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From JHawk's Beak: ROH Round Robin Challenge
Posted by Jared "JHawk" Hawkins on Feb 13, 2003, 13:01

From JHawk's Beak: ROH Round Robin Challenge
by Jared "JHawk" Hawkins

Normally I'd go into some long introductory thing here, but hell, this one's going to be long enough as it is, so let's just get to the heart of it.

I know what you're all thinking. "I thought Dames was going to do the Ring of Honor shows." Well, Dames has his reasons why he has yet to do them (and if he feels up to telling you guys, that's up to him), and since he hasn't actually done them, I've been asked to step in for him. Those of you who are unfamiliar with Ring of Honor should check out Dames' Diatribe of The Era of Honor Begins before reading this, but the short version: This federation was started by the gang from RFVideo as an outlet for those fans who are sick of "sports entertainment". That alone was almost enough for me to start following them. Since then, ROH has become pretty much the smark darling of independent federations, and with them sharing talent with not only NWATNA but also the FWA in the United Kingdom, they've yet to put on what anybody considers to be a bad show. One of the better ones that I've seen is this little number right here.

Let's begin, shall we?

ROH Round Robin Challenge (3/30/2002)
from the Murphy Recreation Center (Philadelphia, PA)

At the Era of Honor begins, Low-Ki, Christopher Daniels, and The American Dragon did battle in a kickass three way dance, won by Low-Ki when he pinned Daniels. However, Daniels refused to abide by the Code of Honor, claiming that since it took two people to beat him, then there was no honor in taking the fall. The man has a point. He claimed he could beat both Dragon and Low-Ki in singles matches, which were immediately agreed upon. Dragon and Low-Ki also agreed to face each other to complete the round robin style main event. There isn't any sort of point system for this event that's ever mentioned, but each man must wrestle twice before the night is over.

We begin with Christopher Daniels lambasting the Code of Honor, saying he's here to win matches and not shake hands. So tonight, Low-Ki and American Dragon should say their prayers.

A quick recap of The Era of Honor Begins leads us into a quick look at tonight's show.

Da Hit Squad head outside to the arena to greet the crowd as they wait to enter the building. Now, they did this before the first show and it was shown on the tape, but after you've seen it once, it's probably better served as a DVD extra than as part of the actual show. People from Philadelphia, Boston, New York, and "fucking Wisconsin" have made the trip to Philly tonight. They lead an "ROH" chant, but a couple of people chant "ECW" in an attempt to be funny.

Let's remind you quickly about the Code of Honor:

1. Competitors must shake hands before and after each match.
2. No interfering in matches or having others interfere on your behalf.
3. No harming a referee or causing others to harm an official.
4. No sneak attacks.
5. Any violation will result in a DQ.

And one additional rule. Technically there is no countout in Ring of Honor, but a referee can disqualify you if he feels you're abusing the rule by staying outside too long. That's actually a nice touch, as it gives guys who are knocked silly a chance to recover but doesn't allow for intentional stalling.

Backstage, Quiet Storm wants to try a Phenomenal Stretch (crossface chickenwing) on Chris Divine, but The American Dragon shows him how to properly do it.

Your broadcasters tonight are Eric Gargulio and Steve Corino.

Round Robin Challenge Match #1 scheduled for one fall with a one hour time limit: "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels vs. The American Dragon

Daniels refuses the prematch handshake. Daniels gets some punches in early and gets a quick leg lariat for 2. Dragon comes back with a double forearm that sends Daniels reeling. Into a wrestling sequence that ends with Daniels getting a hammerlock. Dragon counters into a single-leg takedown, then he locks in a sleeper, but Daniels gets to the ropes to force the break. Test of strength. Dragon uses a back heel trip out of it for 2. Daniels fights to his feet and does his own back heel trip for 2. Dragon bridges out of it and holds the bridge when Daniels jumps on top. Dragon maneuvers into a crippler crossface, but Daniels is able to roll Dragon onto his shoudlers for 2. Side headlock by Dragon. Rollover by Daniels for 2, and Dragon maintains the headlock. Hard shoulderblock, then a headlock takedown for 2 and holding the headlock. Daniels out of it, but Dragon floats over and uses another headlock takedown. Daniels counters into a headscissors, but Dragon maneuvers back into the headlock. Daniels gets out of the headlock, but gets caught with a huge dropkick for 2. Back to the headlock, but Daniels breaks it into a vicious back suplex. Crevatte by Daniels, then a snap mare into a neck vice. Kneedrop for 2, and Daniels is working the neck to set up the Angel's Wings. Turnbuckle smash, followed by some chops. Dragon with chops of his own, but Daniels levels Dragon with a forearm to regain the advantage. Backdrop suplex for 2. Into a chinlock. Back into a crevatte. Dragon rolls out of it and clotheslines Daniels. Dragon goes for a back suplex, but Daniels counters into a version of the Final Cut for 2. Daniels goes back to work on the neck. Head and arm submission, and Dragon's shoulders occasionally fall to the mat for two counts. Dragon elbows out of it. Daniels goes for a backslide, but Dragon flips over and turns it into a belly-to-belly suplex. Dragon finally comes back with some chops and a clothesline. Elbowsmash. Knee to the midsection. More chops. Corner whip followed by a forearm smash. Dragon wants a suplex, but favors the neck and can't take him over. He uses a DDT instead. Subtle. I like it. Up to the top for the Swan Dive Headbutt and a count of 2. Daniels blocks a roaring elbow and legsweeps Dragon down, then a springboard moonsault for a count of 2. Dragon comes back with some kicks to the thighs, then gets a roaring elbow for 2. They exchange chops in the center of the ring. Hard clothesline by Daniels for a count of 2. Spinning Blue Thunder Bomb for 2. Dragon hooks the arms and goes for the Cattle Mutilation (a double underhook submission with a bridge), but he can't hook hold the bridge because of the bad neck. Dragon suplex attempt, but Daniels hooks the bottom rope to block. Daniels with a piledriver for 2. Daniels with a cross facelock, and that gets Dragon to tap at 14:22. Very good opener. ***3/4 Postmatch, Daniels grabs the stick, and he wants Dragon to abide by the Code of Honor since he just tapped out. Dragon reluctantly shakes Daniels' hand in a show of class. Daniels is so awesome in this role.

Prince Nana and Eric Tuttle (best known as the Towel Boy for ECW) are backstage, and Tuttle shines Nana's shoes with a towel.

C.W. Anderson is scheduled for a tag team match with Joey Matthews and Christian York, and because there are no handicap matches in ROH, he has to find a partner. He's so confident, he gets one of the ring boys to be his partner.

Prince Nana and "Towel Boy" Eric Tuttle (w/Simply Luscious) vs. Da Hit Squad

Luscious is a graduate of the Texas Wrestling Academy and made the drive from San Antonio, but is only at ringside here because that was the only slot left on the show. Of course, last month Tuttle got decimated by the Prince in about one move flat, so they're teaming tonight. Nana grets the stick and insults the crowd for awhile because they have no respect for a prince. Nana says he doesn't want to shake hands, so DHS attacks from behind. Doesn't that violate the Code of Honor? Hard double shoulderblock to the prince. Mafia with a figure-four as Monsta Mack hits a frog splash. Mafia spears Tuttle hard, and a wheelbarrow suplex/clothesline combo! Tuttle has been left alone by Nana, and Mafia takes Tuttle down with the Burning Hammer, and Monsta Mack mercifully pins him at 1:49. DUD

Backstage, Buff E is talking to the sound guy, and sure enough, "YMCA" hits and The Christopher Street Connection (Buff E and Mase) make their way to the ring. If you recall, last month DHS cleared the ring of the CSC as a way of showing that "sports entertainment will not be tolerated". So the CSC is brought back. I guess it's an OK idea to get it over, but why bring them in at all? Mafia grabs Tuttle and tosses him over the top rope, and he's apparently supposed to land on Nana and the CSC but doesn't get anywhere near them. Luscious hops into the ring, and she gets caught. Mafia wants a Burning Hammer, but Monsta Mack stops it...just long enough to press slam her over the top rope and onto the wrestlers at ringside. Nana drags Luscious by her hair caveman style to the back. DHS makes sure to shake the unconscious Tuttle's hand on their way to the back as the Tuttle (Buff E teases a blowjob) and carry him to the back. Buff E then attempts to demonstrate CPR before Nana gets Tuttle out of Dodge. Buff E decides to just perform CPR on Mase instead.

The Boogie Knights (Danny Drake and Mike Tobin) discuss how to keep themselves from getting killed by the Natural Born Sinners, and their strategy is to try to steal their chainsaw. However, they've already replaced it with a rubber chicken. We hear the chainsaw off-camera, so the Knights grab the chicken and run, but Drake drops it.

Christian York and Joey Matthews cut a quick promo.

One fall: Christian York and Joey Matthews vs. Elax and "The Enforcer" C.W. Anderson

If you followed ECW, you're probably aware of York, Matthews, and Anderson. I'd never seen Elax prior to this and have no idea about his pre-ROH background. Anderson and Matthews start. Wrestling sequence to begin. Anderson wants the spinebuster, but Matthews blocks it, so Anderson settles for a clothesline. Suplex attempt, but Matthews floats behind and takes Anderson down with a flying headscissors. York in, and a double dropkick. Elax is in, and York with a somersault legdrop for 2. Delayed double gourdbuster, followed by a double suplex, but Anderson is in to buy his partner some time with a superkick to York and an arm stunner to Matthews. Anderson tahs back in and goes after Matthews. Hammerlock bodyslam for 2. Anderson locks in an armbar. Tag to Elax, who continues to work the left arm. Matthews fights out of it. Elax is able to make the tag, and a big left hand by CW knocks Matthews down. Anderson places Matthews on the top rope, but Matthews tosses him off...but CW is able to crotch Matthews on the turnbuckle and take him down with a delayed superplex. I absolutely love that move! That only gets 2. Matthews reverses a corner whip but gets caught with an elbow. But Matthews gets a reverse neckbreaker. Hot tag to York, who works over both opponents. Gory special onto Elax, but Anderson gets a Ferris Wheel suplex for 2. Anderson goes for a spinebuster, but Matthews hits a bulldog from behind and covers for 2. Elax comes off the top with a missile dropkick as Anderson hits York with the spinebuster, and Matthews makes the save. Cheap shot by Elax, but Matthews reverses a whip and sends Anderson into Elax. Problem solver, and York pins Anderson at 7:04. Decent when Anderson was in the ring, but you can tell how green Elax is at this point. *1/2 After the handshakes, CW accuses Elax of costing an Anderson the match and cheap shots because of it. Hard spinebuster!

Xavier cuts a promo about his upcoming match withs James "Nunzio" Maritato.

James Maritato cuts a promo discussing how it's time to drop the Little Guido gimmick and get back to his roots with shootfighting group UWFI. The idea was for Maritato to stop being a comedy act, which was basically pissed away when he signed with WWE and became a comedy act.

One fall: Xavier vs. "The Sicilian Shooter" James Maritato

This was supposed to be Scoot Andrews' chance at avenging his defeat to Xavier at the Era of Honor Begins, but he suffered a broken leg a few weeks earlier and couldn't compete. Huge "A.C. Slater" chants for Xavier before the bell. Wrestling sequence to start. Xavier goes for the left arm and locks in a headlock. Reversal sequence ends in with Maritato locking in a Fujiwara armbar. Each man exchanges mounted punches for a while before Xavier rolls to the floor for a Tastykake break. Maritato slingshots him back into the ring and locks in a headscissors. Xavier breaks it into a bow-and-arrow, but Maritato flips out and covers for 2. Xavier tries a corner whip off a handshake, but it's reversed. Maritato is flipped over the top rope and brought back in with a hanging DDT. Series of forearms and a cover for 2. Knee strikes to the head. Running forearm smash and another count of 2. Slaps to the chest. Maritato is placed on the second rope, and Xavier goes for a handstand headscissors, but Maritato locks in a Boston crab while sitting on the top turnbuckle. He lets go, and a dropkick to the face gets 2. Xavier reverses a corner whip and gets a backdrop for 2. Russian legsweep, followed by a back suplex. Xavier apparently wants a shoulderbreaker, but Maritato counters with a spinning DDT. Xavier rolls out of the ring, but Maritato dives on top of him. Back in, and Maritato locks in the Mutalock. Maritato releases and covers for 2. Xavier locks in a cobra clutch, but Maritato springs off the turnbuckle and armdrags out of it. Maritato goes for the Kiss of Death, but Xavier blocks it with a knee. Reversal sequence, and Maritato falls to the mat for a kick-off, but Xavier hops over and falls back into a cradle for the win at 7:00. I've never been too high on Xavier, but this wasn't that bad. **

Earlier this evening, Frank Talent of the Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission goes over the ground rules, including "If you curse in the ring, your match is over." Spanky (Brian Kendrick) is listening to his Walkman while brushing his teeth and not paying any attention.

The Natural Born Sinners threaten to kill the Boogie Knights.

One fall: The Boogie Knights vs. The Natural Born Sinners

Last month, The Boogie Knights were squashed by Homicide and Boogalou, but the Sinners got themselves disqualified for using a rubber chicken. The Sinners reacted by beating up poor referee H.C. Loc. Two Code of Honor violations in one five minute match. Boogalou immediately takes Tobin over with an Exploder suplex, and Homicide beats Tobin with the chicken. Drake reluctantly tags himself in. Drake wants to go amateur style, but he takes Drake down with a suplex immediately. Homicide is in, and he gets an Exploder suplex of Drake. Tombstone, and off the top with a double stomp. Boogalou and Tobin are tagged in, and he gets double teamed and damn near killed. Boogalou locks in a half nelson suplex and gets assisted by a Homicide clothesline, and Tobin is easily pinned at 2:48. Thank God it was quick. DUD

Low-Ki says he came to Ring of Honor to prove he's the best athlete in the world, and contrary to what Christopher Daniels thinks, Low-Ki was the only one who pinned Daniels last month.

Round Robin Challenge Match #2: Christopher Daniels vs. Low-Ki

Low-Ki wants the handshake, but Daniels slaps the hand away. Low-Ki immediately goes for the Tidal Wave, but Daniels avoids it. He doesn't avoid the roundhouse kick, which gets 2. Low-Ki with more kicks of his own, but Daniels gets one in to back him off. Low-Ki quickly gets the koppo kick in for 2. Chops and forearms by Low-Ki. Headbutts. More chops. Daniels avoids one and gets a knee in, but Low-Ki takes him down and locks in a head and arm submission. Daniels rolls Low-Ki over for 2, but Low-Ki immediately gets in about four or five roundhouse kicks that slump Daniels down face first. Late cover for 2. Chinlock. Front facelock, but Daniels drives him into the corner. Low-Ki hooks Daniels into a triangle choke using the top rope, and then another kick to the face. Daniels is able to counter a charging Low-Ki with a legsweep. Daniels begins to work over the neck a la the earlier match with Dragon. Clothesline for 2. Delayed vertical suplex for 2. Gutwrench suplex, and Daniels locks in a chinlock. Daniels drops Low-Ki onto the top rope and comes off the top with a guillotine legdrop for 2. Half Boston crab. Low-Ki starts to go for the ropes, so Daniels turns the hold into an STF. Low-Ki goes for the ropes again, so Daniels turns it into a bow-and-arrow. Daniels into a falcon arrow for 2. Uranage (aka Rock Bottom). Low-Ki avoids the springboard moonsault, but Daniels lands on his feet...only to be taken down by a spinning roundhouse kick by Low-Ki! My God! Low-Ki goes for the Ki Crusher, but Daniels fights out of it. Low-Ki apparently wants a reverse splash mountain, but Daniels blocks and goes for a dragon sleeper. Low-Ki avoids it and heads up top, but Daniels counters with a palm strike before taking Low-Ki down with...whatever the hell that move is called...for 2. Daniels hits the Angel's Wings, but he doesn't hook the leg, and Low-Ki kicks out at 2. Low-Ki rolls through a sunset flip and takes Daniels down with a Ki Crusher. But Low-Ki is too hurt to cover! Tidal Wave by Low-Ki, but somehow Daniels kicks out at 2. Daniels blocks the Ki Crusher, Ki blocks the Angel's Wings, and Low-Ki is able to maneuver his way into a Dragon Clutch. Daniels has no choice but to tap out at 11:01. How these guys can keep taking stiff shots like that is beyond me! ***1/4 Postmatch, Daniels calls for the mic, and he refuses to shake Low-Ki's hand because he's wrestled twice when Ki's only wrestled once. Daniels refuses to wrestle Low-Ki until the ROH Title is on the line...and there is no ROH Title at this point. Daniels walks backstage and is congratulated by Xavier, but he storms off. He walks past Ryan Shamrock and into the locker room, where he runs into Da Hit Squad, who are PISSED that the Code of Honor has been violated. Like they have any room to talk at this point. The camera tries to follow Daniels, but Spanky stops the camera to audition for American Idol.

At 2:30 this afternoon, there was a little game of two-on-two basketball, and The Amazing Red got into an argument with The SAT at the end of it.

One fall: Chris Marvel vs. Paul London (w/Rudy Boy Gonzalez

Most of you have heard of London by now, and some of you saw him for the first time last night on NWATNA, but this is his debut in ROH. Both of these wrestlers are students at the Texas Wrestling Academy run by Rudy Boy Gonzalez (and formerly Shawn Michaels). Steve Corino spends the entire match insulting Rudy Boy on commentary. Wrestling sequence early on, and they exchange headscissors. Marvel with a monkey flip, and London lands on his feet. London with a side headlock. Marvel throws him off but meets a shoulderblock. Spinning heel kick (that doesn't connect), and a nice dropkick by London. Marvel rolls to the floor, and London takes him down with an Asai moonsault...and breaks Marvel's leg legit as a result. London wins the match by injury at 2:09. No rating due to the nature of the finish.

Jay Briscoe tries to cut a promo, but is interrupted by his brother Mark Briscoe questioning if he can win no matter who the opponent is.

One fall: Jay Briscoe (w/Mark Briscoe) vs. Spanky

Jay Briscoe, of course, lost his match to The Amazing Red at the debut show and some respect from his brother as a result. Spanky, on the other hand, earned an ROH contract with his win in a tag team match the previous month and impressed the crowd in the process. Lockup, and Spanky shoves him at the break. Another lockup, and each man shoves on the break. Spanky with a headlock. Briscoe breaks it with a waistlock then goes for the left arm. Briscoe keeps hold of a standing wristlock. Magistral cradle by Briscoe for a count of 2. Brisco with a go-behind, and Spanky takes him down with an armbar, but Briscoe floats into a reverse headlock. Spanky snap mares him over, but Briscoe locks in a hammerlock, and in turn, Spanky turns it into a standing wristlock. Briscoe with a couple of snap suplexes for 2. Reversal sequence ends with Spanky backdropping Jay groin-first on the top rope. Jay blocks a forearm with one of his own, and then he gets a slingshot Oklahoma roll for 2. Up to the top turnbuckle, but Spanky counters the J-Driller by using a Hotshot to the turnbuckle. Knee to the back, and he falls onto Jay for a 2 count. Flying elbowsmash, and a reverse chinlock applied. Briscoe punches and chops out of it. Another snap suplex attempt, but Spanky hooks the top rope to block it. Baseball slide, but he dances before the cover and therefore only gets 2. Suplex into a pin for 2. They trade blows, and Spanky hits a Russian legsweep for 2. Spanky locks in the crevatte. More trading blows, and Spanky comes off the top with a version of the Ace crusher and covers for 2. Spanky sets up for Sliced Bread #2, but Briscoe throws him into the turnbuckle before taking him flat on his head with a German suplex. But he can't hold the bridge. Spanky is busted open from the shot to the turnbuckle. I don't know the Muta scale since I've never seen that match, so I can't rate the cut. Briscoe with chops and a high backdrop. Nice dropkick. Sitout gourdbuster for 2. Short clothesline. Spanky avoids a power bomb and hits a leg lariat. He sends Briscoe to the corner and backflips off of him a la Tiger Mask, but Jay comes out and levels him with a boot to the face. Jay places Spanky on the turnbuckle, but Spanky tries to fight it. Stiff forearm sends Jay to the floor, and he follows it up with a springboard no-hands plancha. Spanky rolls him back into the ring. Spanky off the top for a splash, but Briscoe lifts the knees up. Huge power bomb into a cradle, but Spanky reaches the ropes to avoid the pin. Briscoe counters the Sliced Bread #2, but Spanky goes for it again and hits it for the pin at 11:19. Pretty nice match. **1/2 Postmatch, Mark Briscoe taunts Briscoe by saying he's lost two in a row, but that doesn't stop Jay from honoring the Code of Honor.

Prior to this show, had a poll up as to who the best graduate of the Texas Wrestling Academy was, and American Dragon won by a landslide.

Elimination Three Way Dance: Divine Storm vs. The SATs vs. The Amazing Red and Brian XL

All of these men (with the exception of Brian XL) were trained by Mikey Whipwreck. Last month, these guys were getting into it after their fatal six way match, and an angry Mikey Whipwreck made this match for this month. Exactly how Mikey Whipwreck got to be matchmaker for ROH is still a mystery. The main storyline is that Red is looking for revenge over Jose Maximo for pinning him last month, while XL is looking for revenge over Quiet Storm for that pin from last month. Chris Divine and Brian XL start it off, and they do an extended countermove sequence that ends with each man exchanging armdrag takedowns. Quiet Storm and Joel Maximo are tagged in. They do their own counter sequence with each man getting 1 off of a Victory roll, followed by Joel going for a wheelbarrow suplex, which is countered by an armdrag, which is followed up by Storm getting in the rana. Off the top with an armdrag, Joel counters with a rana, and now they start exchanging forearms and kicks. And slaps. There's the handshake. Jose and Red tagged in. Exchanging slaps, and Red gets a spinning back kick in. They do their own extended counter sequence that ends with Jose getting in the rana. A slap, and they exchange punches. Another counter sequence, and each man gets kicks in. Tag to Joel and Storm. Out goes Joel, and a suicide dive by Quiet Storm to the floor. Four men on the floor, and XL comes off the top with a plancha. Red, not to be outdone, takes out everyone but Joel Maximo with a corkscrew moonsault. Red and Storm in the ring, and an armdrag sequence. Storm hits the Spinal Shock (aka Victoria's Widow's Peak) for 2. Joel Maximo is back in, but Storm gets a Northern Lights bomb. Brian XL and Divine are in, and Divine takes him down. Divine takes one of the Maximos down with a Death Valley Driver, and then a tope onto Jose and XL on the floor. Joel takes Storm off the top with the Dynamite Kid-plex, then Red does the Red Star Press off of Joel's back to pin Quiet Storm at 7:43. Red and Joel in the ring, and Red with an enzuigiri to the face. Brainbuster for 2. A rana is countered into a form of a backdrop driver for 2. Brian XL comes in and gets a standing moonsault for 2. XL blocks Jose's Skillet Driver, but Jose gets a sunset flip for 2. Running single-arm DDT for 2. XL with a kick to the head, but a 450 gets reversed into a power bomb for 2. X-clamation Point (a form of a Northern Lights Bomb) by XL for 2. Red and Joel are in, and Red gets a kick to the groin, then he tries to take Joel down...and does with a sunset flip power bomb for 2. XL and Red both hit an enzuigiri on Jose, and Red hits the Red Alert. XL springs off into Jose's stomach and covers, but Red shoves him off to try to get the pin himself. Their argument leads into Joel rolling up Red for the pin at 12:11. Quite entertaining, but everytime there started to be a little bit of psychology they slipped back into a spotfest. *** Postmatch, Red and XL begin to shove each other on the floor.

Low-Ki cuts a promo on American Dragon. The gist of it...Daniels respects Low-Ki after that match, and now Low-Ki will prove once and for all that he is the best wrestler in Ring of Honor.

Round Robin Challenge Match #3: The American Dragon vs. Low-Ki

Dragon apparently got his eye split open during the match with Daniels, and even on a second look I missed how he did it. Before the bell can ring, Ken Shamrock comes out to the ring, praises their wrestling skills, and asks to be the special referee. And Mike Kehner hands him his shirt. As long as Shamrock isn't wrestling, I'm cool with it. Shamrock even goes over the rules. Nice touch. Low-Ki gets a kick to the thigh in early. Takedown by Dragon, and they jockey for position. Dragon goes for a cross armbreaker, but Low-Ki rolls out of it. Jockeying for position on the mat again, and Low-Ki gets position and goes for some forearm strikes. Low-Ki with a bodyscissors and some forearm strikes, then rolls it over into a chinlock. Headbutts while still in the bodyscissors, but Dragon rolls it over into a modified surfboard. And into the pendulum. That takes strength there. Bodyscissors with a sleeper by Dragon. Low-Ki gets out of it and goes back to the forearm strikes. Dragon is able to lock in the headlock, then goes into a chinlock. Crossface blows by Dragon now. And back into the bodyscissors with the sleeper. Low-Ki moves out of it and into a front facelock, and he gets some knees into the head at the same time. Dragon gets Low-Ki to the ropes, but forget the clean break, as Low-Ki blocks the right hand, but Dragon blocks a kick. Both men try for position again, and Dragon finally stretches both arms with a scissors move to gain control. Low-Ki kicks out of it and floats over into a cross facelock. Dragon rolls into the ropes for the break. Shamrock pulls them to the center of the ring while Low-Ki still has a bodyscissors locked in. Low-Ki goes for a triangle choke, but Dragon takes him down into a form of a power bomb. Dragon out for a breather but quickly back in. Back to the mat, and Low-Ki works for a cross armbreaker. Dragon slips out and puts in a combination toehold/chinlock. Similar to an STF, but Low-Ki's body is more compact than that. Low-Ki gets the ropes, then gets in a kick to the face in order to get to his feet. Dragon is down on the floor after that one. Dragon slowly pulls himself back in. Low-Ki with a go-behind and a takedown. Low-Ki bridges over into a cover for 2, but Dragon rolls over into a form of the Indian deathlock. And he adds a double wristlock to it, then rolls it over into a pin attempt for 2. What a move! Leg scissors by Dragon, but Ki kicks away with the free leg. But he can't break the hold. Low-Ki finally kicks his way out of it, and now some hard kicks straight to the face! Dragon again heads to the floor, and his eye is busted open like it was in the opener. Dragon reenters the ring and gets in a double-leg takedown, and then Dragon hooks the cross armbreaker too close to the ropes, so it has to be broken. Low-Ki immediately comes in with knee strikes to the face. Dragon appears to set up a fisherman suplex, but rolls it into an inside cradle for 2. Dragon tries to roll into Cattle Mutiliation, but Low-Ki makes it to the ropes. Dragon releases for half a second and locks in a full nelson, then he takes Low-Ki down with a belly-to-back suplex. Low-Ki immediately rolls to the ropes, so Dragon continuously kicks away at Low-Ki's back. Dragon goes for a submission, and Low-Ki with some quick knee strikes...and a hard kick to the face! Oh my God! Low-Ki with chops, and hot damn what a kick to the back! Snap mare and a chop to the back! Kneedrop and a cover for 2. Low-Ki into a double chickenwing. Hard kick to the back, and he wants the dragon clutch but can't quite lock it in, but he's able to get Dragon's shoulders down for 2. Low-Ki locks in a cobra clutch and wraps a bodyscissors at the same time. Dragon gets to his feet, Low-Ki changes the hold to a sleeperhold, and they both fall out of the ring...but Low-Ki maintains the hold. And Shamrock follows them out to ask for the submission instead of calling for a break. I'm not sure if I like that call or not. Low-Ki rolls him back into the ring and covers for 2. Low-Ki stands on a bridging Dragon's stomach and stomps on him! That's great strength from Dragon. Ki-Crusher attempted, but Dragon gets in a roaring elbow, and a huge dragon suplex for 2! Double underhook suplex, and Dragon up to the top rope...swan dive headbutt! Low-Ki actually gets the cover first and gets 2. Dragon sent into the corner...Tidal Wave, and Low-Ki nearly sends himself over the top rope with the impact! Dragon suplex for 2! Low-Ki locks Dragon up with his own version of the Cattle Mutilation, and Dragon rolls through into his own version of the Dragon clutch! Great sequence there! Low-Ki finally makes it to the ropes for the break. Dragon cinches in the crevatte and turns it into a suplex! What a beautiful move! The cover only gets 2. Dragon follows a whip with a forearm smash and hits the Northern Lights suplex for 2. Both men to their feet, and they exchange chops. Dragon with a whip, Low-Ki goes for a springboard, but Dragon gets a dropkick into the midsection and covers for 2. They both work for a suplex, but Low-Ki finally gets the brain buster. Low-Ki crawls over for the cover and gets 2. More quick kicks to the face. And that last one rocked him! Low-Ki signals for the Ki-Crusher, and he hits it, but Dragon kicks out at 2! Low-Ki is shocked, and the crowd is standing! Low-Ki with the backbreaker, and up top for the Phoenix Splash, but Dragon gets the knees up. Dragon suplex, but he lost the bridge, so when he rolled over for the pin, Low-Ki was able to kick out at 2. Up belly-to-back superplex! Dragon has to roll Low-Ki onto his back, and only gets 2. Dragon places Low-Ki on the top rope again, but Low-Ki fights out of it. Setting Dragon up...KI-CRUSHER OFF THE TOP ROPE! That "Holy shit" chant is warranted! Low-Ki can't cover, and Dragon rolls out to the floor. Low-Ki finally rolls Dragon back into the ring and covers, but Dragon gets the foot on the rope. Low-Ki starts pounding away at Dragon with kicks and chops. Corner whip, but Dragon stops the Tidal Wave with a full nelson, then hits a bridging cradle back suplex for a very long two count. Dragon doesn't let go though, and he finally locks in the Cattle Mutiliation. Low-Ki turns over toward the ropes, and Dragon eventually releases the hold. This time he locks it in again in the center of the ring, and Low-Ki has passed out. Shamrock raises the arm three times, and it never stays up, so American Dragon gets the submission victory at 32:09. Terrific strong style match, and it's an acquired taste, but if you like mat wrestling and quick strikes, this is the perfect match for you. Very simply put, if you don't like this match, you're never going to like strong style. ****1/2 Postmatch, Dragon thanks the fans, thanks Ken Shamrock, and thanks Low-Ki.

Backstage, Red and Brian XL are still arguing over the finish of their match when Mikey Whipwreck comes in and bitches Red out. "You can't find a partner you're happy with? Fine! I'll find you a goddamned partner!"

Elsewhere, London, Dragon, and Luscious discuss the previously mentioned poll on, when Spanky comes in to congratulate Dragon on winning. "It's too bad I don't have a computer. I could have stuffed the ballot box too." This leads to an argument, and it's quickly stifled by Rudy Boy Gonzalez, who says he'll get everybody included on a match for next month's show.

The show closes with a video package of the night's event as they go through the lineup:

Low-Ki vs. AJ Styles
Christopher Daniels vs. Donovan Morgan
Amazing Red/??? vs. The SAT
Xavier vs. Scoot Andrews vs. James Maritato
Jay Briscoe vs. Tony Mamaluke
The Texas Wrestling Academy Gauntlet Match
And the last ROH appearance of Eddy Guerrero

Aftermath: Go to right now and buy this tape! It's that simple! Four matches that are *** or better? How can you beat that? Maybe with another Ring of Honor show and that's about it!

Seriously, Ring of Honor does a fantastic job of throwing in as many different styles of wrestling as humanly possible and giving everybody something worth watching. It's like going to the circus. Maybe you'll hate the elephants, but in five minutes here come the clowns. Five minutes later, it's the acrobats. It's the same principle here. Maybe you don't like mat wrestling, but there will be a lucha style match or a hardcore brawl to entertain you.

Go out and get this show ASAP! You will not be disappointed!

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