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DVD Releases: Week of May 9th
Posted by R. Flagg on May 9, 2006, 15:22

Notable Releases

Munich (2-Disc Limited Edition)

Best Price: $27.98 @

The Features:

� An Introduction by Steven Spielberg

� The Mission, The Team

� Memories of the Event: Explore and discover the impact of the real events in Munich through documentary footage, film clips, BTS moments, and all new interviews with cast and crew including Steven Spielberg

� Portrait of an Era: The re-creation of the 70�s with Production Designer Rick Carter and Costume Designer Joanna Johnston

� The On-Set Experience: A moving and intricate exploration into the art and the politics involve with the making of Munich

� Munich: The International Cast

� Editing, Sound and Music: A discussion with Steven Spielberg and his collaborators, Composer John Williams and Editor Michael Kahn, on the final touches that will be added to Munich with editing, music and sound

Grandma's Boy (Unrated)

Best Price: $15.99 @ Best Buy

The Features:

� Features both original theatrical and unrated versions of the film

� Commentary by actors Allen Covert, Nick Swardson and Peter Dante

� Commentary by director Nicholaus Goosen

� Deleted scenes

� Covert Whacks It

� Monkey

� Laura Gets Lucky

� Monkey Business

� April Fools

� Scenes That Went Up in Smoke montage

� Unsmoked Material montage

� Smoke This montage

� Casting Session (originally made for Fox Movie Channel)

� Music Video: "Another Day" by the Twenty Twos

Big Momma's House 2

Best Price: $15.99 @ Best Buy

The Features:

� Commentary by director John Whitesell, Producer David Friendly and Actor Zachary Levi

� 12 Deleted/Extended Scenes with Optional Director's Commentary

� Big Momma's Secrets

� Theatrical Trailer

Nanny Mcphee

Best Price: $19.99 @ Best Buy

The Features:

� Commentary with Director Kirk Jones and Children

� Commentary with Actor Emma Thompson and Producer Lindsay Doran

� Deleted Scenes

� Gag Reel

� Casting the Children

� Village Life

� Nanny McPhee Makeover

� How Nanny McPhee Came to Be

The Poseidon Adventure (2-Disc Special Edition)

Best Price: $12.99 @ Best Buy

The Features:

� Commentaries by Ronald Neame, Pamela Sue Martin, Stella Stevens and Carol Lynley

� The Cast Looks Back

� Falling Up with Ernie

� The Heart of Disaster: Stirling Silliphant

� The Heroes of The Poseidon

� The Morning After Story

� The R.M.S. Queen Mary

� AMC Backstory: The Poseidon Adventure

� Sinking Corridor

� Generations of Fans

� Turning Over the Ship

� Storyboard Comparisons

� Vintage Promotional Materials

� The Towering Inferno Trailer

� Interactive Featurette: Follow The Escape

� American Cinematographer Interactive Article

� Still Galleries

Ronin (2-Disc Collector's Edition)

Best Price: $18.46 @

The Features:

� Commentary with Director John Frankenheimer

� Alternate Ending

� Original Venice Film Festival Interviews with Robert De Niro, Jean Reno and Natascha McElhone

� Through The Lens: with Director of Photography Robert Fraisse

� Filming In The Fast Lane: Making-Of Documentary

� Natascha McElhone: An Actor's Process

� In The Cutting Room: With Tony Gibbs

� Composing The Ronin Score

� The Driving Of Ronin

� Animated Photo Gallery

The Towering Inferno (2-Disc Special Edition)

Best Price: $12.99 @ Circuit City

The Features:

� Commentary by film historian F.X. Feeney

� Scene-specific commentary by Special Effects Director Mike Venzina and Stunt Coordinator Branko Racki

� Extended & Deleted Scenes

� Inside the Tower: We Remember

� Innovating Tower: The SPFX of An Inferno

� The Art of Towering

� Irwin Allen: The Great Producer

� Directing the Inferno

� Putting Out Fire

� Running On Fire

� Still The Worlds Tallest Building

� The Heart of Disaster: Stirling Silliphant

� AMC Backstory: The Towering Inferno

� Storyboard-to-Film comparisons

� NATO presentation reel

� 3 interactive articles from "American Cinematographer"

� Original archival "Making of" featurettes

� 1977 Irwin Allen interview

� Still galleries

� Original teaser and trailer

The West Wing: The Complete Sixth Season

Best Price: $30.25 @

The Features:

� 22 episodes on six discs

� Commentary by executive producer John Wells and executive producer/director Alex Graves on King Corn and 2162 Votes

� Commentary by executive producers Lawrence O'Donnell Jr. and Christopher Misiano on In God We Trust

� From Press Secretary to Chief of Staff: a featurette on the Emmy-winning Allison Janney�s portrayal of C.J. Cregg during her years in the Bartlet Administration

Easter egg: A Conversation with John Spencer

Everybody Loves Raymond: The Complete Sixth Season

Best Price: $29.99 @ Best Buy

The Features:

� 24 episodes on five discs

� Commentary on 6 episodes by Ray Romano, creator Phil Rosenthal, Doris Roberts, and writers Tucker Cawley, Mike Royce, Lew Schneider, and Steve Skrovan

� Bloopers and deleted scenes from the series

� The First Six Years retrospective

Rescue Me: The Complete Second Season

Best Price: $29.99 @ Best Buy

The Features:

� Includes all 13 episodes on 4 discs

� Blooper reel

� 35 deleted and extended scenes

� The Second Season

� Filming in New York City

� The Kitchen

� Working with the Cast

� Diane Farr Talks to the Real NYFD

� Exclusive sneak peek at the third season

Scrubs: The Complete Third Season

Best Price: $27.99 @ Best Buy

The Features:

� 22 episodes on 3 discs

� Commentary by Writer Mark Stegemann and Donald Faison (on "His Story II")

� Commentary by creator Randall Winston with Donald Faison and Judy Reyes (on "My Self Examination")

� Scrubbed out: Deleted scenes

� Alternate lines: A second opinion

� Gag reel

� One on one with "The Todd"

� Scrubs Factor: How far will the cast & crew go on a dare?

� What up dawg?

� Is there a doctor in the house?

� Robert Keeps Talking

� Don't Try This At Home

� Twist And Shoot

� Long-Term Residents: Behind season 3's unforgettable guest star appearances

� The New Elliot: Watch her character go from pushover to knockout

Northern Exposure: The Complete First And Second Seasons

Best Price: $39.31 @

The Features:

� Over an Hour of Deleted Scenes

� Outrageous Footage from the "Soapy Sanderson" Episode

� "Sex, Lies and Ed's Tapes" Extended Footage

Sgt. Bilko: The Phil Silvers Show (50th Anniversary Edition)

The Features:

� 18 remastered black-and-white episodes from 1955-1959

� Commentary by Dick Van Dyke, George Kennedy, Allan Melvin (Cpl. Henshaw), Larry Storch, and Mickey Freeman (Pvt. Zimmerman)

� Lost audition show

� Original opening titles

� Nick@Nite promo taping for the movie with Dan Aykroyd and Phil Hartman

� Phil Hartman Nick@Nite episode intros

� Tony Randall and Jack Klugman remember Sgt. Bilko on TV Land

� Special guest appearances by Phil Silvers on The Ed Sullivan Show and The Dick Cavett Show, and by the cast on Phil Silvers on Broadway

� Emmy Award highlights

� Allan Melvin (Cpl. Henshaw) episode introductions

� The Bilko Growl (audio only)

� Friars stag roast for Humphrey Bogart (audio only)

Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist: Season 1

Best Price: $12.99 @ Best Buy

The Features:

� Commentary by Dave Attell, H. Jon Benjamin, Jonathan Katz, Ray Romano, and Tom Snyder

� The Biography of Dr. Katz

� "Short Attention Span Theater" shorts

� "Shrink Wrapped": an original Squigglevision short

400 Blows (Criterion Collection)


Francois Truffaut's first and most personal feature film, told from the perspective of the director's lifelong cinematic counterpart, Antoine Doinel. Sensitively recreating the trials of Truffaut's own childhood, The 400 Blows unsentimentally portrays aloof parents, oppressive teachers, petty crime, and a friendship that would last a lifetime.

Best Price: $19.99 @ Circuit City

The Features:

� New Digital Transfers of The 400 Blows and Antoine and Colette

� New and improved English subtitle translation

� Two commentaries: one by cinema professor Brian Stonehill and another by Fran�ois Truffaut's lifelong friend Robert Lachenay

� Rare audition footage of Jean-Pierre L�aud, Patrick Auffay, and Richard Kanayan

� Newsreel footage of L�aud in Cannes for the show of The 400 Blows

� Excerpt from a French TV program with Truffaut discussing his youth, critical writings, and the origins of Antoine Doinel

� Television interview with Truffaut about the global financial reception of The 400 Blows

� Theatrical Trailer



Set in 1944, as Hitler�s Final Solution becomes policy throughout Europe, Fateless is the semi-autobiographical tale of a 14 year-old Jewish boy from Budapest, who finds himself swept up by cataclysmic events beyond his comprehension.

A perfectly normal metropolitan teen that has never felt particularly connected to his religion, he is suddenly separated from his family as part of the rushed and random deportation of his city�s large Jewish population. Brought to a concentration camp, his existence becomes a surreal adventure in adversity and adaptation, and he is never quite sure if he is the victim of his captors, or of an absurd destiny that metes out salvation and suffering arbitrarily. When he returns home after the liberation, he missed the sense of community he experienced in the camps; feeling alienated from both his Christian neighbors who turned a blind eye to his fate, and the Jewish family friends who avoided deportation and who now want to put the war behind them.

Best Price: $20.26 @

The Features:

� The Making of Fateless

� An Interview with Nobel Prize Winning Author Imre Kert�sz

� Theatrical Trailer

� Trailer Gallery

On the Outs


On The Outs is a gritty drama about three young girls from the same neighborhood whose lives intersect briefly in prison, giving us a powerful look at a little-seen slice of America. The film is based on the lives of real girls from the streets and juvenile jail who lent their voices to the filmmakers and exposed shocking truths about the struggle of kids everywhere who live on the fringes, on the outs with society.

Best Price: $13.37 @

The Features:

� Creators' commentary

� Making of

� On Location with Punky Pagan, Consultant and Actor

� Interview with Cookie, one of the real girls from the streets

� Rapping with Don Parma

� Sneak preview of upcoming documentary Autumn's Eyes

� Trailer

Waterland (Special Edition)


Academy Award winner Jeremy Irons delivers a brilliant performance in this powerful and provocative story as history teacher Tom Crick, who inspires his students to embrace the past and discover the marvels and mysteries of life. Through a series of extraordinary stories, he takes them on an unforgettable journey into the past that changes their lives forever. However, one student (Ethan Hawke) proves to be more of a challenge, leading to revelations in which the past's haunting grip on the teacher's life threatens to consume all around him.

Best Price: $13.30 @

The Features:

� Commentary with Director Stephen Gyllenhaal

� Interview with Composer Carter Burwell

Other Releases

American Heroes Collection (The Bridges At Toko-Ri/Hell Is For Heroes/In Harm's Way)

The Andy Griffith Show: The Complete Sixth Season

Battle in Heaven

The Best Of Boris And Natasha, Vol. 1

The Best Of Rocky And Bullwinkle, Vol. 1

Cheech & Chong's Nice Dreams

The Best Of Chris Isaak

Cinderella Man [HD DVD]

Dingle, Barry (Unrated)


The Facts Of Life: The Complete First & Second Seasons

The Golden Girls: The Complete Fifth Season

Grave Digger: 25 To Live

Haddad Sarit: Celebration

Hatley High

If Only

Jarhead [HD DVD]

Laura Mckenzie's Da Vinci Code Tour

Life Goes On: The Complete First Season

Lowriding In Aztlan

The Mudge Boy


Smokin' Joe Kubek & Bnois King: My Heart's in Texas

New Order: New Order Story

The New World

Nighthawks (Unrated)

Pittsburgh Pirates: The 1979 World Series


Puff Puff Pass

Puff Puff Pass/Cheech & Chong's Nice Dreams

The Revolution

Robin's Hood

Rumor Has It...

Rumor Has It... [HD DVD]


Surrender Dorothy

That '70s Show: Season 4

Tracy Morgan: Life, Love And Lust

Training Day [HD DVD]

Voyage Of Discovery

Notable Horror & Sci-Fi Releases

Masters of Horror: Chocolate


Jamie is a depressed young divorced man who creates artificial flavorings until the day his life is hijacked by a series of random sensory flashes. Psychically linked to an unknown beautiful woman. Jamie suddenly begins to experience all the pain, passion and forbidden pleasures of her existence. But when a murderous vision rips his obsession wide open, Jamie is driven to track down and confess his love to this mystery mate. Will psychosexual hunger lead to the girl of his dreams or does the ultimate horror await the lonely man who tastes someone else's chocolate?

Best Price: $9.98 @

The Features:

� Commentary with Mick Garris

� The Sweet Taste of Fear: An Interview with Mick Garris

� Working With a Master: Mick Garris

� On Set: An Interview with Henry Thomas

� On Set: An Interview with Lucie Laurier

� Behind-the-Scenes

� Fantasy Film Festival: Mick Garris Interviews Roger Corman

� Trailers

� Still Gallery

� DVD-ROM: Screenplay

� DVD-ROM: Original Short Story

� DVD-ROM: Screen Saver

Masters Of Horror: Incident On And Off A Mountain Road


"You've always got to expect the unexpected...and do the unexpected."

It's the chilling advice a young woman thinks about late one night on a lonely stretch of mountain road. The warning, from her survivalist ex-husband, becomes all too real when a car accident leaves her alone, hurt and hunted by a backwoods maniac called "Moonface." She's learned how to live. She's been trained hot to kill. But when trapped in a monster's killing ground, will she know ho to survive the most horrific confrontation of all?

Best Price: $11.99 @ Best Buy

The Features:

� Commentary with Don Coscarelli and Writer Stephen Romano

� Commentary with Don Coscarelli and Author Joe R. Lansdale

� Predators and Prey: An Interview with Don Coscarelli

� Working With a Master: Don Coscarelli

� On Set: An Interview with John De Santis

� On Set: An Interview with Ethan Embry

� Behind-the-Scenes

� Trailers

� Still Gallery

� DVD-ROM: Screenplay

� DVD-ROM: Screen Saver

Other Horror & Sci-Fi Releases

Fright Club

Masters Of Horror: Incident On And Off A Mountain Road/Chocolate

She'll Follow You Anywhere



Anime Releases

Animation Runner Kuromi 2

Banner Of The Stars: Anime Legends Complete Collection

Gankutsuou: The Count Of Monte Cristo - Chapter 4

G Gundam: Anime Legends Complete Collection 1

Michel: Beware The Black Hammers! - Volume 1

My-HiME: Volume 2

Saber Marionette J To X: Anime Legends Complete Collection

UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie: Volume 2

Best Buy Weekly Deals

3 for $20:

The Aviator (2-Disc)

Dukes of Hazzard (Unrated)

Forrest Gump (Collector's Edition)

The Italian Job (2003 Collector�s Edition)

Mean Girls (Collector�s Edition)

Star Trek: First Contact (Collector�s Edition)

Batman Begins

Big Momma�s House

Black Hawk Down

Charlie & The Chocolate Factory

House of 1000 Corpses

How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days

Monster In Law

My Best Friend�s Wedding

The Notebook

Ocean�s Twelve

The Phantom of The Opera (2005)

Planes, Trains & Automobiles

The Punisher (2004)

Action Double Feature: Showdown In Little Tokyo/Bloodsport

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

Comedy Double Feature: Spies Like Us/Nothing But Trouble

Super Troopers

Superman: The Movie

Superman II

Action Double Feature: Tequila Sunrise/Conspiracy Theory

Ultimate Avengers: The Movie

We Were Soldiers

Circuit City Weekly Deals


The American President

The Bodyguard

A Cinderella Story

Message In A Bottle

Must Love Dogs

The Phantom of The Opera (2005)

Sweet November

You�ve Got Mail


Big Momma�s House (Special Edition)

The Bourne Identity (Extended Edition)

Cruel Intentions (Collector's Edition)

Dirty Dancing (Ultimate Edition)

Mean Girls (Collector's Edition)

School of Rock (Collector's Edition)

Starship Troopers (Special Edition)

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (Collector's Edition)

The Banger Sisters


Coming To America



The First Wives Club

The Gift


League of Extraordinary Gentlemen


Legend Of The Red Dragon

The Long Kiss Goodnight

The Machinist

Major League

Martin Lawrence Live: Runteldat

The Object Of My Affection

The Queens of Comedy

Save The Last Dance

Sleepy Hollow (1999)

Snatch (Red cover)



Dukes of Hazzard (Unrated)

Pirates of the Caribbean (2-Disc Collector's Edition)

Batman Begins

Charlie & The Chocolate Factory


Fantastic 4

Monster In Law


9 to 5 (Sexist, Egotistical, Lying Hypocritical Bigot Edition)

Airplane (Don�t Call Me Shirley Edition)

Breakfast At Tiffany�s (Anniversary Edition)

Dumb & Dumber (Unrated)

Event Horizon (Collector�s Edition)

Gone With The Wind (2-Disc)

The Gospel (Special Edition)

The High and The Mighty (2-Disc Collector's Edition)

Jaws (30th Anniversary Edition)

Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back (2-Disc)

Layer Cake (Special Edition)

The Longest Yard (2005 Collector's Edition)

Miracle (2-Disc)

Mission: Impossible (Collector's Edition)

Sling Blade (2-Disc)

Team America: World Police (Unrated)

Tommy Boy (Holy Schnike Edition)

Unbreakable (2-Disc)

Apocalypse Now: Redux

Cheech & Chong�s Greatest Hits Pack

Coach Carter

Final Destination Scared 2 Death Pack (Final Destination/Final Destination 2)

George Lopez: Why You Crying?

House of Wax (2005)

O Brother, Where Art Thou?


Spongebob Squarepants: The Movie

Under The Tuscan Sun


Wayne's World 1 & 2: The Complete Epic


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