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Missy Hyatt and Tammy "Sunny" Sytch Shoot Interview
Posted by Brandon Truitt on Dec 23, 2002, 18:00

Hey, guys. It's been another week, so here's another shoot interview. Next week will probably be an exception to this, though.

Due to the holidays and my current suffering from exhaustion (not the kind that gets you into the Betty Ford Center but, rather, just plain overwork), the chances of me doing one next week are slim and none... and I think slim just left town.

When I come back after New Year's, the shoots I plan to cover include "Gentleman" Chris Adams, "Dirty" Dutch Mantel, Bobby Eaton, and Ricky Morton.

Adams was a major star in World Class and broke Steve Austin into the business. He passed away last year and is one of many reasons why the World Class territory has a wild reputation, leading to the deaths of almost all its major players at early ages.

Mantel is a veteran of many territories including Memphis and Puerto Rico. He was in the locker room when Bruiser Brody died and did not testify at the trial for reasons I'm sure he'll go into. He was Uncle Zebakiah in the WWF at one point.

I shouldn't be having to explain who Eaton and Morton are as they were considered to be the main in-ring talents for their respective tag teams, the Midnight Express and the Rock and Roll Express.

Other shoots I plan to cover that I am waiting on in the mail include Eddy Guerrero, Paul Orndorff, Jimmy "Mouth of the South" Hart, Ken Shamrock, Nova, and the Midnight Express (Eaton and Stan Lane, not Eaton and Dennis Condrey). Some of these may be scratched from my list if the sound is not up to par or the video induces an epileptic fit.

Almost forgot... if you want to drop me a line, send it here.

Missy Hyatt and Tammy “Sunny” Sytch shoot interview (7-21-2001)

This interview opens with the same kind of preface that Hollywood studios use to say “We’re pussies… don’t sue us over what the talent says” when they put commentary tracks on DVDs. (Disney is REALLY bad about that) After seeing THAT, this will either be better than the shoot I reviewed of Missy by herself or I’ll be REALLY pissed off.

Missy Hyatt:

Since Missy has done several different shoots before, they will skip the usual career questions that she’s answered elsewhere. She, Sunny, and Rayne will be bare-ass naked on the website and they’ll be adding new Vixxens every so often. When asked why she’s doing it, she replies “How else do you make money on the Internet than porn?” She says she wanted to do this for years and finally got around to it.

Is she still in school? She graduated college in the past year and is about to go to law school. She majored in psychology and political science.

Her book- It was a week away from being printed when the publishing house went under, so her contract became null and void. She’s now entertaining distribution deals from over 10 firms. As a result, she’ll make more money than she was going to make with the original publisher. Harper-Collins was supposed to be the original distributor, but they backed out because they do all of the WWE books and the federation muscled them into dropping her book.

“Outing” her sexual partners in the book- She doesn’t feel it’s wrong to kiss and tell. Most of the guys she screwed didn’t have families back when they did it or, if they did, they’re paying for it now.

Stories that didn’t make the book- “The last year…” There are a few stories that didn’t make the book, but that was for one of three reasons. A. She respected the person too much. B. She didn’t like a person too much. C. She forgot about them.

The “porno” with her- Someone claims there’s a video of her and Scott Putski floating around, which she says is bullshit because it’s in her safe and no copies have been made. Another one that was supposed to be of her was actually another girl with long, blond hair that looks like her.

Scott Putski video- “If he wasn’t SO SMALL, I’d probably sell it.”

The NWA angle with the late Dennis Corralluzzo and ECW owner Tod Gordon falling apart- She’s not sure what happened. All she knows is that the ECW guys disappeared on her and that Corralluzzo told her that she and Doug (her former brother-in-law Doug Gilbert, I assume) would still be used.

What REALLY happened between her and Paul Varleans? Varleans was supposed to tap out for Tazz but, “when he found out Tazz was only two feet tall”, he said he wasn’t going to do it. Paul Heyman got her to do anything possible to get Varleans to job, so she started leading him on and promising sex in exchange for his cooperation. After he went out and did the job, he came in asking for what he was promised and she told him in front of the locker room “I don’t fuck jabronies.” “What pisses me off is that Tazz didn’t even say ‘Thank you.’” She vehemently denies screwing Varleans and talks about how much she effort she had to put into the whole thing in order for Varleans to agree to a loss. She also goes off on more anti-Tazz tirades like “I think Tazz and Gary Coleman are related.”

Sandman and her outside the ring- They had sex, but only twice because she was fucking someone else. When the interviewer asks who, she says “I don’t know… probably the pizza delivery boy.” Her book starts with the whole Sandman-Raven storyline that she was involved in. She claims that Sandman was so nervous and such a mark for her that the only way to get the sexual tension of the storyline to work was to let him fuck her so “I did it for the business… what a sick thing to say.” She denies rumors of a threesome with Sandman and his wife by talking about how “she’s a dog.”

Heat between her and Steve Corino- There’s supposedly footage of them fighting from some documentary filmed backstage at ECW. She claims the whole situation has to do with the final ECW Pay Per View, Guilty as Charged 2001, where she came in and worked for them in exchange for Paul Heyman pimping her book. She talks about how Corino is a huge jabroni and that he actually knows more about some of her old relationships than even she remembers. (Corino does hang out with one of Missy’s early ex-boyfriends, Jack Victory, so that explains a lot of it. Jack was around for a most of the time she was in Mid-South/UWF and WCW.)

The next week, he went to and trashed her, said his grandmother was more attractive than her, etc. Soon after that, they were both on a show in Maryland and she pulled him aside and started yelling something about him having Axl Rotten up his ass and him swallowing Dusty Rhodes. She then pitched the idea to Paul Heyman of Corino being beaten up and having a 12-inch dildo shoved up his ass on the March 2001 ECW pay per view that never came together. Even PAUL of all people said “I don’t think we can do sodomy on pay per view.” (Funny, considering that the WWE showed simulated necrophilia on cable a little more than a year later.) That night, she was asked to team with Corino in a match against Dawn Marie and Simon Diamond, which she agreed to because business is business and personal is personal. During the match, she would be calling out to Steve “C’mon, jabroni, c’mon…” while waiting for the hot tag and, at one point, Corino let out a pathetic “My name is STEVE…” in response.

The Brian Pillman Memorial Show incident between her and Kevin Nash- Nash offered $20,000 to the Pillman fund if she would strip in the ring. She wanted to do it because the fund needed the money, but there were kids at ringside. Instead of doing a full striptease, she and Torrie Wilson both danced around the ring and did some partial stripping in order to get Nash’s money. Nash only ended up paying $10,000 and that has caused a HUGE stink among veterans like Missy and the Honky Tonk Man because the money is for a good cause and Nash’s reasons for opting out (“My accountant said it’s a bad idea”) are fucking BULLSHIT. There was a rumor in one of the wrestling newsletters later that Nash was interested in going to the next Pillman show but promoter Les Thatcher had said that Nash would only be allowed in if they frisked him for the rest of the money at the door.

Her reasons for getting so involved with the Pillman fund deal with the fact that Melanie Pillman actually adopted Brian’s child from a previous marriage after Brian’s death because the mother had committed suicide many years earler.. As a result, she has a lot of respect for her.

Who in the business does she regret sleeping with? She thinks long and hard about it before deciding that she regrets none of them. She talks about running into people she did in the past and saying “You’re in my book.“, to which they reply “WHAAAT? Is my brother in there too?!?” and she says “Yes.”

Ribbing by Rick Steiner and Scott Steiner- One time they padlocked a folding chair to her bag and she had to bring it on the plane with her like that because she couldn’t get it undone. Another time, she ended up wearing mismatched shoes on a pay per view because they stole a mismatched pair from her. She also had her shoes nailed to a ceiling, her dog padlocked in a locker, pull her dress up while she was on the way to the ring, etc.

They never did any “bad” ribs like she pulled on El Gigante (Giant Gonzales). She and Jason Hervey used to get huge cans of shaving cream and fill up Gigante’s boots with them. (Blah… that’s nothing. Johnny Valentine once put kerosene in someone’s asthma inhaler and almost got shot over it.)

She also pulled a rib on a then-unknown named Stunning Steve Austin and his wife/valet Jeanne (Lady Blossom, also formerly married to the guy who broke Austin into the business, the late “Gentleman” Chris Adams.) Right before his first TV Title defense, he left the belt behind in the women’s locker room so she hid the belt in a trash can under the trash bag. He started flipping out looking for it and she wasn’t going to give it to him until management started yelling at him to go to the ring, at which point she told him where it was. Hindsight being 20/20 she wouldn’t have told him where it was, but he was a nice guy at the time.

Her relationship with Bill Watts in UWF vs. in WCW- Watts is “an intimidating, nasty person.” He didn’t want to let her out of her UWF contract to go to the WWF in 1987. What really pissed her off about his WCW reign of terror was that they used to have great catered lunches on TV taping days, but he cut those all the way down to box lunches in order to save money. She says that WCW had lost “zillions and of dollars”, so springing for better lunches on days when they film matches to be shown on TV shouldn’t be a big deal. When the company bought all the wrestlers luggage at Christmas that year, he refused to give any to her despite her contract being considered a wrestler’s contract. She got back at him, though, although that story is only in her book.

Has she talked to “Hollywood” John Tatum in the last decade? Yes, about seven years ago. She tried to find him recently to tell him he was one of the people she listed in her intro that had a great impact on her career. Jim Ross is another on that list.

Any truth to Eddie Gilbert’s stories that Jim Ross broke up his marriage to her? No. Eddie would never stick up for her wherever he worked because of the potential conflict of interest. Jim Ross was the one who got her involved by doing interviews and working WCW Saturday Night. Once JR left for the WWF in 1993, “my life went to Hell in WCW.” JR used to come in and help her out all the time and working with him was a great experience, unlike working with her next boss, Eric Bischoff, on the Canadian show. She talks about how Bischoff was a half-assed commentator that couldn’t do anything right, which I definitely believe after seeing his 1991 WWF tryout tape on Confidential a few months back. I actually traded for a copy of that show due to the camp value of that footage, which makes Plan 9 From Outer Space look like Ben Hur.

Does she have contact with the Gilbert family? She talks with Peggy Gilbert, Eddie’s mom, every once in a while. She’s entertaining the idea of asking all the women who’ve slept with Eddie to have a party next year on his birthday where they go to his grave in Lexington and salute him then go out to eat. I’m tempted to make a joke about all the men she’s slept with all going to the Free Clinic at once, but that’s too easy.

What does she think of the current wrestling scene? It sucks that there’s only one company and that the product gets stale without competition. She thinks that, if done properly, the ECW Invasion would have been MUCH better than the WCW Invasion. She says that if the whole Invasion had been a shoot, Paul Heyman would NEVER have sold out to Stephanie McMahon because there’s no way he’d let a woman run his company. (I’m not sure if this is just a comment about Paul’s misogynist tendencies or if it is a comment about all the sexual rumors surrounding him.) She thinks that they could have even had the entire McMahon family pull together on the WWF side to take on Heyman and ECW instead of the stupid “Vince McMahon’s WWF vs. the Alliance of Shane McMahon’s WCW and Stephanie’s ECW” storyline that we got.

The love-hate relationship between them- Paul E. used to live with her and Eddie in 1988 after he’d just been fired from the AWA. Apparently, his reputation as a hothead preceded him, so no one wanted to hire him. (I guess Jerry Lawler never got over the “Lawler is a real ladies’ man… and that’s why there are so many lesbians in this town!” comments Paul made on Memphis TV and got fired for.) She pestered Eddie into getting Paul hired into Continental and it worked out for him.

The infamous cell phone call- In 1997, she called up Paul’s cell phone to congratulate him on his success for pulling an “Ellen” on his pay per view and coming out of the closet with Tommy Dreamer. She said that Paul E. jokes with her all the time, so her making a joke of her own shouldn’t piss him off too much.

Heat between her and Dawn Marie- She pulled a rib on Dawn when she was only a few months into the business (she slipped knockout drops in Dawn’s drink and tried to shave one of her eyebrows off, but Buddy Landell wouldn’t let her). There was also some heat about her doing Dave Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer Live where she claimed Dawn did a porno, as it was actually just some topless work in a movie, but all of that has supposedly blown over.

Her views on party drugs in pro wrestling- “If you’re hurting, it’s the year 2001… you shouldn’t be in pain.” As for partying on them, it’s not good but it’s a problem for the whole entertainment industry.

What does she look for in a guy? “As you can see from the men I’ve dated, looks don’t matter much. Neither does height.” She looks for someone unique, like Road Warrior Hawk or Eddie Gilbert. This is opposed to her most recent ex-husband, who she describes tries not to describe as “a corporate tool”, but that seems to be the best way to put it. “I don’t want someone normal-looking… I want a freak.”

Biggest regret in her career? Never getting to work a Wrestlemania.

Is she going to be on an upcoming Big Japan PPV? Yes, she and Joel Gertner were taped on it. She doesn’t know why no one is hiring him because he’s the best play-by-play guy she’s heard in years. She jokes about how she stole every famous announcer’s trademark spots when she called the pay per view.

Who’s the most famous guy she’s slept with- “Infamous or famous? In wrestling or in general?” Jason Hervey’s the most well-known in the mainstream and she says he’s the best boyfriend she’s ever had. She dodged a major bullet in one case, as she went out with boxer Tommy Morrison once but didn’t sleep with him, only to find out later he had HIV. The biggest disappointment was Val Venis (Commissioner Morely).

What’s the reaction been by her peers to the website? She went around and talked to “the boys” and asked them who they used to whack it to, and the first names out of their mouths were her and Sunny. She’d then ask them if they’d pay $12 to see them naked and they said “Hell yes!” She talks about how people like to steal the pictures for their own sites but that her lawyers will be talking to them shortly. She proclaims that she’s sued Ted Turner and won before, so she’s not afraid to let slip the [legal] dogs of war.

What does she think of She had fun with it, although they got in trouble over it. She says the site has since been shut down, although I’ve personally been to their message board every once in a while when I’m in need of a good laugh and can actually find the link. (It’s like Jerry Springer with fantasy relationships, as they’ll post stuff such as “Mike Awesome is MY man… what tramp’s been messing with my man?”)

Who was the first person she was ever with in the business? The first match she ever went to, she blew the wrestler in his car afterwards. She’s embarrassed by who it is these days and says in 1981 “he was the hottest thing going”, which just screams to me that this guy wasn’t just getting blowjobs from her but also from a famous promoter in exchange for a title reign. She admits that it WAS “Wildfire” Tommy Rich after quite a bit of prompting.

What women in wrestling does she watch today? Tammy and Stephanie McMahon. Steph’s the best bad girl, but she claims that Steph stole a lot of her act. “When she first started, I thought she sucked.” She says that it wasn’t a guarantee that she’d be any good at it and proclaims “I think she blows Shane AWAY!”, which puts a smile on my face with her choice of words.

Common misconceptions about Missy Hyatt- That she’s Missy Hyatt and not a real person. She goes into a rant about how no one thinks she knows anything about the business but she’s been around for a huge number of matches, taken “shoot” bumps from Dark Journey and Sunshine, and spent a lot of time around / fucked Eddie Gilbert, Jake Roberts, and other booking minds. As a result of all that, she says she has a very good grasp of the business even though she was never a full-time wrestler.

Who’s the biggest prick she ever had to work with? Ric Flair because he was such a pervert.

Who’s the biggest sexual pig she’s known? Eric Bischoff is one of them, most of the rest can’t be named due to the settlement she made with WCW in her sexual harassment case.

Regrets of people she never slept with? Gino Hernandez. If she knew he was going to die, she would have fucked him. Wrestler / Internet columnist Tom Zenk was another. Everyone thought they were always having an affair but they were just good friends. That’s about it, though.

Any good Raven stories? Raven used to call her “one of the boys.” The only thing that pissed her off was that Raven has a reputation as a great booker but he always had the women start out in the ring and brawl to the back instead of figuring into the finish. When she called him on it, he couldn’t come up with a way for them to get involved in the finish.

Who, if she saw them now, would she tell them they were an asshole or a bitch? Top of the list is Eric Bischoff because she figures she’ll see him on the side of the road with a sign proclaiming “Will wrestle or announce for food”. She was upset that she was nice to him when he was a peon in WCW then he screwed her over when he rose to power in 1993.

Does she have a lot of Von Erich stories? She thinks Kerry Von Erich was the hottest of the boys. Mike Von Erich only wanted to be in the production of the shows but he was forced into the ring. Fritz Von Erich was her favorite boss in her career and, if she could click her heels and say “There’s no place like home”, she’d want to go back to World Class at that era. She wishes she knew then what she knows now.

Has she ever been stalked by a fan? Yes. When she was bartending, he’d come in all the time. When he went off to college, he started sending her weird letters. Eventually she got her boyfriend “a nice little Guido”, or more accurately, leg breaker, to take care of it. She says that her address got published on the Internet although she’s not sure how or why, and that she gets fan mail there, but she never opens it.

What is the most disgusting fetish a wrestler has ever asked her to do? Walking on Tony Atlas’s face, and she did it while wearing boots.

If there’s a person she could thank for whatever reason, who would it be? She wants to thank Jim Ross, but the main person she’d want to thank is Eddie Gilbert.

She then starts pimping

Where does she see herself in five years? Out of law school, have a kid, never have to work if she doesn’t have to, etc. The main reason she became a lawyer was to negotiate wrestlers’ contracts, but with Vince McMahon owning everything, that’s not an option anymore. Now she’ll be a criminal lawyer because the boys are ALWAYS getting in trouble.


How did she get started in the business and how did she meet Chris Candido? She met him when they were seniors in high school. She was going to be a doctor and he was going to be a wrestler. She wasn’t a fan at the time, but had been one as a kid and starting watching again after they started dating.

Memories of the NWA shows that Chris used to wrestle on- Kevin Sullivan used to sit her next to Woman (Nancy Sullivan, now married to Chris Benoit) because he figured she’d be safe from the fans there. One time, the ring broke during the middle of a show and Candido got stuck holding part of the ring up while Sting and Flair were having a match. After Flair took a bump out of the ring, he saw Candido under there and asked what was going on and Candido told him. After that, all the bumps Flair took were right over where Candido was holding the ring together.

Did she spend her college fund on Candido? Yes… her entire college fund went for food and hotels while Candido was wrestling all over the country.

Memories of Memphis- “Can’t go there.” Every Monday, the wrestlers would take a bus to Dallas but she’d be stuck in town. Since she was only 17 at the time and couldn’t get a hotel as a result, she begged Eddie Gilbert to get her a room. So they ended up taking her out to dinner every Monday and got her a room. The whole time was a learning experience.

When did the idea of her managing Candido come about? It was probably on some indy show. She just went out and did her thing.

Working for ECW in 1993- “Paul Heyman? That would take eight hours… no, eight DAYS to talk about.” It was interesting.

Smoky Mountain Wrestling- She was a college student at the time, so she moved down there to see Chris and SMW owner/promoter Jim Cornette came up with the idea of a “Northern girl, smart, blonde, cute, snobby, bitchy type” to come in and it fit her exactly, so the Tammy Fytch character started with a promo about how few women there were in SMW and threatening an affirmative action lawsuit over it. This promo is on one of the SMW DVDs released by VCI.

How did her family take her entering the business and forsaking college? They didn’t like wrestling much but put up with it because she didn’t forsake college outright. She was still attending classes during the week then driving around with Candido to the matches on the weekends.

How did the guys treat her in the locker room? They didn’t like that she was getting more heat than them, but they didn’t screw with her.

Working with “Prime Time” Brian Lee (Chainz of DOA, the Underfaker)- He made sure nothing happened to her and would beat people up who tried to get to her. She misses him a lot but hasn’t been able to find him.

Heat with the other wrestlers’ wives and girlfriends- GOD yes, all of them… especially the Dirty White Girl because she wanted Sunny’s spot. Sunny says that it wouldn’t have worked out because 1. She’s from the South, 2. She’s not smart, 3. She’s not blonde, 4. She’s been seen in area for about 10 years.

Rumors that she was never faithful to Candido in SMW- They’re not true.

Learning ring psychology in SMW- She learned it from Candido, Kevin Sullivan, Jim Cornette, and Sherri Martel, who came in and beat the shit out of her. Learning to bump wasn’t hard because she’d watch the guys bump for long enough.

Was Candido jealous of her? At the time, no, because he was making more money than her.

Memories of working with Cactus Jack (Mick Foley) and Boo Bradley (Ballz Mahoney)- She was leading out Ballz on a chain one night and he accidentally ran into her when she was getting out of the ring, knocking her completely over onto her head and causing her dress to fly up. When she got back up, she picked up the chain and started beating him in the center of the ring which, coincidentally, fit right in with the storyline. He never screwed up afterwards. Cactus had great matches with Candido.

Coming into the WWF- They brought her in for an audition in late 1994 and got her to read from a teleprompter, which she’d never used before and thought she did HORRIBLE, which caused her to cry afterwards. However, she got the call to start working for the WWF about two weeks later.

What were the original plans for her? For her to be Tamara Rand amd do news reports for about four months. She had a cast on her hand, so it was hidden behind props on the for a long time. After that, they wanted to start using her as Cornette had used her in SMW.

Was there any agreement about her managing Candido when he came in? There was one, as it was a requirement for Chris to be with her if she was going to be on the road all the time.

Did she have heat with the SMW guys for getting a job in the WWF while they were still there? She doesn’t really know because they were a great bunch of people but SMW closed shortly after she left. She figures they really hated her when that happened.

What were her early impressions of Vince McMahon? Total business. He respected her for being so young and knowing what she was doing.

How were they welcomed by the locker room? “Well… of course I was welcome. I’d just gotten my boobs done so when I walked in Jeff Jarrett said ‘Hey Tam… looks like you’ve been doing some implant presses lately.’” When Candido came in, people didn’t like him because he was good in the ring.

Were they ribbed a lot for being young and talented? Hell yes, it was about a weekly thing and no one gets through the business without being ribbed. The worst one was about how “the food in Germany tasted like shit, and that’s all I’ll say about that.” (Mmmm... Spaghetti al Ramon, Chef Scott Hall at his finest.) She doesn’t know if it was for him or her, though.

What was the locker room atmosphere? At first people were close, then the Clique started. People had personal problems, but it didn’t affect the locker room as a whole.

How did Louie Spicoli become a Bodydonna? “I have no idea.” Vince gave them the “wannabe”, so they had some fun with it. Louie was hysterical.

Matches with Ahmed Johnson- Ahmed was a nice guy but he would hurt you every time he touches you. Ahmed crushed her knee against the ringpost during a match between him and Louie.

Did the Clique affect her? She was a “Clique chick”, friends with all of them, but they all hated Candido because she was with him instead of them.

Who did they ride with? She rode with Terri Runnels, Luna, etc. at that time.

Splitting them up? Vince sat them down and decided to take her away from the Bodydonnas (Candido and Dr. Tom Prichard as Skip and Zip, respectively) and pair them with a transvestite. They weren’t thrilled. However, Tom went along with it while Candido told Vince it sucked, which is a HUGE mistake. “They then brought in Cloudy… and it went over like a fart in church.”

At what point did she realize that she’d really made it? It was when she got her new contract. Instead of being paid on the house, she got a guaranteed annual salary and an expense account.

Was Vince always professional with her? Yes.

What was her first sexist experience in the fed? “There were too many.” They don’t bother her, so she didn’t really noticed them for a while.

Was it true that the Clique asked her to break up with Candido and start running with them? Yes, and when she didn’t, they started ribbing her constantly. Shawn Michaels was the ringleader of that.

How much mental stress did she have at the time? None, because it was so easy for the longest time. Travelling was stress, but that was it.

Stress on her relationship with Candido? He didn’t want her to be the Clique chick, but she kind-of wanted to because she got paid more and it was better for her career. That dissolved soon enough, though.

Todd Pettingill- Really funny, especially when they did “Sex with Elmo”, as she was only in a thong and he got to roll around on the bed with her wearing an Elmo suit. He was jealous she got the spotlight, though.

Sable being introduced on TV? “Sable, Rena Mero, is a cunt. Total bitch. Envious, jealous person. Evil, very evil. Likes her daughter, though.”

How did she first meet her? She and Terri Runnels were in the women’s locker room at a show and put their stuff down to go to lunch and, when they came back, it was on the floor and someone else’s stuff is there. Sable then came in and they were like “Who are you and why is OUR stuff on the floor?” Right off, she pissed them both off and they never got along.

Being paired with the Smoking Gunns? It was Vince’s idea for her to be their cowgirl. It was fun to work with them

Getting slopped by the Godwins? It was great. They did that every night for a month on the road.

Was there ever any attempt to make her a female wrestler there? No, they never asked her and she never asked them. She was just a TV personality.

Was she ever approached by Playboy to pose nude? Yes, they approached her before Sable and it took her all of five minutes to say no. From there they went to Sable, their #2 choice.

Did she and Sable ever have any blowups? God yes. One day, she was sitting in the locker room and Sable just ran in the locker room, stood over her, and started raving about how “I grew up on the streets, I can kick your ass, etc. etc. etc.”

Her relationship with Candido when he left the WWF? Candido got upset over something, not an unusual occurrence for him. He went up to Jim Cornette and told him he quit and was told that they needed it in writing. He ripped a small chunk of paper off a sheet and wrote “I Quit, Chris Candido” on it and handed it to Vince McMahon at a TV taping. Vince was shocked that it happened.

Did more people make advances after he left? They made as many advances while he was there, so him leaving didn’t have any effect.

What did she think about Shawn Michaels’ “Sunny Days” comment about Bret Hart? She didn’t find out about it until afterwards. Her thoughts were “Oh well… there’s another marriage I broke up and I didn’t even do anything.”

How did things change when the Clique broke up due to Kevin Nash and Scott Hall leaving for WCW? The locker room loosened up because they were gone. The Clique didn’t like anyone and no one liked them. They had total power over Vince, and she had power as a result when she was the Clique chick.

Steve Austin- She used to drive him around when he first started in the company because he had no money.

Undertaker- They were friendly but never friends. He’s a quiet guy and just has a few close friends. He wasn't stuck up, that was just how he was.

Her appearing at ECW shows while Candido was there- The WWF didn’t have problems with it as long as she wasn’t working for them. Any time she worked for them needed to be cleared by them.

How long did it take before Paul E started getting her to do stuff in the back? He’d give her a list of names on a town then tell her to book the whole thing. It was a good learning experience. She also went to the studio and helped edit shows.

Working with the Road Warriors? Another Vince idea. They went along with it because they were old and needed the help. She loved wearing the outfits they gave her for this gimmick.

Rumors about her and other talents in the WWF hooking up- When they name Road Warrior Hawk and Davey Boy Smith as two of the guys she supposedly hooked up with, she breaks out laughing. She then asks if they’d like to hear the same questions about their lovelife and the questions are dropped.

Leaving the WWF- They didn’t have anything left for her, so they had a mutual split.

Coming into ECW- The buildings were drastically different and so were a few of the people, but business was business.

What was it like dealing with the top guys- She’d known Tazz for a long time because he and Candido had been friends. She’d met Stevie Richards in ECW and he was nice during his first run but was a prick when he came back from WCW. Shane Douglas was an old friend of theirs, so they got along great. Sabu has been a great friend since the USWA.

Did she have heat from Francine when she came in? No, they actually got along fine. They’d do their makeup together and so forth.

Was it hard to take the financial cut going from the WWF to ECW? It wasn’t much of a cut. Candido was actually making more than her for a few months, too, so it helped things work out at home.

What were Paul E’s plans for her? She has no idea what goes through his head.

Her role in Barely Legal 97- She was the timekeeper and had to give Terry Funk his cue to take it home. If she’d gone over time, she’d have been in BIG trouble because the feed would have cut off before the end of the match.

What kind of effect did her niece’s death have on her life? She was like her daughter and would be 20 today if she lived. They were in a car accident and she was holding her niece in her arms when she died. It screwed her up bad in the head for a long time, and the only thing worse that’s ever happened to her was her dad dying.

How differently was she treated in the ECW locker room compared to the WWF? She was practically worshipped there. After a week, they were fine.

Working with Dawn Marie- She had to get in the ring with her for three hours every day for a while to teach her. Dawn learned everything she knows from her, but she didn’t teach dawn everything SHE knows.

Why did she and Missy have a rivalry before they first met? They hated each other for seven years because they wanted to be each other and, on top of that, Sunny got Missy’s spot in the WWF. (This hasn’t been touched on in this shoot, but Missy’s sexual harassment lawsuit against WCW cost her a shot at coming into the WWF in 1994.) When they finally met, they’ve become inseparable.

What lead to them leaving ECW off and on? There isn’t a person in this business who could tell you they’ve never done drugs, so that’s why it pissed her off that Paul E. came up to her and said “You’re on this… you’re out two months.” She claims she’s never done hard drugs, though.

How did both she and Missy Hyatt get mixed into doing the drugs like everybody thinks? If you hang out with people who do them, you eventually get sucked in. If you take downers, it’s because you don’t want to deal with the fallout of celebrity. Sunny was first introduced to drugs when she was the Clique chick in the WWF. She takes offense at the term “drugs” being used because what she used WAS prescription stuff, although not her prescription. She says she’s never done pot, coke, or other hard drugs.

Were drugs her downfall in the WWF? Yes and no. She was taking Somas and drinking at the time until Vince McMahon came down on it.

What does she say to people who claim that Candido’s career was hurt by her being with him? That’s bullshit. They were financial backers of ECW.

The promo on TNN about her substance abuse- Paul wanted them to do it in order to shock people. She doesn’t regret doing it. That whole promo was from the heart, though.

Was it true that Paul E. wouldn’t take her back unless she was going to college? Not true, although he wanted her to continue school.

What does she think about ECW as a whole and does she regret leaving the WWF? She doesn’t regret leaving because they had nothing for her to do. If she was still there now, she’d be one of about 57 Divas that aren’t even featured now and would have still quit.

How did her decision to enter WCW come around? Kevin Sullivan was booking and wanted them in, but Paul E. wouldn’t give them a release for four months. She’s not sure if Paul E. was messing with them, though. Nash and Hall had grown up by the time they came in, so they all got along fine.

Initial impressions of Vince Russo, Hulk Hogan, and Eric Bischoff- She knew Russo from the WWF and had fought with him a lot there. She apologized for all the fighting they did in the WWF and then they were fine. “Bischoff is a complete jackass” who has no clue about the business and is only in it for himself and doesn’t care about anyone else. Hogan was great.

How was she treated by the locker room? Everyone called her Sunny, even Ric Flair, despite the fact that she worked as Tammy there. She got along with everyone, though.

What were the plans for them when they came in? She doesn’t think there were any. They just had jobs.

What happened with Kimberly Page? Some drug paraphernalia was left in the women’s locker room and Kim Page told Bischoff that Sunny had left it behind. She offered to take a drug test to prove it wasn’t her and did so, and she passed with flying colors. Scott Steiner actually threatened to kill Diamond Dallas Page and DID chase Kim out of the building because of the whole situation, which lead to Kim quitting the company. Scott also threatened to kill Diamond Dallas Page over the whole situation.

How hard was it for her when Chris Candido was regularly in WCW and she wasn’t? She was still on the road with him, but she was enjoying her break at the same time.

How would she describe her battles with drug addiction? She wouldn’t describe it like that, but it was more of an anxiety reliever.

Describe the rise and fall of Tammy Sytch- The rise? “Ask any guy that watched me.” The fall? “There hasn’t been one. Go to because it’s just been a lapse, a break, some time off.”

What does she plan on doing in the next two? Making a lot of money, driving her Jaguar/Shaguar convertible, buying her bay house, etc.

How does Candido and her family feel about the website? She doesn’t think her family knows about it. Candido told her “If you can buy me a Lincoln Navigator, you can buy yourself a Jag, and we can buy that bay house, then okay.” She’s waited 10 years since Playboy made the offer for her. She never claimed that she would never do Playboy, but rather that she wasn’t ready for it then.

How did she meet up with Missy? When she was working for the WWF, Missy came up to her and started talking to her and they got along right away. They talk on the phone all day every day, they hang out all the time, etc. Candido used to have a poster of Missy on his wall when he was 18 and dating Sunny, and she made him take it down. Now he says “I can’t believe how close you are with Missy.”

Where is Candido these days? He’s with New Japan Pro Wrestling and is an assistant booker to Jushin “Thunder” Liger.

What would she do differently in her career if she had the chance? She’d want another nose job. She also would have saved more of her money, because she paid half a million dollars cash for a home back when she was 25. She sold it in the past year because of all the money that ECW owed her and their accountants and lawyers refused to reimburse her for.

Memories of good road stories? In Toronto, there was a twelve passenger van with her, Candido, Davey Boy Smith, the Smoking Gunns, Marty Janetty, Al Snow, Dustin Runnels (Goldust), and there was a van behind them with Owen Hart and some guy he knew that was driving him around. They had the windows open and were shooting roman candles at the van Owen was in, and they were on the highway so cars behind them were swerving around. Marty and Dustin were wrestling between the seats and broke some of them, Davey Boy broke one of the windows, etc. Once there was a lull, Marty set off some smoke bombs when no one was looking. The van was totally messed up and Davey brought it back to the rental place and started talking about how they’d rented it to him all messed up and he had his family in there, etc. He hadn’t paid for the van, but got reimbursed for the cost on his credit card AND got a month of free rentals from the company.

Her happiest moment in wrestling- Her video, her one hour video. She watched it every day.

What was the key to her success? She doesn’t know because she never really had to try. It was natural for her.

What is her relationship with Paul E. today? They talked briefly recently, but they’re not EVER going to do business again after what happened with ECW.

Does she have anything to do with the WWF these days? She calls and talks to Vince McMahon every once in a while to keep the lines of communication open.

Did she call them to offer to help out with the Sable lawsuit? She called Vince up at home and offered to help out. Nothing ever happened with it, though.

What does she think about a comment by Sable in the last six months about how Sunny’s obsessed with her? She says that it’s the other way around, as she only talks about Sable when asked about her in interviews.

Sunny and Missy:

Will the website come back to haunt them? Absolutely not. They debated forever before they did it and now they got a lot of response. They’re making far more than Playboy would pay for it by doing it themselves. Instead of getting flat fees like Playboy pays, they get back-end payments every two weeks. And Sable’s reported million-dollar deal for a shoot is bullshit… it’s closer to $40,000 for a picture spread and another $10,000 for the magazine cover. Hugh Hefner doesn’t have to pay dick because girls beg to be in the magazine in order to jumpstart a potential career.

What has the reaction been from their peers about the website? They’re happy for them.

They start talking about next, but Sunny’s never seen the site. The site had their version of “You know you’re a redneck when…” for ring-rats at the site with entries like “you’ve been on Danny Doring’s condo-cam.”

Is there a market for women’s wrestling these days or is it just for valets? They talk about how Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling is absolute shit. Sunny hates women’s wrestling in general. Missy likes the catfighting aspect because it used to pop the guys, but now there are too many women and no one cares. They don’t use Terri or Jacqueline, Ivory’s doing Tough Enough, etc. Sunny doesn’t Ivory much.

Who are their biggest influences? Sunshine was Missy’s biggest influence, along with the Freebirds. John Tatum taught her carney-speak after she’d been in the business for a while.

What is the biggest misconception about the two of them? Sunny says that everyone thinks that she’s a bitch, but she’s just easy going. Missy says that she IS a bitch, but that everyone thinks that she is a moron. They were the veterans of the ECW locker room at one time and give help to guys on the indy circuit.

What do they think of the guys on the indy circuit? Very few of them have a chance in hell.

Who’s the biggest sexual pig that Sunny’s ever come across? One guy, who’s name she won’t say, grabbed her on the plane one day while everyone else was asleep and said he was going to do her that day.

The weirdest thing that’s ever happened to her- One guy bid $12,000 for Sunny’s original implants on eBay and started harassing her, then it turned out he wanted to pay $100 a month for them.

What advice would they give to women getting into the business today? Go to college. (Both say this at the exact same time)

Thoughts on various women in wrestling-

Chyna- Sunny got along with her fine. Chyna actually pulled Sunny aside one night to talk to her about something and it turned out that one of her breast implants had been punctured and had leaked out, so Sunny told her to see a doctor immediately. (Thankfully for Chyna, it was a saline implant)

Miss Hancock (Stacy Kiebler)- Sunny gets along with her fine. She actually still has one of her itineraries, though, from when she was the road agent for the women in WCW and forgot to give it to her.

Gorgeous George- Missy’s been trying to get her on the site but she’s had legal problems with Randy Savage. George also said at one point that she’d only appear on the site in her underwear to which Missy responded “You’ve already been in a video, nude, playing with yourself. HELLO?!?” George didn’t make a dime off of that video, either. Nice, but very young. Had a lot of funny Randy Savage stories, like about how a guy came up and asked if she was getting her frozen dinners under the door yet (a reference to Randy locking up Miss Elizabeth in a closet when he went to the ring at house shows in the WWF) and how he was a cheap bastard. Apparently, when he went out to eat, he’d have a $200 bill for dinner and would leave a $2 tip, so she’d come back with her own money and pay the rest of the tip.

What are their thoughts on The Rock and other guys on top? Candido and Dr. Tom Pritchard used to train The Rock and Sunny would pay for his dinner three times a week because he was broke. He’s a very, VERY nice person, and his wife is too.

Do they miss the era of the business that they came up in? Yes, both of them do. Sunny wishes she could have worked in Continental, World Class, etc. Missy says she tried to work with Sunny in SMW, but Jim Cornette vetoed it because he couldn’t afford to fly her down. She even offered to use her frequent flyer miles to do it in order to work with Sunny.

If they could thank people right now, who would it be? Sunny thanks Candido, Kevin Sullivan, Jim Cornette, Sherri Martel, and Vince McMahon.

If you could tell someone that they were an asshole or a bitch, who would it be? Sunny- “How long is the tape?” Sable, but that’s about it. Everyone else she’s had a problem with, it’s been worked out either verbally or by Scott Steiner chasing them out of the building.

Greatest rib she’s ever seen or pulled? There was a cake fight at the Gund Arena in Cleveland involving Davey Boy Smith, Owen Hart, Candido, and Tony Garea. There was a sheet cake in the back airbrushed with Bret Hart’s picture on it. Davey Boy had tried to get her to sniff the cake, but she said “Yeah, right, I’m not getting my face shoved in that cake.” She grabbed some cake and shoved it in her face, so he grabbed the cake and started running after her. She eventually got to a dead end, so she begged Davey not to get her. He said “I wasn’t going to get YOU… I was going to get OWEN!” and shoved the cake into Owen, who was standing right next to him. Owen said “Okay, Davey”, so Owen put the cake all over him into Davey’s bag. It just kept going from there until they both ended up in her locker room when they were blown up and saw Candido sitting there, so they both hit Candido in the face with the cake. At that point, Tony Garea walks in yelling “What the HELL is going on here?” It turned out to be the first event in the Gund Arena and it had been heavily decorated for the event, so both her and Davey were fined $500 and had to spend the next three hours cleaning up the mess.

Do they have any regrets? No.

If the WWF called, would they go? Sure, but they figured they don’t have a shot in Hell. Missy talks about how she sucked as an interview back in 1987-88 when they brought her in and that the company had spent a lot of money on the set for the Missy’s Manor segment, so it soured the federation on her. They also wanted to turn her into Honky Tonk Man’s valet, so she went back to work for Eddie Gilbert. They left on amicable terms BUT Missy filed a lawsuit against WCW so the WWF started pretending they’d never heard of her. She proclaims “When you hire a really good Jew attorney, you’re going to get every dime you can out of them.” (She gets away with this because she herself is Jewish.)

Is there anything they’d like to say to their fans or the people watching the tape? Sunny: “To the people who run my website, stop calling me at 5 in the morning. You know who you are.” And to anybody who claimed that Missy couldn’t work, they’re wrong. Missy: “To all those little boys who said they’ve slept with me, yeah… right. And if you have 9 ½ inches, come over because I’ve got a measuring stick.” Sunny: “If you’ve got 9 ½ inches, then she’s probably got a picture of it somewhere.”

In closing, they pimp again.

Wrestling footage:

Due to time constraints, I’ll be cutting this section VERY short.

First, we then cut to an ECW promo with Missy, Joey Styles, Stevie Richards, and Blue Meanie. Nothing too special.

Second is “Hollywood” John Tatum with Missy Hyatt vs. Cowboy Scott Casey with Sunshine in a cage match- This is from World Class. For those like me who haven’t seen John Tatum before, he has the hair of Ric Flair in the 1980s and the body of Ric Flair today IMHO. Tatum wins the match by escaping the cage, then all Hell breaks loose. The Great Kabuki enters the ring and whips the shit out of Casey until the entire face locker room enters the ring to take him on.

Third is some Mid-South / UWF footage. We start out with a video package about the Missy Hyatt vs. Dark Journey. John Tatum ended up losing a Valet For A Day match with Missing Link (Dark Journey’s wrestler) after Eddie Gilbert’s interference backfired. She then turned on Tatum soon afterwards because Link and Journey forced her to do housework on the day she worked for them due to the stipulation of the match Tatum lost. (On a side note, Joel Watts was NOT the person who should have been narrating these video packages.) This leads into the next segment.

Fourth is a John Tatum promo against Missy Hyatt and Eddie Gilbert that leads to a brawl between Gilbert and Tatum as well as Journey and Hyatt. Missing Link then clears the ring so that Journey and Hyatt can brawl. This becomes a mixed tag match with Eddie Gilbert and Missy Hyatt vs. Missing Link and Dark Journey. Jack Victory and Tatum then get involved, beating on Missing Link then Eddie Gilbert. There’s no decision announced but Journey and Link have their hands raised, which makes me think that they won due to a DQ when Victory and Tatum got involved.

Fifth is Hot Stuff Incorporated (Eddie Gilbert, Sting, and Rick Steiner) with Missy Hyatt vs. Missing Link and the Fantastics (Bobby Fulton and Tommy Rogers) with Dark Journey in a six-man elimination match- If the faces lose, Dark Journey will be painted yellow. Missing Link is DQ’ed after all six men end up in the ring and he does a top-rope head butt on Sting (For those who have watched WCW under Watts, that wasn’t the only time he had the Top Rope DQ in effect). Bobby Fulton is DQ’ed after he backdrops Eddie Gilbert over the top rope. John Tatum and Jack Victory then piledrive Tommy Rogers on the floor while the referee is distracted. Rick Steiner pulls Rogers back into the ring and abuses him for a while before doing a belly-to-belly suplex and deciding to tag Eddie Gilbert in to get the pin. He does a cocky cover and doesn’t hook the legs, yet still gets the pin. Hot Stuff International gets ready to paint Journey, but the faces re-enter the ring to fight it out and time runs out for TC that week.

Sixth is from World Class in which Missy slaps around Sunshine while John Tatum holds her, until Missing Link comes in to make the save. I definitely understand why Missy has referred to Tatum sounding as if he was speaking with a mouthful of marbles in her previous interview.

Seventh is a promo in which Tammy Fytch (Sunny) files a sexual discrimination lawsuit against Smoky Mountain Wrestling. She DEFINITELY nails the “Northern bitch” image Jim Cornette wanted her to have, as she starts pushing how she’s going to Wellsley, the same college that her personal hero, Hillary Clinton, attended. This promo is included "Blood, Brawls, and Grudges", one of the Wrestling Gold series of DVDs released by VCI, with commentary by Jim Cornette and Dave Meltzer.

Eighth is a promo with Brian Lee that is interrupted by Tammy Fytch. Fytch tries to get Lee to become her first client, but commissioner Bob Armstong comes out to interrupt her and says that the SMW lawyers said to give her leeway, but not to interrupt wrestlers’ promos when they have a title match later that night. Lee then cuts off Armstrong and tells Fytch that if he wants to have a woman tell him what to do, he’ll get married, and that she isn’t his type.

Ninth is a SWM “press conference” where Fytch announces that she’ll be managing “Prime Time” Brian Lee in between Hillary Clinton praise and cracks about the rednecks attending the SMW matches. We then get footage of Brian Lee vs. Dirty White Boy for the “Beat the Champ” TV Title where Tracy Smothers gets involved, a promo with Lee and Tracy Smothers, and Lee beating the crap out of Smothers in the ring to support his heel turn. We then get footage of Sunny in a bikini showing how she’s able to control Lee.

Tenth is a promo with Lee, Fych, Smothers, and George South. Eventually, a brawl breaks out, Fytch sprays Smothers in the eyes, and Lee beats the crap out of him.

Eleventh is a Fytch promo about the upcoming Harlan Street Fight between Brian Lee with Fytch vs. Dirty White Boy with the Dirty White Girl.

Twelfth is a video package of Fytch’s experiences in SMW to the Spin Doctors’ “Little Miss Can’t-Be-Wrong”, a song that is DEFINITELY in character. Fytch then cuts a promo about how SMW is trying to make her look bad by making that video about her and using a song that calls her a bitch. It is then tied back into the upcoming chain match between Brian Lee and Dirty White Boy. Lee and Fytch leave while arguing, showing there’s trouble in paradise for the wrestler-manager relationship.

Thirteenth is a training video of Fytch and Lee working out to the theme from Rocky. There are two big highlights of the segment. First is Fytch apparently riding an exercise bike reading the magazine “Bitch Bitch Bitch” when the camera pans down to show Candido pedaling the bike for her with his hands. The second is Fytch doing situps only to pan over and see her dabbing nail polish on her toenails every time makes it all the way up. They then show Fytch a copy of Dirty White Girl’s training tape and she starts freaking out because she sees DWG boxing and lifting weights in it.

Fourteenth is a Dirty White Boy match with Fytch doing commentary. Dirty White Girl comes out and starts challenging Fytch, at which point Lee grabs DWG from behind and Fytch rips her blouse off.

Fifteenth is an interview moderated by “Dirty” Dutch Mantel with Brian Lee and Tammy Fytch. Fytch immediately starts bitching about how their upcoming mixed tag match against the Dirty White Boy and Dirty White Girl is a “Strip the clothes match”, as in every women’s TV match in the WWE since Jerry Lawler coined the term “puppies”. She then starts making wisecracks about how you can throw a $10 bill at the Dirty White Girl and she’ll strip right in the middle of the ring and wonders what she’ll do for a $20. Dirty White Girl then rushes the ring and Brian Lee holds her, but Dirty White Boy runs out and beats the crap out of Lee, stripping him.

Sixteenth is a fancam of ECW match with Candido and Sunny against Lance Storm and Dawn Marie. I’m cutting to the finish because this shitty camera work is giving me motion sickness. Sunny waffles Storm with a foreign object to get the pin, then she strips dawn marie after the match to a bra and her thong.

Seventeenth is the controversial interview from ECW where Paul E. exposes Sunny’s problems to the world for a cheap rating. I’m fast-forwarding through it because I’m not in the mood to watch this scumbag tactic.

Eighteenth is another Candido with Sunny vs. Lance Storm with Dawn Marie match. Lance Storm gets the win by using a Cradle Piledriver (Jerry Lynn’s finisher) to put Candido out for the three.

Thoughts- I’m not sure what to think about this one. It had all the elements for a great shoot (Controversial, honest, funny), yet it just doesn’t feel right. I think the exploitation surrounding Tammy’s substance abuse problems really soured me on the shoot as a whole. When you add that to the fact that the shoot started losing steam halfway through Tammy’s solo shoot and the fact that Missy’s half of the post-interview wrestling footage sucked, it doesn’t get much better. I’ll stick with a rating of Recommended, if only because nothing involved was offensively bad.


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