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Repost: Vampiro Shoot Interview (Highspots Video)
Posted by Brandon Truitt on Mar 3, 2004, 20:00

This article was originally posted on December 9, 2002.

I know it's a bit unusual for me to do a repost of an old shoot during the week, but this has been an unusual day and I think that many of our site's readers would find this interesting.

I'm a bit tired this week, as I watched my old high school play in the state football semifinals on Friday night. The 90 miles on the Interstate to get there was nothing, as I'd do FAR more than that on an average weekend in college, but those back roads when I got off the Interstate sure did suck. Here were the directions I got:

1. Get off at Exit 91B and take a right
2. Take a left at Bob's Adult Toy Outlet
3. Drive 5 miles, passing through Podunk.
4. Take a right when you come to Klan Local #6619
5. Drive 2 miles until you see a dirt road with no sign and take a left
6. Keep going until you pass the Tornado Junction trailer park (I think Jamie Noble and Nidia have a doublewide there) and take a left
7. Drive aimlessly for 10 minutes until you get lost
8. Find a sign that says "Welcome to Bumfuck... about 50 miles past civilization"
9. Go up another 5 miles, take a right, and look for the 15 busses and 3 fields full of cars.

The guys ended up losing, but they were still in the game late and it was further than we'd ever gotten in my playing days.

If you want to ask questions, talk, buy me stuff or whatever, drop me an e-mail at this address.

Vampiro Shoot Interview (June 2002)

This shoot opens with a video montage from a match in Mexico, as Vampiro enters the arena through the crowd a la Edge and Christian, wins the match with a spinebuster attempt reversed into a small package, and post-match celebration, all while a Rob Zombie-like track is played over it.

The video opens with a VERY different looking Vampiro, as he now has a crew cut and is wearing glasses, and looks a lot like Lance Storm.

How did he get into the business? After getting assured several times that NOTHING will be edited from the interview, he starts talking about how he was playing hockey in Canada and he was getting burnt out on it. Because of his size and athleticism, he was advancing quickly but wasn’t allowed to move up due to age classifications. He started getting into alternative music heavily around that time, as he was listening to The Clash and the Sex Pistols amongst others. He became rebellious, etc. He eventually started watching the AWA and saw the Road Warriors, and that was enough to get him hooked because they were a good mix of wrestling and rock and roll. He found out there was a company in Montreal called International Wrestling and went to one of their shows. He bugged everyone there to try and get into the business at that show, to the point where Abdullah the Butcher was about to stab him with a fork. Abdullah eventually said “Get him doing something around here AWAY from me before I fucking kill him”, so he started setting up the ring, selling programs, carrying jackets from the ring, and getting the piss kicked out of him for two years.

Moving from Canada to California- International Wrestling went under and there was no where in particular for him to go, since the WWF was still just regional at that time. When a film company came to Canada to film Eddie and the Cruisers II, he eventually became friends with an actor in the film and was asked to housesit for him in Los Angeles while he made a film in Italy. He watched the house for about 2 weeks, then the guy’s psycho girlfriend evicted him and he lived under a car on Hollywood Boulevard for 3 months. He makes inferences that “fucking sick people in LA” took advantage of him when he was in the rock and roll scene as a broke, homeless kid and that he had to learn fast to survive.

Eventually, he was working as a doorman in a nightclub called Rubber, which was owned by Mickey Rourke and Billy Idol. He was the head doorman at the club and many music people would go there because of who owned it, so that’s how he met Milli Vanilli before they first hit it big in the US. They were looking for a bodyguard and saw him, and decided to hire him. He then worked for them until the whole lip-synching scandal broke. Rumors that he was there for his look while someone else did the true bodyguard work are exaggerated, I’m sure. He traveled the world with them, learned a lot about the business, and met a lot of top people in show business. He says that he was living a lie with “the biggest people in the world” and that they were the top band in the world before the scandal broke. This appears to be whopper #1 of about 200 in this interview, and I’ll leave it at that.

When that fell through, he remembered some long-forgotten advice that told him Mexico was the place to go if he wanted to learn how to wrestle. He said that the “looking like a junkie” look was huge at that time due to bands like Guns ‘N Roses, and that rock had not been mixed with wrestling down there before, so it made it a big deal when he started working down there. The Vampiro gimmick started off as a joke but, “within two weeks it exploded into the biggest figure… comparable to Santo” and he says he has the documentation to back it up if anyone calls him on it.

How did he get over? While he didn’t speak Spanish, he had long blue and purple hair, tight pants, was really thin and really white, etc. It was all appearance and not necessarily substance. He says that the average Mexican fan before he came in was comparable to beer-drinking rednecks in the US, and that he was able to bring in a whole new crowd of teenage girls and “it was like a fuckin’ boy-band thing”. “It went from being all guys to 100% teenage girls. All the guys hated me and all the males in Mexico hated me.” He dated a few singers, actresses, etc. and the Mexican press made a huge deal about it. “I was wrestling like 30 times a week, sometimes 6 times a day. Promoters would charter a jet to bring me all over the country and there was no less than 28,000 people a show each day for like 8 years straight.” … I’m wonder what drugs this man was on while he was down there because this is the most unbelievable line of crap I have EVER heard come out of a wrestler’s mouth… and I’ve watched shoots with professional bullshitters like Jake Roberts, Shawn Michaels, Dusty Rhodes, and Abdullah the Butcher. Edit after watching more of the interview- Oh, that explains it… he was on EVERY drug while he was down there. He was testing more foreign substances than the FDA.

He comes back down to Earth a second later, as he makes a big point that the gimmick was what got him so over and “DEFINITELY not the wrestling ability”. In his own words, he had no idea what he did in the ring and that’s why he does such fucked-up stuff now. “I didn’t even know how to give a headlock for the first six years.” Once he outgrew the teeny-bopper stuff, “I realized I sucked”, took time off from the business, started learning every martial art there was, and all of the sudden he was holding his own in the ring and the girls started backing away from him. At that point, though the guys started liking him, but he got bored with the business and quit for a few years to be in a band.

His band- The band’s name was Vampiro and he started it so he “could get high and drunk and try to get with girls”. He had a blast, although he regrets it sometimes now because he wished he had more guidance back then. He was too young to have that much success “and it almost killed me” because he’d get injured but had to make all his shows, so he’d use speed, pain killers, and other stuff just to keep going. “I had like eight drug overdoses, and even one in the ring one time.” He then lists his daily regiment of drugs depending on what he had to do that day, such as getting shot up with synthetic morphine before a match and taking 20 halcyons afterwards or taking speed to wake up in the morning to do a radio interview. Sounds to me like it’s a surprise he didn’t get found on the toilet dead from a heart attack like The King.

Around that time, he pulled out of everything because he hated it and his life, but he ended up meeting his wife around that time and he started pulling his life back together.

His soap opera role- Despite rumors to the contrary, he and Konnan were not up for the same part. He says that he was taken to the station and shown the show that they wanted him on and his first response was “this fucking sucks”. They tried to talk him into it because it would open doors for him down the road, but he told them where to stick it and, to this day, has a lot of heat in Mexico because of it. He says that Konnan figured it would be a good idea and ended up doing one.

Konnan- “It’s weird because he wished me dead for like 10 years and I don’t think the Devil hated God more than he hated me.” He just avoided Konnan. He thinks it was Konnan’s entourage that fed that feud because both were very young and had a lot of money, so they ended up as big rivals. He claims that Konnan blocked him out from many places politically and it wasn’t until he entered WCW that they sat down for eight hours and hashed it out. He told him “We’re either going to kill each other now or let it die” and they’re now friends. He doesn’t agree with a lot of what he did, but he won’t knock him. “I’m a weird guy, but he’s a weird motherfucker.”

Did he have any friends in Mexico? Norman Smiley and Art Barr. Norman’s like his brother, but he couldn’t spend time around Art for the last three months he was alive due to the massive amount of drugs he was doing. “He was beyond help.” He doesn’t want to use the term junkie, but he was “a drug addict who couldn’t be helped.” He talks about all the places where he’s lived on the street and all the ugly shit he's seen, and that he could see Art was going to die. He was in Acapulco and had wrestled a match and, around midnight, got a beep and when he returned the call, he found out from Norman Smiley that Art had died. He could tell before Norman ever said anything that things were bad because he was crying and Norman never cried. He said that he took it upon himself to go in Art’s room and check for anything that didn’t need to be found in order to save his family the embarrassment of finding out something they didn’t need to hear. He read Art’s diary to make sure that it wouldn’t hurt anybody and it was sad that everyone claimed to be Art's friend and he’s the one who knows a lot of what really happened because of it. He doesn’t name names and doesn’t want to reveal what’s inside, but says that people have spread a lot of bullshit about themselves and Art.

Was he using drugs at that time? Yes. It wasn’t a wakeup call, though, as he started using more because of it. He goes off on a tangent about how people say wrestling’s a work and complains about how he wishes it was because he’d have a lot less broken bones as a result. He compares being a wrestler in Mexico to being a whore and the promoter being your pimp. They’ll do anything they need to just to put you in the ring, so they’ll drug you up, take the blood out of your knees, throw you in the ring, and do it again after the match. He says that he eventually had an OD where he had an out-of-body experience where he was told that, if he survived, he’d be given an angel to take care of and it turned out to be his wife. Once he met her, he cut out rock and roll, his friends, and drugs. Now his work is his obsession. And now, five years later, he’s very serious about what he does.

A lot of people would say that they wish they could be in his position… was the age the problem with it? Probably, because you get yourself into shit that you would know better than to do if you were older.

What’s the worst thing about being famous? “You lose your freedom. You become everything you were against when you began and it’s the most addictive drug ever and, when it’s done, you don’t even get a goodbye or a thank you.” No one’s ready for the power you get in that position and there’s no one there to guide you. He says that wrestling is the most evil thing, especially North American old-school indy wrestlers on the indy circuit “who fuckin’ from the Devil, and you can all go fuck yourselves, too. They’ll stab you in the back for a dime.” Many of them are drug dealers and addicts, especially over the past 15 years.

He says it’s different in Japan but, as another writer has already said, the most famous wrestler ever in Japan, Rikidozan, was killed in a Yakuza hit. Besides that, Antonio Inoki has been said to have deep Yakuza ties, which resulted in him being slapped around in front of everybody one day by a mafiosa and thanking him for it and, supposedly, the reason why we got Tiger Jeet Singh as a big name in the business. Let’s just say that Tiger Jeet and his equally talent-less son, Tiger Ali Singh, are leeches on the business and I hope that the court rules heavily against them in their upcoming lawsuit against the WWE.

He compares the dressing room to being in prison. He says politics are a bitch and that, in WCW, he was promised the World title, the US title, a huge push, and many other things he never got. He names plenty of reasons to hate the locker room, including “roid rages”, which I guess is a backhanded slap at the Big Bad Booty Daddy himself, Scott Steiner.

ECW- They were trying to bring him in and he wanted to go there. He has a phone bill for $340 of messages trying to get Paul Heyman and yells “Do you know how many messages it is for the bill to get that big Paul E?!?” He says that he wanted to just work the shows and that Heyman didn’t need to even pay his transit, but that nothing ever happened. Paul E called him and said “Vampiro?”, he said “Yes”, and Paul E said “Hold on, I’ll call you right back.” and didn’t hear from him again. He doesn’t know what happened. “I talked to his mom, his brother, his cousin, had a séance and talked to his dead brother’s cat, talked to all the ECW guys he ran into, and was told “Oh, yeah, he’s going to call.” Then, after one of his 20 firings in WCW, he called up Paul E. and said “I just got fired. I’m with the Insane Clown Posse. We’ll be there TOMORROW. You’ve got a PPV in two days.” Paul E’s response “I got you a plane ticket.” His response “… Paul, I’m just calling you now, you don’t have SHIT. I’ve got a family and just want to know a figure. It could be $10 or $100 million.” Paul E. said “I’ll call you right back.” and he never got him on the phone again. (Sidenote- I guess this explains the story that Paul E. let Raven and Stevie Richards tell about how the Insane Clown Posse were supposed to be their opponents but, instead, they got two jobbers to face them.) He would have come in for free but, apparently, that wouldn’t have been a choice because Paul E’s checks always bounced anyway.

He puts over Bob Barnett, his agent, and says that he watches his back. What does piss him off is that there are stories about him that he hasn’t had a chance to dispute and that the ECW one is one of them. As far as he’s concerned, he did everything he needed to and that Paul E. just didn’t want him there.

He says a lot of promoters don’t like people “so in control of their character”, and that Vince Russo tried to fuck it up by making him a horror-movie monster instead of a punk rocker. He also said that he met with WWF officials in 1990 when Kamala sent him there. George “The Animal” Steele asked him what he did and he explained his whole gimmick, then was dismissed with “You’re too skinny, too green, and this undertaker vampire thing and coffins stuff is bullshit. It’s a bush-league gimmick.” Two days later, Undertaker debuts at the Survivor Series. Vampiro takes credit for the whole gimmick, while I think he’s SEVERELY exaggerating here as they weren’t going to throw together a “dead man” gimmick overnight to debut on Pay Per View. I’m sure they were working on it when Vampiro came to talk to them and they blew it out of the water because they already had their pet project of that gimmick which THEY owned… and that Vampiro didn’t meet their criteria anyway.

Japan- He worked for Tenryu’s WAR promotion and is unaware that rumors surfaced about why he left. The thing was supposedly that someone’s wife made a pass at him and he ended up leaving the country because he didn’t want any part of it. He confirms it and says that he was over there at the invitation of a friend, one guy’s wife got “more than superfriendly with me”, and he preferred to leave and look like an idiot then have anything fall back on his friend. He claims it got him blackballed from Japan for several years.

WCW the first time- Sonny Oono was in to see one of Ultimo Dragon’s matches and he was on the card against Yuji Nagata. He went up and begged Oono for an audition and told him that he just wanted a chance and didn’t want Konnan’s badmouthing of him to keep him from even getting a shot. He was brought in for a tryout. When he met Jimmy Hart, Hart was stuttering and stammering when he met him that he could barely complete a sentence. Terry Taylor put him in a match and told him he was in before he ever left the ring. He got a little ballsy with the negotiations, though, as they tried to give him the “new guy’s rate”, he bullshitted them and said he was getting twice that in Mexico, then Eric Bischoff told him “Kid, I’ll sweeten the deal. You can have this much.” and named a figure that got him to sign right away.

He went on Nitro and was supposed to come out of a gargoyle and jump Dallas Page, but Page shot it down. Vampiro then tried to jog DDP’s memory about the time when DDP came down to Mexico and offered to be his manager in an attempt to get some work, which finally made DDP realize who he was and that he’d helped him before. Once he did that, DDP started being nice to him and Vampiro told him to go fuck himself and says he’d do it again in DDP’s face if he runs into him. Sting, on the other hand, was in his religious phase and didn’t want to work in the ring anymore. He also got screwed over because he was a heavyweight who worked like a lightweight and all the heavyweights left in the promotion didn’t want to get out of their punch-kick crap styles to work with him. Konnan and Kevin Nash sent him home to sit around and collect checks, which upset him a bit because he thinks he would have taken off and become a million dollar player in the company.

Who got him his spot against Sting? He doesn’t know, possibly Vince Russo and/or Terry Taylor. At that time, they were doing the New Blood stuff and needed a babyface, and he’d been getting babyface reactions while supposedly a heel because he’d never been properly trained how to get heel heat. He talks about how JJ Dillon came up to him and said “Hey, they really like you!” and he told him “JJ, I HAVE been doing this for about sixteen years.” Management was also mystified by the fact that he’d get big reactions whenever they’d go places with large Mexican populations or a lot of Insane Clown Posse fans. He thinks Sting made him the heel because he’d convinced himself that he was the babyface, New Blood angle or no.

Was he happy with the feud? No, because they “made us do a lot of stupid shit” and feels that if Sting was given more control, it would have worked out. As it happened, Sting went to Russo and told him to end it because it wasn’t working out. THANK GOD for that, because they were piling on Worst Match of the Year candidates like there was no tomorrow, although Russo booking crap like graveyard matches didn’t help things. He thought it was stupid that Russo insisted he do a bunch of interviews because “I’m not Raven. I’m not The Undertaker. Just let me wrestle.” Russo had a mental block in that area, as he insisted that all wrestlers HAD to talk. I’m not sure if Russo got that from Vince McMahon or if Vince McMahon picked up that little piece of stupidity from him.

He says that the redneck mentality surrounding WCW clashed with his gimmick, as conversations would sound like “Are you wearing eyeliner?” “Yes” “You gay?” “No, it’s part of the scene” “What scene?” “Forget about it.”

How disrespected did he feel that he was a superstar in Mexico and was treated like an unknown rookie in the US? It was a blow to his ego and was contrary to how things worked between Mexico and Japan, where high profile guys visiting companies in other countries were treated at the level they were at in their home country. He also said that when he introduced himself to Lex Lugar and Sting, Sting wouldn’t even shake his hand. Guys like Booker T would act like they were better than him because they had been in WCW for about 6 years or so, while he’d only been there a few months despite over a decade on top in Mexico. He says he, Norman Smiley, and Konnan would sit around talking about how they used to sit around watching WCW when they only had 50 people at a TV taping, while they were counting out $20,000 in cash and had promoters trying to get them to a show with 30,000 in attendance and they would tell them “Fuck you, we’ll come when we want to come because we’re watching TV”, but now they’re in WCW and the guys wouldn’t even say hello to them. I’ll just let you make your own jokes about THAT one.

He says that people always used to ask him why he never worked WCW or the WWF and claims that they drew twenty times the amount of people that Hulk Hogan did (Certainly not a problem in 1994 and 1995 when they were papering the buildings for WCW to make Hogan look like a star and STILL couldn’t fill them up). He says that they used to sit around and laugh at RAW and go “THAT is your biggest house?!?” but it was a rude awakening when they went up north.

Him and the Insane Clown Posse- Eric Bischoff paired them off and they hit it off right away. Pretty much, Bischoff made a tool of himself in the process saying “I hear you like rock and roll” to a guy who worked YEARS in the music business. It really pissed off WCW because when they all went out together for the first time, they got HUGE pops and they had to turn them down in the truck (I can’t debate this… I try to pretend Nitro didn’t exist between the Fingerpoke of Doom and the WCW sale show in March 2001). He also claims that security made the Juggalos (ICP fans) in the camera-visible rows take off their ICP shirts because supposedly NO ONE in view of the camera had on merchandise for any “true” WCW star like Hogan or Sting.

How does Insane Clown Posse feel about it? They’re hardcore wrestling fans and great people. Juggalo Championshit Wrestling wrestlers do it for love of the sport and the fans want to see it because it’s ICW. “JCW draws more than WCW did in its heyday” and “Their tapes sell more than the WWF tapes”. Of course, ALL of this is documented according to him.

Promises made to him in WCW that got broken- Pay raises, angles, pushes, Jeff Jarrett refusing to drop the US title to him, etc. He was blocked out of getting The Misfits to play on PPV. He claims that ICP has a 2 million person fanbase and that people would have showed up just because it was ICP.

Jeff Jarrett- Jarrett quashed the US title win because he was about to start a program with Goldberg and didn’t think that he should lose to a “no name” going into it.

He also tells a story about how he had been told for days in advance he had 6 minutes to lead a green wrestler by the hand but, as soon as he got in the ring, was given the signal to take it home. He says that his opponent was literally retarted and that they’d had to work on the match for a long time so that the guy could grasp what they were doing, then the rug got pulled out from them.

Did he get a WWF offer? Bruce Pritchard called him up once to say “Don’t even bother.” He claims that a few guys in the dressing room don’t like him, but he doesn’t name names. While this part is probably bullshit, I'd speculate that if it happened, the guys who might have badmouthed him were probably guys who worked a lot in Mexico (Chris Jericho, Eddy Guerrero, Rey Misterio Jr, etc.) or guys from that time period in WCW (Booker T, Hugh Morrus / Bill De Mott, Chavo Guerrero). He also wouldn’t have let the WWF have control of his name or his merchandise, and he’s against the exploitation of women, so those are more strikes against him. This just sounds like bitterness that they don’t want him, frankly. “They don’t need me and I don’t need them.” True enough, Vampiro.

The Internet and wrestling- He thinks wrestlers are the biggest marks of themselves. He admits he’s on his laptop all the time seeing what people say about wrestling. If you’re reading this, Vamp, I just call them like I see them and it’s nothing personal. It’s good to keep up with promotions and wrestlers you don’t see often, but the people who spend 24/7 analyzing pro wrestling “You’re fucked. Get a life. Buy this tape. Stay off the Internet.” He thinks some people take wrestling too seriously, like himself for instance. He says that he knows people who got divorced over the amount of time they obsess on wrestling and in the case he names, it was actually a woman who spent all her time on message boards defending her favorite wrestlers.

All Japan- He was offered a good position. He talks about how he worked up to that because All Japan is the ultimate in wrestling, but that his wife was really sick so he had to turn it down. Right before he was to sign a seven year deal for big money, his wife called him home and he had to quit the company.

Wrestling Kawada- It was awesome. “Kawada’s the bomb, dawg.” He says he studied the tapes of Kawada’s matches and talks as if he had a five-star match with him that rivals his matches with Misawa.

Was their any contact with them after he had to cancel at the last minute? No, and he thought that since Giant Baba died of cancer that Mrs. Baba would at least call to check on his wife since she had cervical cancer. Nobody called about his wife and just slammed him left and right. He goes on a rant about how he came back from all these injuries including “eight knee operations, breaking every bone in my body, brain damage”, etc. and he trains hard yet he still gets slammed by people and called a liar. “Fuck y’all.”

He talks about how he understands what it takes for a family to be able to afford a night out at wrestling and claims it’s always him that stands at ringside and signs every autograph after matches and not Goldberg. He gets tired of the critics bashing him and he hones in on them because it disappoints his fans when the critics bash him and he doesn’t get a chance to respond for whatever reason. He wasn’t Shane Douglas, “who cut 45 minute promos about how he build pro wrestling in Philadelphia and who scooted the fuck out the back door so he wouldn’t have to talk to any fans.” He counters arguments that say he’s overrated by saying “FUCK YEAH I’m overrated… you guys put me on the pedestal. I’m just trying to have fun.”

He’s changed his style since spending time with Matt Fury and due to his neck and knee injuries, and is now into the old-school strength style. He compares it to using a UFC style. He talks about how Dave Meltzer claims that he didn’t actually train with Fury, but says that Fury’s books and the videos of the two of them sparring are documentation of what he’s saying. He claims that Melzer didn’t know it was him because he’d had a shaved head in the video and that was a FAR cry from how he’d looked for so long. Considering all that he claims to have documentation on, I'm sure if someone asked him for it he'd say "Sure... LOOK BEHIND YOU, A THREE-HEADED MONKEY!" and run off.

Shaving his head- His wife talked him into it and did the haircut herself. He’s a little upset over how suddenly he lost it because “it took me 18 years to grow all those dreadlocks and I could have gotten $60,000 for it in a match in Mexico”, which contradicts stories I’ve head about how he specifically cut his hair because he didn’t want anyone getting the honor of winning it in a match. And he gets to that in a second, anyway, as he says that he says that there was NO way he was losing something he built just to make someone else famous. He gives the “My hair was my life” speech and says he wasn’t going to do it for money to give some guy an ego boost. “Sitting here today, sometimes I rethink that.” Man, he really loves to give back to wrestling…

He says it takes a LONG time for people to realize it’s him when he comes to the ring these days, as people see his shaved head and think “Aw, fuck, it’s some neo-nazi coming out to cut a promo on Mein Kampf.” However, once he removes his jacket and people see the tattoos, they realize it’s him.

He talks about how Bam Bam Bigelow walked out of their show tonight (XPW, I think). He says he loves Bammer to death and that he’d saved kids from a fire before, but that he doesn’t want to pass the torch and that he thinks it’s stupid of him to refuse to job. La Parka, on the other hand, “He’s a mega-star in Mexico. I’m talking Rock and Austin in one. He’s here for nothing and got beaten in the first match. He’s a pro.” He claims to have done a 20 minute match that night despite his opponent giving him several concussions. He talks about a spot in that match and said he did the same thing to Hogan once (it was some kind of kick to the face or the upper chest), and that it pissed Hogan off enough that he ripped off his do-rag and started throwing him around the ring.

Any other critics he wants to respond to? “I just want to get paid, man.” “We already did that…” “Then we’re all good.” He then hones in on Dave Meltzer. He says that all the wrestlers claim to hate him but they all read his stuff anyway. He says he’ll be the first one to tell him like it is. “I think Dave Meltzer’s cool. He can tell me I suck all he wants because I respect him a lot.” Then we get to the controversial part… “Rob Feinstein, you’re the one who sucks dick. I’m not a fag, leaves me alone. And that punk-ass bitch who writes for you in Toronto who’s never even BEEN to a match, stay off the Lucha board because you can’t translate Spanish, you don’t speak Spanish, and you fuck it up all the time. Did I mention Rob Feinstein’s gay? He goes on and on that Bob Barnett and I are lovers, where nothing can be further from the truth.” He then goes on to say he doesn’t ant to speculate about the rumors of Rob “giving oral sex to Victor Quinones [a promoter in Japan and Puerto Rico] in exchange for some titties in Japan 10 years ago”, but that’s the rumor. He says he doesn’t want to spread rumors, but that Rob lives with a man and has never been seen with a woman, so people tend to believe stuff like that. "Did I go too far across the line with that one?”

They start talking about Vamp’s wife now, and supposedly she’s one of the prettiest and most respected of all the wrestling wives. “I look at her every day and fall in love a million times.” He says he met her when she was real young “like six… just kidding, she was eight.” He says it was love at first sight for him, but that she disputes that it was the same for her. He told Norman Smiley that he was going to marry her and he told him he was full of shit. Norman asked him “Did you take drugs already?!?” when Vamp insisted he was going to marry her. He then asks who was talking about how gorgeous his wife was, the Highspots guys don’t give him an answer, then he starts yelling about how “I told you about Rob Feinstein blowing Victor Quinones and you won’t tell me who said my wife was beautiful?” They then ‘fess up and say it was Norman Smiley.

Some of his big matches in Mexico? “I don’t think anyone’s going to beat the Rob Feinstein vs. Victor Quinones feud…” The interviewers get nervous around that point about getting sued, and Vampiro starts talking about how if Rob has a problem with it, to “pay your bills, bitch” because that’s another rumor about him. He then goes on to talk about a match against Peter Athonmorgan, which was the match that made him famous and that he didn’t just blade “I had a sharkbite… I looked like JFK.” That was a night with about 20,000 people in the arena and another 9,000 watching screens on the street. He starts talking about matches here, but I can’t even spell the names of half these guys, so I won’t bother.

Going back to Mexico recently- He talks about ripping Dr. Wagner’s mask off and that he and Wagner’s brother, Silver King, got in a dressing room brawl because of it. “Dr. Wagner changes when he gets in the ring. It’s like he gets posessed by… asshole-itis. He dropkicked me in the knee” which he claims blew his knee out and Wagner claims was an accident. The phone rings then and he makes a big deal about how it isn’t someone calling about a drug dealer because there are rumors about that “like the rumors about Rob and Victor Quinones.” He eventually got his knee rehabbed and back in shape and insisted he get into a match where he could BEAT THE LIVING FUCK out of Wagner. The match ended up being a tag match that involved both of them plus Lizmark Jr. and Silver King, and he claims that the crowd was pretty dead because of it so Wagner told him “Rip off my mask!”. He says that the masks are leather, so usually they’re pre-cut so you can tear them easily, but he had to REALLY work on Wagner’s and almost tore his head off in the process. When they got back to the dressing room, Silver King was getting ugly about it and wanted to kick his ass, he agents got involved, etc. Vamp got Wagner to admit that he’d asked him to do it, which got the whole situation resolved though Silver King was still pissed.

Juventud Guerrera getting pissed over them both using the “Juvy Driver”- “You mean the one that Michinoku came up with 10 years before?” Juventud used to be a fan of his and offer to carry his bag into the dressing room. “He’s gay too, by the way. Well… bisexual.” When he went to WCW, Juvy did “all those moves you can do when you’re only 38 pounds” and was pissed that Vampiro had told the WCW office that he could do high-flying stuff as his finisher or that driver, which was easy and safe, and they went with the driver. “They had to have a special emergency meeting about it because he was going to have an aneurysm.” Both of them got suspended and fined until they came up with a solution. Terry Taylor went to bat for him while Juvy had Nash, Bischoff, Psicosis, Scott Hall, and some others. Juvy was throwing a temper tantrum while Vampiro just said “OK, I’ll do something else.” Everyone was like “That’s it?!?” At that point, Juvy decided that Vampiro could use it whenever he wanted.

Lucha guys getting blackballed from Mexican promotions for working WCW- A lot of guys did, but not him for whatever reasons. He just didn’t want to go back. He doesn’t know the whole story but says they should ask Konnan because he would have a better idea about the whos and whys behind it, although he’s not pointing fingers.

They try to start wrapping it up due to being low on tape, but Vampiro says “Throw another tape in there, I’ll give you a two for one, dawg.” He says he’s a hard person to be around and that when the show’s over, it’s over. He’s very appreciative of the fans, though, and gets upset when people insult him for whatever reason and he doesn’t get a chance to respond. He talks about how he’s called an arrogant, overrated asshole, and they’re probably right. If people like what he does, fine, if not, he’ll try to see what he can do to fix it and at least he’s tried.

He wants to thank Rob Feinstein in closing because he figures this will help him come out of the closet. He talks about how RF should start flying the gay flag and showing pride in himself. FUNNY shit here!

Thoughts- It’s certainly an INTERESTING interview, even if it may not be that accurate. At least I feel that Vampiro believes everything he says even if it is severely exaggerated. He certainly doesn’t feel any qualms about saying what’s on his mind, even if he gets sued over it. Despite initial reports that Rob Feinstein had filed suit, that appears to have been a hoax. Certainly a good way to spend the hour and forty minutes that the tape runs for. Due to the exaggerations, I can’t give this the top rating, but this is certainly a Highly Recommended shoot right here.

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