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WWE Confidential December 28, 2002 (Repeat July 20, 2002)
Posted by Retro Rob on Dec 29, 2002, 21:53

WWE Confidential: July 20, 2002

Gene recaps the Eric Bischoff-Vince McMahon saga.

Cover Story: Eric Bischoff
Eric's biggest fear on Monday night was that none of the fans would react to him showing up. It wasn't hard for Eric to sign with the WWE, but it was different. Vince is optimistic about their working relationship. Vince met Bischoff for the first time five minutes before they hugged. JR talked with the Superstars and in general they weren't really pissed off about Bischoff signing. JR isn't ready to have Christmas dinner with Eric, but he does respect some of his accomplishments. Eric goes back to Monday Nitro's debut. Ted Turner asked Eric what he was going to do with two hours every Monday Night, so Eric decided to do things different than the WWF, which led to Nitro going live. Vince talks about the dirty tricks. The clip of Madusa throwing out the WWF Women's Title is shown. Eric doesn't regret anything. The clip of Tony revealing that Mick Foley would win the WWF Title follows. Eric considers giving out the results of Raw was kind of a lousy thing to do. Several years ago, Vince thought the WWF was better than the WCW, but the ratings didn't agree. Eric remembers leaving a message on Vince's answering machine during the WCW win streak just to piss him off. Vince doesn't think Raw would have been the same without Nitro. Many of his co-workers told Eric to never even begin to compete with the WWF.

Segment 1: 1/1

Part 2 of the Torrie Wilson Story
Torrie goes back to her modeling history. Torrie was asked to lose 5 lbs., she lost 10 instead and the modeling agency told her that she looked great. She thought that meant the more weight she lost, the better she would look. Torrie refused to eat for a while. Her mom recalls Torrie being hungry on Thanksgiving, yet she only took a teaspoon of each piece of food. Her friends and family used to look out for her. When they told her she looked sickly, she took that as a compliment. Torrie was also an exercise freak. Torrie ended up in the hospital at one point for dehydration. Torrie talks about forcing herself to throw up after talking. After that, the modeling agency told her to stop losing weight because she looked sick. From there, Torrie began to follow the diet of more muscular women. Torrie considers her escape from her eating disorder a miracle. She thinks the years she spent losing weight were wasted.

Segment 2: 1.5/2

Before They Were Superstars: Chris Nowinski
Chris remembers his childhood was very sheltered. His mom actually says that he was a boring kid. Although Chris was athletic and bright, he never really achieved much social success. He partially blames that on his mom's early curfews and he taking him to various places with her. His sisterís both thought that he was a nerd in high school. Chris was the best football player in his high school and he finished 9th in a class of 400. Harvard actually called him, so he accepted their offer. He slacked off throughout his freshmen year, but from there he became more of a team player. Once he graduated from Harvard he had a pharmaceutical job set up. He never really wanted a desk job, so he went to Killer Kowalski's school and trained to become a wrestler. Chris' interest in wrestling started late in his life because his mother never allowed him to watch it at home. After 3 months with Kowalski, Chris got picked up by Tough Enough, which is were he learned how important relationships are in the wrestling world.

Segmet 3: 2.5/3

Mean Gene begins the segment by saying that Eric Bischoff's road to success started when he auditioned for an on-air role with the WWF and didn't get the job. Unbelievable how the WWE will take credit for ANYTHING.

Part of Eric's audition is shown and I can see why the WWE didn't sign him. HE WAS TALKING ABOUT A BROOM! Vince doesn't recall the audition. Hell, Vince doesn't remember why he didn't sign Eric back in 1990. Looking back at it, Bischoff is happy that the WWF didn't pick him up. Vince put his ego on the side when he signed Eric because he will do whatever it takes to save the WWE. McMahon brings up how he had just as many problems with Hulk Hogan as he did with Eric Bischoff. Eric and Vince both agree that *technically* WCW didn't steal any wrestlers. Eric knew that WCW didn't bring in very much money with PPV and merchandising, so he had to offer wrestlers guarantees, which Vince couldn't afford to do. Recap of the Hall/Nash invasion. Vince was pissed off that WCW used the Razor Ramon and Diesel character for several weeks. Vince admits to being worried about the WWF going out of business. Eric thinks that most of the people who used to have problems with him don't anymore because several years have gone by since then. I doubt Ric Flair feels that way.

Segment 4: 3.5/4

I've barely been able to wait a whole week for the BRADSHAW-LINDA MILES basketball game. The Coach decides that they should play "WWE" instead of "TEXAS" this time and Linda gives herself a "W". Linda quickly ends up losing the game. Bradshaw tells that although she is good, he is a tremendous athlete. OK, that sucked.

Segment 5: 3.5/5

Eric Bischoff is back and is looking forward to speaking with Bill Goldberg about his possible return to wrestling.

Next Week: The Fall of WCW

Segment 6: 4/6


Good show this week with an interesting ending. I'm really looking forward to next Saturday though. That should be a dandy.

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