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WWE Heat Recap: February 9th, 2003
Posted by Peter "FakeRazor" Ramon on Feb 10, 2003, 18:21

I’m afraid that I am the bearer of bad news this week. One of my all time favorite wrestlers, and I’m sure many of yours, Curt Hennig, better known as Mr. Perfect was found dead in his Florida hotel room this morning at 9:30. Details seem to be sketchy as to how he died. This just comes as a total and utter shock to me, and I’m sure a shock to all of you reading this (who haven’t read this on some other site already). RIP, Curt Hennig, a great performer and a loveable guy. You’ll truly be missed by your friends, family, and your adoring fans.

As much as this saddens me, I’ve still got my Heat recap to do...

The show starts off with Eric Bischoff and Sean Morley talking on the phone, which was hilariously dubbed over in Spanish, in a WCW-esque production error.

Your hosts are Jonathan Coachman and Lita.

Chris Nowinski is here to start things off. His opponent is Tommy Dreamer.

Match One: Chris Nowinski vs. Tommy Dreamer
Nowinski gets his ass out of the ring until Dreamer puts his Singapore cane down. “E-C-DUB!” chants fill the arena. Tie-up to start, Nowinski gets backed into the corner. Dreamer tries to hit Nowinski, but Nowinski cowers. Kick to the midsection, takedown by Nowinski. Nowinski slaps Dreamer in the back, and gets his ass out of the ring when he sees Dreamer’s face. Waistlock takedown by Dreamer. Dreamer kicks Nowinski in the ass to anger him, and follows it up with an armdrag into an armbar. Nowinski reaches the ropes and Dreamer breaks at 3. Dreamer drops Nowinski’s arm over the top rope and pulls him back into the ring. Nowinski throws Dreamer into the corner and stomps away. Foot choke by Nowinski, broken at four, followed by a baseball slide to the outside. Scoop slam by Nowinski on the outside. Cover by Nowinski with both feet on the ropes, Dreamer kicks out at 2. Double axehandle off the top rope by Nowinski, followed by a backbreaker for 2. Bearhug by Nowinski. Nowinski takes Dreamer down by his hair, tries for another double axehandle, but Dreamer punches him and hits a neckbreaker, followed by a backdrop. Bulldog by Dreamer for 2. Clothesline by Nowinski, and he goes for the Singapore cane. Nowinski swings, misses, and Dreamer DDT’s Nowinski on the Singapore Cane for the win. Not bad. *1/4

Oooh, aren’t we lucky? Sargent Slaughter is wrestling tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ugh....

Batista and Spike Dudley also have a match tonight. EVOLUTION = Wrestling on Heat, I guess.

A segment for Scott Steiner at The World airs.

Here comes Rico for a match with... Brian Danielson, better known to everyone as ROH and various other Independent promotions star, American Dragon. He also jobbed to someone on Velocity last night. This should be pretty good.

Match Two: Rico vs. American Dragon
Tie-up to start, side headlock by Rico. Dragon fights out, and locks Rico in his own headlock. Dragon takes Rico down with a Shoulderblock. Arm wringer by Rico, rolled through by Dragon, into a snapmare and a rear chinlock. Rico fights out, causing Dragon to bridge up. American Dragon tries for an Ace Crusher, but Rico blocks it. Dragon shoves Rico into the ropes, tries for a rollup, but Rico holds on. Nice dropkick by Dragon. He tries for a splash in the corner, but Rico moves, and Rico hits a few karate kicks to take Dragon down. Cover by Rico for 2. Short arm Clothesline by Rico. Rico works on Dragon in the corner, followed by an attempted Crucifix Powerbomb, but Dragon hops off the second rope, jumping over Rico and hits a NICE Backdrop Suplex. He holds on and picks up a two count. That was pretty sweet. Rico hits a spin kick followed by a kick to the face for two. Rico stomps away on Dragon, followed by a knee to the back. Dragon kicks out of it, but gets clotheslined for two. Rico whips Dragon to the corner, but gets kicked in the face and thrown into the turnbuckle. Enziguri by Dragon, but he can’t capitalize. European Uppercuts by Dragon, followed by a whip, reversed, slide under by Dragon followed by another uppercut. Rico gets whipped into the corner and splashed. NICE Snap Suplex by Dragon for two, and the crowd is into him. Dragon shoulder blocks Rico, but it has little effect. Dragon goes off the ropes, but gets hit with the spin kick by Rico for the win. Good match for the short amount of time it was given.

Another Nathan Jones vignette airs.

RAW Recap: Bookdust bites the dust
I thought Bookdust was a strange pairing at first, but like many of you, I grew to love them. I’ll miss the pairing of Goldust and Booker T, but it’ll be nice to see Booker T finally move onto bigger and hopefully better things.

This brought us to...

Goldust is electrocuted:
It was a pretty lame visual, and hopefully it doesn’t lead to some pretty lame angle. Goldust sold it well, even if the electrocution looked pretty stupid.

Commercial for Before They Were Superstars 2.

Stacker 2 Burn of the Night:
Scott Steiner goes over Chris Jericho cleanly, and I go home pissed off...

I think this is Ric Flair’s ONLY appearance on Heat, and rightfully so. He’s here to manage Batista, who has EVOLVED into wrestling in the second match from the top.... on HEAT.

His opponent is... Spike Dudley. Man, I hate Spike, but at least he’ll be getting squashed here. If he gets off ANY offense, then they’re totally ruining Batista’s monster image.

Match Three: Spike Dudley vs. Batista
Spike tries to lock in a headlock on Batista, but Batista picks him up, whips him and hits a shoulder block. He clubs Spike in the back. Whip by Batista, and Spike rolls out of the ring. Spike drops a leg and hits a dropkick, both of which Batista doesn’t sell. He throws Spike across the ring a few times and whips him hard into the corner. The crowd totally isn’t paying attention to the match. They’re popping the hell out of Ric Flair with “WOOOOOOOs!” Batista stomps away on Spike and hits a short arm clothesline. Spike rolls out of the ring again, wincing in pain. Military press by Batista, but Spike jumps down. He tries for the Dudley Dog, but gets thrown out of it and speared by Batista. Stiff Sit out Powerbomb by Batista for the win.
Squash, no rating.

RAW Recap: Bischoff hunts for Austin
The best part of this, hands down, was BEAUFORD, who looked to be related to Jim Ross.

Oh, then they recap Vince McMahon’s appearance on RAW with Sean Morley.

Steven Richards vs. SARGE is next.

WWE Rewind:
Shawn Michaels superkicks Jeff Hardy’s worthless ass.

Here comes Steven Richards for his match with former WWF champion, Sgt. Slaughter. He gets decent heat. SARGE gets a nice pop from the crowd.

Main Event: Sgt. Slaughter vs. Steven Richards
The crowd chants “USA!” as Slaughter enters the ring. They must not remember that years back when the other Bush was in office, he sided with Iraq. Slaughter yells at Richards before the match and asks him to stand at attention, but Richards shoves him and taunts him. Sarge takes off his hat, and IT’S ON! Tie-up to start, and Slaughter powers Richards into the corner. Tie-up again, with Richards getting shoved into the corner again. Richards tries for a clothesline, but misses, and Sarge locks in the Cobra Clutch! Richards gets to the ropes, and Sarge has to break. Tie-up a gain, kick to the midsection by Slaughter, followed by a club to the back. Richards kicks Slaughter, but Slaughter stays right on him with another club to the back, and more boring brawling. Sarge chops Richards in the corner a few times, and thus far, ti’s been all Sarge. Richards whips Sarge into the corner, who actually flies over the top rope and crashes all the way to the floor. Richards is in command with some elbow drops for two. Snapmare by Richards, and he locks in the Camel Clutch, Iron Sheik’s move, which prompts a “USA!” chant again. Sarge fights out of the Camel Clutch, bur Richards scoop slams him. Richards mounts the second rope, but gets kicked in the face when he jumps off. Sarge hits Richards with some rights and a clothesline. Sarge calls for the Cobra Clutch... and locks it in!. Richards..... taps? WHA???? That sure made no sense, I thought for sure that Richards would win... Slaughter just... SQUASHED RICHARDS? WHAT THE HELL??!?!?!

Mediocre show this week. American Dragon and Rico had a nice match, and Dreamer and Nowinski put on a decent show. The Batista squash and the SLAUGHTER squash put bad vibes on the show as a whole though. I’ve got no problem with Slaughter climbing into the ring every now and then for the hell of it, but he shouldn’t BEAT anyone.

Peter "FakeRazor" Ramon

As always, you can reach me here.

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