes on 4 discs

� Interviews with Whit Bissell, Robert Colbert, James Darren and Lee Meriwether

� Time Travelers TV movie from 1976

� Unaired 2002 TV pilot

� Still gallery

Doctor Who: Genesis Of The Daleks


The Time Lords intercept the transmat beam from Earth to Nerva and strand the Doctor, Sarah Jane and Harry on the planet Skaro in an era before the Daleks evolved. Before the travellers are to be allowed to return to the TARDIS, Doctor must fulfill a daunting mission - to change the course of evolution itself.

Best Price: $24.63 @

The Features:

� Commentary by actors Tom Baker, Elisabeth Sladen and Peter Miles and director David Maloney

� Genesis of a Classic: 60-minute Making of

� The Dalek Tapes: 53-minute documentary on Doctor Who's most iconic villains narrated by Terry 'Davros' Molloy and including rare footage

� Continuity compilation

� Blue Peter: 7-minute item featuring a collection of Doctor Who models built by a 16-year-old viewer

� Photo gallery

� DVD-ROM: 1976 Doctor Who Annual and Radio Times listings

Doctor Who: Revelation Of The Daleks


The TARDIS takes the Doctor and Peri to the planet Necros, where the Doctor plans to visit his old friend Professor Arthur Stengos. But after an encounter with the Great Healer, Stengos is not quite the man the Doctor once knew. The Great Healer works in the catacombs beneath Tranquil Repose, the galactically-famous final resting place for the dead and the not-quite-yet-dead. In the upper chambers the busy workers prepare the deceased for their final burial, while deep below the Great Healer is using their bodies for a sinister project of his own. For the Great Healer is also known by another name - Davros, creator of the Daleks, who's using the bodies to build himself a brand new Dalek army. The Doctor attempts to stop Davros while Stengos' daughter searches for her missing father and the local DJ uses rock 'n' roll music as a defense against the Daleks. Many are searching for Davros, but the evil scientist has a plan that will eradicate all opposition and enable him to lead his Daleks on a new mission of universal conquest... This stylish adventure with its uniquely dark humor was first broadcast 23-30 March 1985.

Best Price: $17.77 @

The Features:

� Commentary by actors Nicola Bryant and Terry Malloy, writer Eric Saward and director Graeme Harper

� Revelation Exhumed: Exclusive "Making of" documentary

� CGI Effects Option

� In Studio A: 15-minute behind-the-scenes

� Deleted Scenes

� Music-Only Option

� Production Note Option

� Continuity Announcements

� Photo Gallery

Other Horror & Sci-Fi Releases

Beyond the Wall of Sleep

Blood Bath 2 (Jack The Ripper Goes West/Legacy Of Satan/The Bride '73/Blood Song)

Charmed: The Complete Fifth Season

Curse Of The Swamp Creature

Dream Home

The Drop

Eastern Horror (Magic Of The Universe/Counter Destroyer)

Godzilla: The Original Animated Series - Volume 1

Godzilla: The Original Animated Series - Volume 2

The Ladies Of Frankenstein (Lady Frankenstein/Frankenstein�s Daughter)

Macabre Pair Of Shorts

Maid of Honor


Omen 666 Revealed: True Stories Of Real Evil

Rock N Roll Space Patrol

Star Trek Fan Collective: Q

Weird Worlds Collection

X-Files: The Complete Seventh Season

X-Files: The Complete Eighth Season

X-Files: The Complete Ninth Season

Anime Releases

Diamond Daydreams: Shoko + Akari - Volume 3

Ghost Stories: Graduation Ghoulies - Volume 5

Hakugei: Legend Of The Moby Dick - Volume 5

Hare + Guu: Volume 3

Kamichu!: Little Deity - Volume 1

Kamichu!: Little Deity - Volume 1 (w/ Collector's Box)

Oh My Goddess: Collector's Edition

Viewtiful Joe: Volume 3

Wandaba Style: Complete Collection

Best Buy Weekly Deals


Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (2-Disc)

Almost Heroes

American Ninja 4: The Annihilation

Analyze That

Austin Powers: Goldmember

Boiler Room

The Client


Gods and Generals

Heartbreak Ridge

Ice Station Zebra

The Last Boy Scout

Lethal Weapon 4

The Long Kiss Goodnight

Memphis Belle

Over The Top

Pay It Forward

Poolhall Junkies

Rush Hour

Rush Hour 2



Thirteen Days

Thirteen Ghosts

Three Amigos

A Time to Kill

Vegas Vacation

Circuit City Weekly Deals


12 Monkeys (Special Edition)

Apollo 13 (2-Disc Anniversary Edition)

The Big Lebowski (Collector's Edition)

The Bourne Identity (Explosive Extended Edition)

Forrest Gump (2-Disc Collector's Edition)

The Jerk (26th Anniversary Edition)

Jurassic Park (Collector's Edition)

Midway (Collector's Edition)

Old School (Unrated)

Saving Private Ryan (Limited Edition)

Starship Troopers (Special Edition)

Underworld (Special Edition)

The Untouchables (Collector's Edition)

White Chicks (Unrated)

The 13th Warrior

Assault On Precinct 13 (2005)


Bram Stoker's Dracula



Next Friday

Oceans' Twelve

The Professional

The Rock


South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut


Van Helsing

We Were Soldiers

Weird Science


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