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Baby Doll shoot interview
Posted by Brandon Truitt on Oct 21, 2002, 19:00

While last night's PPV was, by all accounts, MUCH better than it really had any right to be, there's still a few things that stuck out in a negative way.

Having a match between Trish and Victoria for the sole purpose of having Trish defend against SOMEONE before Jazz comes back was bad. Victoria has potential but hasn't had a character at all. She's just been thrown out there with a tiny bit of storyline and we've had to fill in the rest.

Having a throwaway Dawn Marie vs. Torrie Wilson match for the sole purpose of putting more TnA into the product was worse. Neither is a good wrestler, so there's no point to them having a real match instead of a bra and panties match.

HHH-Kane was fucking pathetic and it wasn't KANE's fault in my opinion. The HHH-Kane match is enough to prove that the McMahons have lost their goddamn minds, especially when contrasted with the Lesnar-Taker match at the end of the night. The finish proved without a doubt that the Pedigree > sledgehammer > title belt > Flair-ference > ref bump when it comes to ending a match.

The sad thing is that they're still pretending as if the McMahon Masturbatory Title (aka RAW title, Big Gold Belt, Intercontinental US Hardcore European Western States Heritage belt) is a more prestigious title than the Intercontinental title was or the Smackdown title (the REAL WWE title) is.

Unless someone convinces Vince and Steph that HHH is costing them MILLIONS, those of us who are actually watching RAW will suffer for months.

*EDIT* Oh... my... God... They've just hit a new low. HHH screwing a corpse is SO far beyond the bounds of good taste that TNN will probably threaten cancellation of RAW.
*end EDIT*

Baby Doll Shoot Interview

This would have been the shoot with Dr. Death Steve Williams or Nikita Koloff instead, but I misplaced those tapes when it came time to start.

The tape opens with footage of Dusty Rhodes vs. the Midnight Express (Bobby Eaton and Dennis Condrey) and Jim Cornette, with Baby Doll at ringside. Eventually, Eaton holds back Baby Doll while Cornette and Condrey beat on Dusty. Eventually, the entire face locker room clears out to save the bookerman.

The next sequence is a Dusty vs. Ric Flair match in which Baby Doll turns heel by putting Flair's leg on the ropes when Dusty's about to get the three count. Flair cuts a post-match promo about how he knew eventually that Baby Doll would return home to the Four Horsemen.

How did she get started? Her parents were wrestlers in the 50's, and her mother used to work the same circuit as Mae Young and Fabulous Moolah. They used to promote in Lubbock, Texas, so she grew up learning how to do promotions, set up rings, do sound intros, etc. She talks about how she started using "Do You Think I'm Sexy" by Rod Stewart for Gino Hernandez's ring intro. She started doing track because Kerry Von Erich had been a highly decorated discus thrower, and ended up winning the women's state title in it.

She talks about how she used to have a BIG crush on Gino Hernandez, and when she overheard that World Class needed to get a valet for him, she called up World Class and asked for the job. They sat her down in the dressing room that night and went over the finish, when it finally dawned on her "THAT's how they do this...". Eventually, she was working shows in Florida on a World Class tour and was told that she was about to be released, so she went to Freebird (and current WWE road agent) Michael Hayes about getting Dusty to find something for her to do. It ended up with her being Tully Blanchard's "Perfect 10" Baby Doll. In her first year in the business, she only had 15 days off. She talks about driving and flying all over Virginia, Georgia, and the Carolinas which sounds hard but NOWHERE near as bad as being in Mid-South or the mid-80's WWF. It was all a lot of fun, though.

Did she always see herself getting into the business? Yes, ever since she was a little girl. At the time when she got into the business, there were few 6-foot women so she was considered a monster. She talks about how her parents knew the dangers of the business and were scared of her messing up, and about how if she thought about it she could probably name 25 guys she's travelled with over the years who are dead now, but that she was lucky enough to get out when she did and not get too messed up along the way. (OK, if she had NEVER been in World Class, would she be able to name about 10 guys she travelled with who died?)

Who trained her in Texas? Jake "The Snake" Roberts, who was her one-time brother-in-law. Jake taught her how to work in the ring, but Gino helped her on some other stuff.

What was Gino Hernandez like? Even though she had a big crush on him and was about 21, he had an 18 year old girlfriend in high school that he was engaged to. Gino gambled, did drugs, etc. and ended up paying for it.

The Von Erichs- Kerry was the first one she met and, when they came to Lubbock before she got into the business, she said they "were like Greek gods." When they came in town, the territory made a lot of money. Unfortunately, the Von Erichs self-destructed and killed Dallas as a territory in the process. Her dad was even living in the trailer park in Canada when one of the Von Erichs got electrocuted and died. David Von Erich's death REALLY sent them into a spiral of greed and destruction, as management had people forging David's signature on photos after he died in pursuit of a quick buck.

Fritz Von Erich- As a boss, he was negative towards girls in the business. He didn't like how she'd always chew gum on camera, but Jake insisted she keep doing it because it would annoy the piss out of the fans.

Jimmy Garvin- He'd already come and gone from the territory, but Sunshine was first brought in during a program with him, which brought women's wrestling to World Class.

How was the atmosphere at the Cotton Bowl when they wrestled- One of the favorite mental pictures she has in the business was when David Manning of the World Class office told a cop to guard her at the show, and the cop had the strangest expression on his face because she was about 6 feet tall with spiked hair and wearing leopard-prints and leather and looked MORE than capable of taking care of herself. She talks about how Sunshine came in from a helicopter to wrestle her. The Great American Bash stadium shows she had were better, though.

Was it hard to have a relationship? Not really. She'd had a boyfriend before entering the business but broke up with him. She said that she didn't have problems with people coming up to her in bars because she'd come in with the guys. The guys looking at her figured she was either screwing all the guys she came in with, that one of the guys would kick their ass if they got too close to her, or that she wouldn't want to talk to them anyway.

She and Sam Houston started dating because everyone in Mid Atlantic had two-seater cars and, when she lost the "30 days with Dusty" stipulation, she started riding with Sam because Dusty and Magnum TA always rode together. They dated for a long time before anyone knew, and got married about a year after they first started dating. The office didn't like it because they wanted the "Marilyn Monroe mystique" of having their one woman being single, but she knew that Monroe had been married about three times so that it was based on bullshit. She and Sam ended up in the Kansas City territory shortly after they got married because the office was laying down the law on her being single.

Sunshine- Real sweet. Good facial expressions for working.

Was anyone stiff with her? No, because everyone already knew her and her father.

Working in Florida? She was only there when World Class did some shows in Tallahassee, etc.

Why did she leave World Class? Sunshine was going to take her place in the company because they'd had more success with Sunshine than her.

The Four Horsemen- JJ Dillon liked the angle so much that he replaced her as the manager of the group. Her easiest payday ever was one night when JJ insisted she go home after taking the guy's robes at ringside. She got $3000 for that night, but didn't get much work after that. She figured the angle would get as big as it did because of the fan reactions in certain cities like Baltimore and Philadelphia.

Lonely on the road with few other ladies on the road? She wasn't really lonely because they were always busy and she was always friends with the guys.

Tully Blanchard- He had an interesting sense of humor. When they'd be driving down the road, he'd randomly say stuff like "I've done a girl on that picnic table" or "doesn't that pizza place look just like a butt?". She likes him a lot because he and Dusty made her a star. She only had to "enable" Tully to do illegal stuff in the ring, which was smart because it got some heat on her but also got as much on Tully because he was the one to actually do it. He, along with the other guys, always looked out for her. They'd known each other since she was about 14. The name Baby Doll came from a strip club in San Antonio. She'd been driving the guys around ever since she'd gotten her license back when she was in Lubbock. Tully may have partied a lot, but he ALWAYS worked hard in the ring.

Did she ever get injured? Yes, Cornette cracked three of her front teeth at the Great American Bash in 1986 when he accidently elbowed her in the face. This leads into a story of her nightmare wedding.

Sam's family and her family were all flown into Texas. Then someone runs into her car, she had to finish getting her teeth fixed, Sam's grandfather died in the hotel the day before the wedding, Sam's grandmother freaked out and they had to find her afterwards, they had to pay to fly Sam's grandfather home, etc. It was not a set of good omens for the marriage. IMHO, the only way that could have been MORE like a wrestling wedding would be if someone walked in during the objections phase of the wedding and produced a tape of a dead-drunk Baby Doll being married at a drive-thru chapel.

Dusty and Tully- "Dusty could just lay there and Tully could make the match look good." I find THAT funny because it probably heppened a LOT more than they want to admit. Her part in all of this was to sell the beating that Dusty was putting on Tully by getting upset and crying.

How did the boys feel about Dusty as a booker? Someone's always going to be jealous of the guys in power. Since Dusty knew how to do everything within in his power to make things just like he wanted it, it pissed off some guys. She didn't care, though, because Dusty gave her the spot she had and she always made money.

Memories of the Tully-Magnum feud- "Magnum was a very good kisser. I knew he was going to kiss me... I just didn't know he was going to kiss me like THAT." She talks about how stiff Tully and Magnum were with each other and that the crowd believed that they hated each other tremendously.

The "I Quit" cage match- "I remember I couldn't get the chair over the cage the first time." It was a rough match because Magnum and Tully cut each other open instead of blading themselves. She was nervous, though, because if a fan tried to get at her she couldn't get into the ring. She talks about how one time she got jumped by a fan was when she was with Dusty. They'd jumped the rail and climbed on her back and, while she was getting them off, they ripped her new dress. She thought it was a guy but it turned out to be a girl with REALLY short hair. Another night, when Dusty was leading her around by a bullrope around her neck and someone grabbed her hair. She almost hit the person doing it until she saw it was a pregnant woman. In order to avoid problems at hotels, she'd check in under an alias and would tend to stay on the same floor as one of the guys, but she still had all her jewlery stolen once in Baltimore.

Magnum TA- "He was a sweetie... it was so sad what happened to him." She figures he would have been the next big thing in the business if he hadn't wrapped his Porsche around a tree. Morale in the locker room was horrible after that. She thinks people started drinking harder in a salute to him rather than drinking less to avoid doing the same thing he did.

Drugs in wrestling- They're everywhere. She's worked in the restauraunt business and other places and it's always bad, but it gets worse when people have a lot of money to blow. She never did coke or heroin, but there was a lot around. She even went to Hershey, Pennsylvania one night with Sam and guys were getting draws (advances on their checks) in order to buy stuff off of Dr. Zahorian that night. (For those who don't know, Zahorian was at the guy at the center of the Vince McMahon steroid trial because he provided a LOT of drugs to wrestlers.) She talks about how she avoided a lot of that stuff because she had an addictive personality and that she wouldn't be able to kick the habit if she got started. She also ALWAYS drove because the guys drank so hard that she didn't want to get into a crash.

Dusty and Jim Crockett vs. Fritz as bosses- Fritz had more talent to work with between his kids, Chris Adams, Gino, Jake, King Kong Bundy, and the other guys who'd been through the territory. Dusty did a better job of handling the talent he had, though, considering he had no-talents like Jimmy Valiant on the undercard. Dusty always put himself on top which she claims was a good thing, as he always drew money. I debate that because they probably sacrificed several potential draws to keep Dusty over... ESPECIALLY towards the end of his Mid-Atlantic run in about 1987 and 1988.

The run-in she did as a security guard during the Magnum and Tully feud- WCW security chief Doug Dillinger got her a policemen's uniform to do the run-in. Unfortunately, she had to go around on a Sunday to find a roll of quarters to slug Magnum with.

The vignette where she ran off from Dusty on a horse- Dusty didn't want to do the whole 30 days, so they had her clean the stables at a barn and escaping on horseback.

Promos with Cornette- He was brutal to her on the mic and would crack on her weight despite the ample load he was carrying himself. He gave you a lot to work with on interviews, though. She complains about the stiffness of a few tennis racket shots, but says that the angle got over so it all worked out.

She preferred to be a heel because it was "too phony to be nice all the time."

Turning on Dusty- That night has been immortalized on a website... "The harlot from Charlotte." She put Flair's foot on the ropes when Dusty had the match won, and the crowd went into shock because they weren't expecting it. She was out of the territory shortly thereafter, though.

Her biggest check was $17,000 for 17 Great American Bash shows. "I couldn't spend as much money as I made." She made $3000 just bringing the robes back from the ring one night and $4500 for working Starrcade. "I know women in the business complain about abuse and mistreatment, but I think they're bringing it on themselves." The only time that she felt bad was when Flair knocked on her door while he was buck naked. The funny thing was that Buddy Landell "the Nature Boy wannabe" tried to do the same thing that night, but the cops had just walked into the hall after receiving calles about Flair.

The big rib on Arn Anderson in Charlotte- When he just started in the business and was nervous, someone pulled a rib on him that was pretty bad. They sent some cops in asking for Marty Lunde (Arn's real name) and saying that they had to talk to him about something he did in Florida. Arn's response to that was "Uh... I didn't know she was 17...", and they pulled him aside. He started spilling his guts and the cops cuffed him. The next thing everyone heard was "DAMN YOU FLAIR, I'LL GET YOU SO HELP ME!" because someone let Arn in on what happened. Arn and Flair were inseparable after that, though.

Arn Anderson outside the ring- "He and Tully were like brothers. Arn's a good guy." She puts over him being a family man and says "He's one of those guys where everyone asks 'Why is this guy in the business?'" because he's too wholesome.

Ric Flair outside the ring- She'd known him since she was 9. One of her early memories was picking him up at the airport and letting him in on the fact that he was committing a fashion faux pas. He thanked her for that and explained that he'd been on the road for a month and that's all he had left, but that no one had said anything about it to him before. "He lived the lifestyle" and if his wife was gone, he'd be livin' it up. He would always want to drink more than everyone else and spend more money than everyone else. His wife accepted what he did because she knew what he was like before he married her. "Beth [Flair] has always been nice to me and cordial." She wonders how she puts up with it.

Did they keep up with the WWF at that time? Some of the guys would. She'd just keep Wrestling Observer issues lying around as cheat sheets. She's a big mark for the business even now and has rescheduled her work in order to not miss the shows.

Miss Elizabeth's character- She only met her twice. She was the average quiet, timid wrestler's wife. There wasn't a lot of storyline to her, as she was just there. She made good money out of it, though.

If she could have booked herself back in the 80's- Wouldn't have fired herself over getting married. She would have marketed herself better, better quality merchandise, etc.

Any jealousy between her and Sam? Only when she was doing the angle with Larry Zbysko while Sam was in a lower-card feud with evil referee-turned-wrestler Dangerous Danny Davis, and that was because she was making more money than him.

Coming back around that time- She'd been living in Baton Rouge, LA, where Sam's mother lived and had gotten herself into shape. WCW was in New Orleans around that time, so she went down just to hang out. She mantioned something to Dusty about coming back. A few weeks later, Larry Zbysko came in and they paired the two of them off. While she was already making more than Sam as a valet in WCW, she was also making a clothing line at about the same time and it was REALLY making Sam feel like less of a man since she was outearning him.

The infamous envelope full of pictures angle- The photos were going to be pictures of Dusty, released one by one, that would reveal that she'd caught him with a black girl or something like that.

Dark Journey- Very nice. A little flaky, though. She talks about how many of the girls in the business were ex-strippers. Journey got into the more dangerous drugs (Missy Hyatt has bluntly called her something like a "crack whore" in her interview).

Was she ever contacted about jumping to the WWF? No, because they had Elizabeth and Vince McMahon didn't like her look. (He preferred models to more "butch" girls like her) They took her sister Robin over her (If I'm right, this is Rockin' Robin and she's Doll's sister-in-law, not sister). She was so much bigger than the other women in the federation that it wasn't going to work out if she came in.

She talks about working for the original Sheik, Sabu's uncle, and her family buying a boa constrictor that she took care of so that Sheik could have a snake for matches in the territory. She claims that Jake got the "Jake the Snake" idea because Sheik had described "working with some girl down in Lubbock who had a snake", which was her. She also has another story about how people were chanting "Aurelian" at Jake one night. She wondered what the hell was going on, and Jake told her that it was his real name and that he'd gone to high school with those guys.

Jake the Snake- They were buddies. He helped her get started. She mentiones something about how he'd stolen silverware from a restauraunt one night because he didn't realize that if you had take-out, they'd give you plastic silverware. "The drugs have really taken over on him", which happens if you keep messing around with stuff like that long enough. She slams him for not taking care of his kids though.

Pressure to stay in shape? JJ Dillon made a few comments once when she was gaining weight, but for the most part was left alone about it.

Pairing her and Sam together on TV? They worked together a little bit on Dallas TV, but she was better as a heel and he was better as a face.

Women in the business today? She tries to be nice, but says that women wrestlers today tend to be "a pair of boobs walking down to the ring." She's proud that she can show her entire collection of promos and matches she's done to her kids and not be embarassed over anything.

Any recommendations for people getting into the business today? Get your money and get out. Be ready to do something else for a living once you're done. It was hard for the first 5 years until people started forgetting about her.

Favorite road memories- Just being a part of the business. She got to go to 46 of 50 states, paid for by promoters, etc.

Flair as a wrestler today- She says he can wrestle as long as he wants to. While he's wrestling in his 50's now, he's still looking good in the ring (This appears to be in 2000, so she probably hasn't seen him hit rock bottom, workrate wise).

Downfall of Jim Crockett Promotions- "They got rid of me..." Seriously though, she isn't sure what happened. It could have been a lack of talent coming in since a LOT of people had left and no one was really coming in.

Barry Windham- "He got off lucky since his brother and his daddy went to jail." Wasn't around him much, though. so she doesn't have a lot to say. Very business-like and straightforward.

Rock and Roll Express- "They lived the lifestyle", as they were in Louisiana for a long time and had, as I guess Eddie Murphy would put it, "pussy falling out of their pockets." They never slighted their fans, though. They'd always shake hands, put arms around people, etc. no matter what was going on in their lives.

Bobby Eaton and Dennis Condrey- She didn't know Dennis well. Bobby was soft-spoken and like a little brother to her. He was always light with her and would take good bumps for her.

Current direction of wrestling, such as David Arquette: WCW Champion- She said that unexpected things are part of what makes the business great, but that Arquette throwing the belt down was bad.

ECW- She doesn't see how the guys take bumps like that on a regular basis. She thinks that the guys who take bumps like that will be like the Valentine Brothers, one of which came through Texas while she was there and was walking with a cane. "I hope it's all worth it for them."

Phone calls-

Working relationship with Cornette- Hard working with him because of his big mouth, but was fun to work with him because of the interviews. He was the best manager because he always had a comeback line, a handle on gimmicks, and had a lot of heat. She also mentiones punching him in the back of the head once in North Carolina when they were working up to the Bash tour, where they were going to feud. She knew it was good when Big Bubba (Big Bossman) came up to her and said that it looked like a good shot.

Working with the Von Erichs- Greek gods when working in Texas. It was very sad because Fritz pushed them too hard at an early age and the combination of recreational drugs and steroids took their toll.

Gino Hernandez's death- It was hard on her because he'd been dead for a while before they found him. She mentioned that he had a lot of shady dealings with the possible mob scene, so that it was possible that he was killed over it. (She mentioned that Jeanne Clark, who later married both Chris Adams and Steve Austin, had been dating Gino and had said something about shady people possibly having him killed.)

Why'd she go to Mid-Atlantic? World Class had given her notice, so when she was in Florida she talked to Dusty and they brought her in to the territory.

Will she get back in the business? Possibly. It depends on what the situation is.

Why'd she marry Sam Houston? "I don't know... I ask myself that sometimes." They were married for about 6 years, and had 2 girls.

Wrestling in the 80's vs. now? "It's two totally different shows." If you did an 80's show today, it wouldn't sell. She doesn't think that they would have done some of today's angles back then.

Favorite arena? There's a few... the old Charlotte Coliseum, The Omni, and the Civic Center in Philadelphia.

Working with Tully? It was a dream come true.

Are you completely out of the business? She'd like to get back in, but if the opportunity arose she might come back.

Closing comments? "The time that I had was like a dream come true." She likes that what she did was a good product. She's proud of what she did. She likes how it started out with her selling tickets to shows and now people have bought tickets to see her. She wishes it had lasted longer but fears that it could have ended badly if she hadn't gotten out when she did.


Gino Hernandez, Jake the Snake Roberts, and Chris Adams (with Gary Hart and Andrea the Giant (Baby Doll)) vs. Kerry, Mike, and Kevin Von Erich- The first is a World Class match from a Cotton Bowl show. It's heavily clipped down to just before the finish, but it's still a fun match. Chris Adams superkicked Kerry while he was attempting to suplex Jake, which results in Jake getting a pin for the belts.

There is an interview in the heels' locker room after the match with Chris Adams talking about how he's glad he turned heel on the Von Erichs because he's won gold and that Ric Flair's world title is next.

The third match is a mixed tag match with Gino and Baby Doll against Mike Von Erich and Stella Mae French. Stella Mae is an older lady, but not quite Mae Young, and is supposed to be Sunshine's aunt. The crowd starts chanting for Sunshine, who arrives by helicopter and comes to ringside. This match is clipped, but not anything particularly great to begin with due to the abundance of stalling. A lot of the standard crappy women's wrestling that we can get today with Torrie vs. Dawn Marie, but at least this has FAR more heat. Stella gets the pin on Baby Doll for the win.

Dusty Rhodes cuts a promo in Mid-Atlantic about how he beat Tully for the TV title, but Tully and Wahoo McDaniel started beating on him during his post-match celebration. While they're beating on him, the cage containing Baby Doll is lowered "20,000 feet from the air" (Yes, he really DID say this) and they run Dusty's hamburger-like forehead across the cage. At this point, Flair comes out to save Dusty, which has got to be a RARE occurrence considering the amount of times Dusty's put himself over Flair.

The next segment is Dusty getting in Baby Doll's face, before Tully come in from behind and grabs him, allowing Baby Doll to slap the shit out of him. Sam Houston comes in for the save. Afterwards, Tully cuts a promo about how he wants the TV title back, and then Sam pulls Baby Doll offscreen and Dusty pulls Tully into the crowd and they have an impromptu brawl to end the show.

Sam Houston (with Dusty) vs. Tully (with Baby Doll)- Blah match with Tully dismantling Sam for the most part. Tully beats Sam, and leaves him lying.

Dusty fights his way into the heel locker room to get at Tully, but gets his ass kicked by the entire locker room, including Flair, Tully, and the Russians. The faces fight their way in to save Dusty. Massive schmoz to end the show.

Dusty has an interview with David Crockett in which he talks about wanting the TV title back, and Baby Doll comes in saying that Tully won't defend against him again. Abdullah the Butcher runs in to attack Dusty while he's distracted with Baby Doll. Magnum TA and several other faces run out to save Dusty from Abdullah. Tully then does his own interview with Crockett, about how he sent in Abdullah to do his dirty work.

Tully cuts another interview with David Crockett where he does the Million Dollar Man gimmick, talking about buying and selling people and how he doesn't like to "dirty his hands" in the ring.

Next is the Magnum interview in which Magnum plants a big kiss on Baby Doll, and looks to be giving her serious tongue. Afterwards, Tully jumps Magnum and they brawl, until the locker room runs out and there's a massive schmoz to end the show.

Tully cuts an interview the next week about what Magnum did, and yelling about how he's been screwed because Jim Crockett has made their upcoming match at Starrcade 85 into an "I Quit" match.

Next is the "I Quit" cage match for the US title, and it looks GREAT here. I'm used to shitty copies of copies. This is a CLASSIC match, and part of Mick Foley's inspiration to have the Royal Rumble 1999 match against Rock be an "I Quit" match. Lots of brawling, they hit each other with the microphone, they bust each other open, etc. It's going back and forth until Tully's got Magnum laid out and Baby Doll throws a wooden chair into the ring. He breaks it down into a spike and tries to jab it into Magnum's eye. Magnum overpowers him to escape, then grabs a large chunk of the chair and digs it into Tully's eye until he quits. GORY GREAT STUFF here.

Tully has an interview with David Crockett and calls him out over him putting Dusty and the faces over him, Flair, and the heels. Tully then challenges Dusty for the National Heavyweight Title and says he'll take it away from him like he did for the TV title. At this point, Tully asks where Baby Doll's been, and she says that JJ Dillon gave her tickets to Acapulco, but JJ says "You've got to dig up a better story then that." At that point, Tully starts yelling about how "you're MINE" and he and JJ lay the smack down until Dusty makes the save and helps Baby Doll off TV.

Jim Cornette, with Big Bubba, has an interview about how he's going to be facing Baby Doll at Great American Bash 86. Baby Doll comes in and Bubba's about to smack her around until an (ugh...) shirtless Dusty comes in to make the save. She punches Bobby Eaton pretty hard in the eye when he tries to come after her a few seconds later.

Cage match: Dusty, Magnum, and Baby Doll vs. the Midnight Express and Jim Cornette (with Big Bubba at ringside)- Baby Doll knocks out Cornette for the pin. I fast-forwarded through most of this because the image wasn't very good. Bubba beats on Dusty after the match as Cornette and the Midnights hold him down.

Dusty (with Baby Doll) vs. Flair for the World Heavyweight Title- Dusty pretty much squashes Flair, but Baby Doll keeps covertly helping Flair. First she helps him reach the ropes when Dusty has him in a figure four. Eventually, she puts Flair's leg on the ropes while Dusty's got him pinned. Eventually Baby Doll just waffles him with a chair, leading to a Horsemen beatdown of Dusty and Magnum TA leading a run-in of the face locker room for the save. God... you watch enough Dusty matches and you can tell the problems of the whole promotion at the time.... the same non-finishes and angles over and over and over, always ending each week's show.

The last vignette is of Baby Doll shoveling horse shit at a stable as a part of the "30 days with Dusty" stipulation. They eventually let Baby Doll on a horse they've got out , and she rides around for awhile before she rides through a fence and off into the distance, escaping Dusty.

This is a perfectly good interview, as Baby Doll is very honest and isn't holding things back. Unfortunately, she only has a short time in the business, so it's very limited in some ways. I'll go for a rating of Recommended, but keep in mind that the only people who'll go for this are probably fans of the NWA in the mid-80's.

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